1. says

    I can not wait until Saturday, when I wake up and absolutely nothing is going to happen (except for a lazy afternoon of napping). I wonder how these crazies will spin it then.

    (Of course, if the rapture does happen, then I guess he won’t be around to say “I told you so.” Sounds like a win-win to me either way.)

  2. Bart says

    I predict this whack job will kill himself this weekend. This will allow him, and his followers, to think he has been raptured. Then the followers will live in panic for the next five months waiting to become salt and second quessing their lives to understand why they weren’t raptured. In October, those that have not gone crazy will realize they have been duped by their own religion.

  3. Mike in Asheville says

    Ummm, Camping has been telling his followers, and the public in general, that the timing of the Rapture is detailed in the Bible — which means that the deeds of any man or woman could not possibly change when the rapture is to occur.

    I suppose that when the sun rises Sunday, and the good 200 million Christians are still here, Camping will figure out some way to blame us for postponing the rapture.

    These people are ignorant dolts; no amount of logic, history, sincere Bible study, will change their small minds and tiny wits.

  4. Mike in the Tundra says

    I was raised in an Evangelical family, so most of this stuff will never leave my brain entirely. The Rapture and the end of the world aren’t the same thing. Is this idiot actually confusing them?

  5. Bart says

    Hey Mr. Camping, can we move the date from the 21st? I already have a really busy schedule that day and cannot fit in the rapture on Saturday. The rapture sounds like a lot of work and very exciting, so I don’t want to miss it. Me and my “big brain.” Since you say there’s “no possibility that it’s not going to happen…” I want to be dressed correctly, have a good breakfast in me and have my kids make their beds (I want the house neat for such a big event.) So anything you could do to move the day of the rapture from Saturday would be a huge help. You seem like a really together, intelligent, divine individual, I know you can make this happen for me. Good luck with all your preparations (BTW, your office looks a little messy, I’d straighten it up before the big day. No one wants to come to a messy rapture.) All my best — Bart

  6. topher says

    And these folks have money. I live in Chile and I went to the beach the other day – I saw not one, but two HUGE billboards with some christian message and advertising Makes me sick!

  7. Bear says

    Very soon the world will end for him, that’s clear enough. In the meantime everyone should enjoy a Saturday filled with the rapture of sodomy, fornication and masturbation. The only End will be the weekend.

  8. Babs says

    Mr. Camping, I don’t understand how someone could be Christian and blame the gays for this rapture.

    I believe that the Lord would much rather punish someone evil. To me that would be murderers, abusers and people like you who gather others together and lead them in the wrong direction.

  9. walter says

    no offense but it doesn’t look like he will make to saturday. when saturday comes he will say by his efforts the rapture has been avoided or postponed. please let them and all idiots like them please drink the kool aid.

  10. Hawthorne says

    What Camping disregards are a number of statements in the Bible saying no man knows the hour or the day, no man can predict when the rapture will happen. Jesus, in the Gospels, warned believers to be wary of anyone making such predictions.

  11. TampaZeke says

    If all the Christians are raptured on Saturday we will be half way to the world of peace, love and compassion that they’ve been insincerely singing and preaching about for the last 2000 years. Once the Muslims have their rapture we’ll make it the other half of the way.

  12. tim says

    I have not unpacked since the last rapture. So I am ready for it! I am coming back to the cesspool and turning the whole world gay! Please save me from fruitcakes like this.

  13. StillMarriedinCA says

    I feel just awful that I am partially responsible for this event. I will be throwing a going away party for any of my friends who are going to be raptured. Free donuts on Saturday morning at my place. I figure I don’t have to buy more than 3…

  14. yunin says

    Uh, the rapture per se isn’t in the Bible. The entire concept of Rapture began with Increase Mather in the late 1600s. Of course, he was involved with the Salem Witch Trials too, so there’s that.

  15. Blue says

    YYYYEEEAAAHHHH!!!!! Party at my house! This is so win win! We’ll be rid of a HUGE number of BIGOTS! This may end world starvation, water tables may come back to normal unstressed levels, Animals can start retaking their stolen habitat back, power grids every where will instantly have reserve power to spare, oil supplies will be lasting longer, battery against women might come to an end, schools will be able to fund more than just their sports programs, carbon dioxide levels may return to normal in the atmosphere, gay bashing might cease, I’ll actually feel safe to visit most states in this country again, god please bring on a world filled only with gays and lebians and trangedered people. Buh Bye ignorant haters!

  16. Steven says

    uggghhhhh I can’t bring myself to watch this video, let alone hear this guy’s voice ever again, but all these comments are cracking me up.

    Harold Camping’s voice literally sounds like the amplified noise of a really engorged maggot burrowing through a dried out mummy’s clit

  17. MikeInSanJose says

    If only the gays had the power all these xians seem to credit us with. There wouldn’t be any religions left.

