1. ratbastard says

    Charlie Howard was from Portsmouth, NH.[3] A young, fair-haired man Charlie was small boned and suffered from asthma.[3] He was often made fun of as a small child, and was bullied in high school due to his sexual orientation. He did not attend his graduation to spare his family from the taunts he often received. With his poor grades, he knew college was not for him.[3]

    As Howard and a male companion, Roy Ogden, were walking down the street, three teenagers, aged 15–17, harassed Howard for being gay. The youths chased the pair, yelling homophobic epithets, until they caught Howard and threw him over the State Street Bridge into the Kenduskeag Stream, despite his pleas that he could not swim. He drowned, but his friend escaped and pulled a fire alarm. Charlie Howard’s body was found by rescue workers several hours later.

    He had a hard young life and a brutal death.

  2. says

    @Marc: There was a novel, “Ceremonies,” by Dwight Cathcart based on Howard’s murder, published in 2002. Not a young adult novel, so maybe it wasn’t the only book inspired by the case.

  3. Erich says

    I grew up near Bangor and I remember this happening. Until I left Maine, I remember that the local rednecks would always refer to the State Street Bridge as the Chuck-A-Homo Bridge.

  4. Sam Molloy says

    The Third of June is coming up and there should be something going on then at the Chatahoochie (sp?) Bridge also. Unfortunately 3 June is also Robert E Lee’s Birthday. Maybe someday the family of Billy Jo McAllister will allow DVDs to be produced of this banned gay classic.

  5. bandanajack says

    i date my fight for equality and freedom from fear from the death of this young man. it was just enough of a story in the northeast to merit coverage. it may even have had some passing national coverage. all i know is from that event forward, i have felt each unnecessary death, whether by lynching, bashing or suicide as a blow, both personally and to our nation and constitution. it is a shame to us as a people that we are not able to bring this to an end. whenever matthew sheppard is mentioned, i recall the sad life of charlie howard. i haven’t forgotten, many haven’t forgotten. too many do forget.

  6. Sam Molloy says

    I concur, Bandanajack. There’s cases here in Kentucky on a regular basis that get called robberies or mysteries that I suspect by the circumstances are motivated by intolerance: a kid gets thrown down a rock quarry and while he’s hanging by his fingers they bash him with big rocks. Another high school kid in Eastern Kentucky deliberately swerves head on into a coal truck. Bodies are found in or near Lake Cumberland, close to Somerset, sometimes with their car burned or in the lake nearby…

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