1. David says

    I was suitably addicted to Bad Romance and Telephone, and still think Monster is a brilliant collection. However, Everything since has been a distillation of the former. Her ‘hook’, as an entertainer, was to be a commentary of what the social construct of a celebrity was. Now, I find that she has degraded into just being one herself.

    Grade: meh

  2. says

    Awesome imagery!! I can’t say I get it either, but it definitely made me “feel” something, which is more than I can say for the “Born This Way” video. I do agree that the virgin/whore thing has been done, but Gaga also seemed to put a modern spin on it, as well as some Egyptian themes. My faith in Gaga (as a pop star, not as a public figure or musician) is slowly returning.

    But then again, I’m waiting for the avalanche of people saying this is just like Madonna. (I don’t think this reminds me of Madonna in any way whatsoever, but it seems to be the critique du jour for people who don’t like Lady Gaga. . .)

  3. Denis says

    The video is fine. but it focuses a lot on Gaga’s dancing which is still the one thing she can’t do well. She works better as a creepy clothes horse posing her way through… I love her various looks… I’d rather have seen more of the fashion than her stiff choreography… which wasn’t even vaguely Madonna-esque. It’s like a more apocalyptic version of Janet Jackson’s Escapade…

  4. Joseph says

    When I saw the teaser, I had some déjà vu. It reminds me of Janet’s Escapade music video, and guess what? It’s the exact same sets used at Universal Studios Hollywood’s backlot, the Old Mexico sets. Especially the ‘The Flood’ attraction (rushing water behind GaGa =)~

    PS The intro, on the LA freeway, you can spot Disney Studios (Burbank, CA) with Mickey’s blue sorcerer’s hat structure.

  5. Question says

    @CarolHJ, Seconded. It’s this kind of lazy “sexiness” that keeps popping up with her. That and the dancing; there are no memorable routines anymore. Just moving your arms and torso; barely any worthwhile leg work.

  6. Adam says

    Madonna did the whore + Christ thing 20 years ago. Like her recent songs/videos, this one is just a boom in your face vomit of images to make you think there’s something really thoughtful behind it.

    At least Madonna was never so predictable and trite.

  7. Fleur-de-lys says

    Love it! Anyone know who’s playing Judas? He looks awfully familiar and my first thought was Norman Reedus, but I don’t think it’s him.

  8. Robert says

    Its Sean Bean of Boromir fame.

    I like this video. I wasn’t too thrilled with Born This Way tbh, but I like this one.

    And come on. The whole Jesus Christ imagery did not start with Madonna, since you know, Jesus Christ imagery has been around for 2,000 years!

    Some gays, I swear.

  9. kode says

    Embarrassing in so many ways. I appreciate Lady Gaga for the gay work, and she’s probably a nice woman, but her songs aren’t exactly more valuable or deeper than your average Euro disco crap. I roll my eyes when she talks about being so creative, I mean Lady, please 😀

    And I have to point out that there’s nothing wrong with the cheese. With Gaga it’s just the same old cheese everytime. But people love her music so it’s all the same. I’d just wish she’s bring something new to the game.

  10. bandanajack says

    i third carol… i cannot ABIDE laurieann gibson. i find her shrill and her choreography unoriginal, if not downright banal. i have no idea from whence flows her elevated status as a choreographer.

    anybody know, speaking of trite, who played “jesus”? i could learn to like looking at him.

  11. Adam says

    Apparently you didn’t read the “whore + Jesus Christ” statement Robert. As in the context of music videos.

    Some lazy illiterate gays, I swear.

  12. Bryant says

    Some of the visuals are interesting, particularly the ones involving innovations in clothing styles and makeup (although I thought I saw a bit of bad Star Wars prequel style here and there). That said, the dancing is deplorable, the story line is poorly articulated, and the themes are all too familiar. And the song just absolutely stinks, period.

  13. redball says

    There are rumors of the “real” 7-minute video coming out tonight (as opposed to this 5.5-minute video). I hope so! Imma see it tonight when it premieres on E! at 7pm and again at 11:30pm EST.

  14. redball says

    YAAAS! Confirmed by “An uncut, seven-minute version of the “Judas” video will officially premiere at 7 p.m. ET on E!”

  15. will says

    I don’t have enough patience to sit through this. It’s like a rehash of a rehash.

    She seems to be making videos for the kiddies now. 13 and 14-year-old little monsters should still appreciate this.

  16. jaragon says

    Like this a lot more than the horrible “Born This Way” video. Gorgeous photography and costumes and Gaga as some sort of biker chick Mary Magdalen.

  17. Justin says

    The fact she has so many people that hate her and say “meh” just keeps fueling her passion. Keep the hate flowing. As long as it is here she will be as well. Very few seem to get that.

  18. redball says

    wtf?? E! just premiered the video but it was the same exact video we’ve already seen. Maybe it was all Judas-style betrayal and there is no “7-minute” version….

  19. Eric says

    Played out and dull. One can only bare looking at her face close up to the camera for so long without cringing.

    One trick pony…I’m artsy because I’m covering one eye or appropriating the work of other more talented people. She had no part in the direction of this video…except maybe the vain editing.

    Britney please.

  20. Tonic says

    Love her or hate her – Gaga still inspires enough passion to commandeer more comments than almost any other topic on Towleroad, which for Gaga = major win.

    Not my favorite song. Not a fan of the choreography, but the visuals and styling are amazing.

    And those who are saying the virgin/whore thing has been done to death, better get ready to say it over and over for the rest of their lives since it plays out endlessly in almost all creative endeavors. It’s both a comment on and a staple of our culture.

  21. Eric says

    Gaga doesn’t “inspire passion” to commandeer comments. Gay people are simply embarrassed and tired of this schlocky dimwit being the face of gay.

  22. Beau says

    Watching her perform on Oprah, I’m reminded of Elton John when he used to dress for performances. He would dress outrageously and kill you with his performance. No wonder she was asked to be godmother to his child.

  23. Tonic says


    Um, yes she does. Her work got you worked up enough to comment on it – which is a win for her.

    And likely more “Gay people” like her than hate her.

    I’m not a fan, but think it’s hilarious how much love and hate she inspires…and how easily people are to manipulated to feel either one.

  24. hotbeef801 says

    Is this not entertainment.I think its great for what it is. So many haters reading way too much into it. GA GA if fabulous for what she is a pop star!

  25. Jesus says

    Is it just me, or is she constantly using people of color as props in her music videos? Nah, it’s not just me. She’s totally fetishizing people of color.

  26. redball says

    Yes, Jesus Christ is very much a prop. He is not important at all in “Judas” or in the larger culture of American or the world. LMAO

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