    We have been around since long before man invented gwad, and strangely enough, the world is still here. Seems to me, the biggest blight on the face of this planet has nothing to do with folks who enjoy sex, but with those who hate on us for doing so, and blame god for their own hatred…

    It must suck to be them. Clearly money can’t buy happiness…

  18. anon says

    It’s a nice bit of PR for Mr. Camping. I wonder if his family gets everything after he goes. I’m sure they’d try to arrange it so that it had the highest possible value without him around.

  19. says

    You know, when I was recruited by The Gays, they never mentioned this whole “power to bring about the end of the earth” thing. If they had, I might have joined sooner.

  20. DAVE says

    And here I thought we were just responsible for inflicting tornadoes, hurricanes and such….now the end of the world too. Our powers increase by the day!

  21. Mike says

    Alright but this geezer has to die soon, and even though it looks like he won’t make it past may 21, he probably will. He’ll have meet God knowing he lied prophesy to the world, condemned gay people in God’s name, and was full of sh*t the whole time. Homosexuals aren’t slave to sex, they are physically attracted to either men or women, and they follow that attraction in a manner that they feel is healthy to them.

  22. Mike says

    It’s narcissism, when I think about living into my 80’s I always feel like the world will be over by then because it’s so far away. But time will pass and the world will still be here. It’s ego self centered prophesy.

  23. Mike says

    Eh scratch 80’s he’s clearly in his 90’s. I won’t be in my 90’s until the 2070’s… so yeah it’s easy to see where a person would come up with that, maybe I myself will be that ego driven… but still, he’s getting a lot of publicity, my question is, is he blowing ALL the money now or saving some up? lol

  24. blatherer says

    Youtube, Sunday, May 22: God spoke to me and gave mankind one last chance. He will not end the world if everyone will just start hating those evil gays again.

  25. Bryan says

    Thank God. This undermining traditional marriage is all well and good, but I find that as the headliner on my Homosexual Agenda it lacks a certain seriousness. Somhow it just isn’t _enough_ for true, raison d’être status.

    Now Armageddon… Well, who would love to cause the end of the world? That’s what I call stardom. I just wish I gotten started sooner. Oh well… Pulling the rapture out of my ass with three days to go – it’s just so _me_.

  26. HarmonikaSavingsbonds says

    What IF??!!

    Wouldn’t it be cool if judgment day, End Times WAS real, but only for the believers? Sort of like a ‘built in expiration date’ for the believers.

    The rest of us would simply just go on living.

  27. AJ says

    Everyone knows that God created gays because straight people and their breeding are out of control. I know at least 3 horrible people who have at least 6 kids. WE ARE GOD’S ANSWER!

  28. Codswallop says

    Not that I really expect any of this bullcorn to make any sense, but blaming gays for the “rapture” is especially moronic. Even wacka-doo ideologies have a certain internal logic but this new “the gays did it!” addition goes against his own previous claims.

    According to his previous statements the timing of this “rapture” was determined by clues left in the Bible. Now correct me if I’m wrong but the Bible has been around for a while, so those clues have always been there to be discovered. So how exactly have us awful gays changed that? The obvious answer: We didn’t. He’s not even sticking to his own crackpot theory!

    My guess is he’s laying the groundwork for blaming gays when his little “stairway to heaven” number doesn’t happen.

  29. AJ says

    Personally, I have always loved South Park’s version of heaven and hell. Where heaven is nothing but super corny Mormons saying “Let’s do a play about how it hurts God when you lie…” “YAAAAY!” And Hell is exactly like where we live now except there are a few more lakes and rivers of fire. LOL

  30. Complexmind says

    What??? First: Isn’t the rapture a good thing? You know since the Lord is coming back and stuff? Second: How is the acceptance of homosexuality a sign of the rapture? Urgh, sometimes I’m so ashamed that I’m classified under this religion.

  31. says

    Don’t forget. It’ll be May 21st in much of the world long before it’s May 21st here on our side of the planet. You might want to be on your toes around noontime or sooner depending on where you live on May 20th. Don’t want the rapture sneaking up on anyone.

  32. says

    “Camping calculates May 21 is exactly 7,000 years from the date of the Noah’s Ark flood. In his book “Time Has an End,” Camping writes. “The year 391 B.C. is the year when the Old Testament was finished, and 2,011 + 391 – 1 = 2,401, or 7 x 7 x 7 x 7.”

    Which leads me to ask, why the minus 1? There doesn’t seem to be a reason for it. Which leads me to believe this should have happened last year (391 B.C. + 2010 = 2,401).

  33. Austin says

    All members of the Camping Family should be declared legally dead by the State of California and their assets sold on May 21ST. If they argue show them this tape and then bury them.

