1. Dastius Krazitauc says

    They should change the name of the show to “Australia’s Got Reaction Shots”.

  2. Matt26 says

    I wasn’t listening how he sang.
    But I was surely looking. Great body and lovely smile.

  3. James in Hollywood says

    This reminds me of a photo caption in the B.A.R. about 20 years ago for a stage performer at the Castro Street Fair: “Jim Bentley sang. Thank God he took his shirt off.”

  4. AJ says

    I’m convinced. There is some sort of farm in the outback where they GROW smokin hot guys. There is no other explanation for the amount of hot men that come out of Australia.

  5. Gigi says

    And here I was all depressed because the Rapture is tomorrow (and I certainly will NOT BE SAVED) and then I see this. Thank you!

  6. Jack M says

    If you’ve got it, show it! Why are all the Aussie’s so hot? Is it the climate? Please let me know, LOL!

  7. Sargon Bighorn says

    As far as most Gay men are concerned because he is 24, attractive for being young, nice body, means he does have talent. Tom Jones, where are you when we need you?

  8. says

    @Sargon, I don’t think he’s attractive just because he’s young. I think it’s because he has a winning smile, a handsome face, and a smoking hot body. Talent, on the other hand, I’m not so sure. I mean, it does take a certain something to take off your clothes in front of strangers, but the singing could use some work. =)

  9. romeo says

    Australia started out as a penal colony for England where they sent all their miscreants into slave labor. From the looks of Aussies I’ve seen, it’s more like the jug-eared Windsors sent everybody there that made them jealous.

  10. JT says

    Well, Hes kinda a metaphor for the state of the music industsry as a whole, dont ya think? “If it photographs well, we can make it a star!”
    A majority of gay men would buy his record in a heartbeat. (then again a majority like Britney Spears, so that tells you how good our tastes are)

  11. Bart says

    Compared to that douchey guy who was on “The A List” who cut a disc, this kid is better looking, better body, far sexier, and has a better voice (though the bar wasn’t set very high.) Bring him here, he’ll open the White Party, do some gigs at clubs and make enough to keep his chest waxed.

  12. tinhouston says

    OMG–let’s all just charter a jet to the outback…and see if there are any other hot pups out there.
    WOW. very sweet guy. i will take him home to Mom (well to MEET her)

  13. gr8guyca says

    Clearly, this is not the first time he has done this. Probably worked with a “Thunder from Down Under” touring company. He should be able to leverage this appearance into a nice modeling and/or porn career. But not into a recording contract.

    I love the combination of a really sweet face and a smoking body.
    Very hot!

  14. BobN says

    Australia is what happens to people of English stock exposed to warmer temps and lots of sunshine.

    There’s an upside to global warming, you see. The UK will get hotter and hotter, in both senses.

  15. Sargon Bighorn says

    Austin, you won’t say that when he’s 60. He won’t have a smoking hot body, nor the same smile, nor the same smooth skinned face. Like I said, he’s young.

  16. Paul R says

    @Sargon, I’m not sure I see your point. So people shouldn’t find young people attractive because one day they’ll be older? Isn’t that rather obvious? Youth has been worshiped in just about every society for thousands of years. And his smile probably won’t change all that much.

  17. Bart says

    @Sargon — when he’s sixty I’ll be dead. But I’ll have died with a smile on my face.

  18. Marco B says

    Was that Dannii Minogue? And a hot guy in pink boxer-briefs? Now .. theres a cliche and a joke but Im not gonna say a thing

  19. says

    he totally pranced offstage….
    i loved how the host gave him a dollar, and i love the judges’ votes.

  20. says

    A quick google search reveals this sexy guy has been an attention seeker for a very long time. He auditioned numerous times for Australian Idol and made it through to Sydney (like Hollywood wee on the US). But he was almost unrecognizable from the bronzed muscle god that he is today. A skinny, pale kid with shaggy dark hair, he nonetheless still made a habit of taking his clothes off, as you can see in this rather interesting video

  21. jaragon says

    Some men should always take off their clothes- this guy was not just hot but extremely likeable….

  22. Will S says


    thanks for epitimizing the phrase “hell hath no misery like a bitter old queen”.

  23. Ryan says

    Well, he can’t sing… but damn that’s one hot bod, and he seems like he has a good sense of humor and some decent screen presence. He seems to have a lot of the requisite talents for an Aussie soap show of some kind… then again, I’m sure many of those fine Aussies do.