Towleroad Guide to the Tube #884

REAL WORLD DC'S MIKE MANNING: For James Duke Mason's Trailblazer campaign.

KD LANG: The legend talks about being butch with Canada's Xtra.

HEAD-ON COLLISION: Not sure where this guy fits in on the human evolution chart but I'm guessing it's not near the top.

ANGRY BIRDS: Played via mind control.

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  1. MSquare says

    Why on Earth would you post the head-on collision video? Nothing better to use our attention for? K.Daddy Lang interview on the other hand, awesome! Hint, hint…

  2. Bryan says

    What an interesting idea… Is it a lesbian kiss if both the women are straight? If one is lesbian? Both? Do they have to be declared lesbians before the kiss, or does the act of kissing _make_ them lesbian? Do their opinions count? Or is it possible for the kiss itself to be lesbian independent of the identities of the persons involved?

    I worry about these things. I kissed a woman last Saturday night – tongues and biting while she humped my knee and everything. (There was a pitcher of margaritas, and she may have been drinking also.) I’m a monster faggot of course, so was this gay kiss, a straight kiss, or some sort of queer kiss no one’s gotten around to labeling yet? Who’s orientation determines that of the kiss?

    If it was a straight kiss, does this mean I’m now straight? (Those straights are always trying to convert me to their depraved lifestyle, with its warring sexual agendas and tedious lawn care.) If it was a gay kiss, does this mean she’s now gay? If so, is she now a lesbian, or a transman who likes guys?

    Will someone please file this for me? I hate it when these loose ideas are lying all over my brain. The cat invariably gets into them and makes a terrible mess.

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