  34. alexInBoston says

    actually the best case scenario for the world would be if All those who believe this “Evangelist” took their lives on sat just to satisfy their idiotic belief what a better place the world would be with that many fewer haters!!!!

  35. SERGIO says

    I’m going to need DEBBIE HARRY to do a concert. I want her to sing “RAPTURE” as the clock strikes MIDNIGHT on May 20th. It would be EVERYTHING!!!!

  36. Peter says

    There’s always an amount of uncertainty in life (cf. Mississippi floods of 2011) and this man seems tapped into that—a sense that an alternate reality can break through at any moment. But by owning what that moment and manifestation will be, he invalidates himself. The upshot is that in doing so, he helps discredit all of his views, helping those who do follow his beliefs free themselves ever so little from deeply bigoted views. He accomplishes so much with so little!

  37. Keith says

    This guy isnt really all that religious/intelligent/bible scholar..whatever you may call it…he has actually made a very egregious error…we are cautioned by the bible itself NOT to try to place a date for the rapture or end of the world..and I quote “For the day of the lord comes like a thief in the night”…and others include…the book of Acts chapter 1, verse 7 it says this – “It is not for you to know times or seasons that the Father has fixed by his own authority.”, and this…Matthew 24:36 “But concerning that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only.”

  38. says

    Things for the LGBT Community To Do This Weekend:

    1. Live, Love, and Be Proud,

    2. Get Ready For Pride Month,

    3. Bring About The End Of The World.

    Oh, wait…

    (The loons…can you hear the loons? Oh, look, there goes one now, and his name is Camping…)

  39. Michieux says

    While old Harold’s time may well be nigh – he is 89 after all – people shouldn’t assume that his senile bleating is anything other than the frightened, superstitious nonsense that it is.

    I wish Harold well, but what he is putting his followers through is unforgivable. Harold is proof that one is never too old to be deeply stupid.

  40. Mike says

    It is my firm belief that religious mania, a recognized mental illness, is the single most dangerous form of mental illness currently not being treated in any way anywhere in the world.

    He predicted the Rapture in 1994 too, and when that didn’t happen it was spun that THAT Rapture date was the last time anyone could be saved in a church.

    I’m kinda hoping the great spiritual awakening of 2012 will be people finally throwing off the shackles of organized religion. A gay can dream…

  41. OMNOMNOM says

    This guy is obviously a zombie. Why would anyone listen to him?

    What’s that? Jesus was a zombie too? Touché.

    Regardless, I look forward to the zombie backtracking on 22 May.

    P.S. The -1 in the date calculation was because there was no Year 0.

  42. Tyron says

    There’s no fool like an old fool. From the looks of this man he might have actually met Jesus – he sure look old enough. Kind of curious how he’s going to handle waking up Sunday morning only to discover that ONCE AGAIN he was wrong and to his great disappointment the world did not end. He’s going to continue pulling this stunt until he dies so we might as well get used to it.

  43. Tyron says

    By the way I just checked and his website is still accepting donations … hum, wonder why they would need more money if the world is GUARANTEED to end (according to their website) on Saturday.

  44. Bad Humor Boy says

    Pathetic man looks like the mummy of Ramses II, but sounds more like Boris Karloff. We must be doing something right to bring on the “Rapture” — but I seriously doubt that Harold Camping is getting out of here alive.

    I think he’s carrying too much excess baggage to achieve escape velocity. Sorry about that Harold because I really did try to do my part to help you outta here!

  45. Bill says

    @BART “I predict this whack job will kill himself this weekend.”

    That’s not my prediction. With all the money this guy is taking in, my guess is that he’ll “rapture” himself to the Cayman Islands.

  46. Alice A. says

    Is this guy a Vulcan? He looks like Spocks grandfather. But seriously, I thought good christians weren’t supposed to be judgemental…I know there arent many like this though. But if he’s a leader of some people, shouldnt he lead correctly.

  47. GregV says

    Maybe someone should petition him to put his money where his mouth is. He could write post-dated cheques cashable on May 22 in the amount of his entire estate paid to the order of all those who “need” his warning the most… I’d suggest 10 million each for the Human Rights Campaign, GLSEN, Athlete Ally, the Gay Games,…

    After all, if he kept any money (which presumably will be worthless on Sunday) in the bank, would that not suggest he doesn’t believe his own prophesy?

    For predictions on what he’ll be saying on Sunday, we could look at Oral Roberts, who needed $1,000,000 sent in by viewers immediately to avoid being taken to heaven. When he didn’t make the goal amount, he simply got a new “message” that there had been a change of plans.

  48. Phil says

    No, Mr. Camping. It’s not the Rapture, it’s the Partial Rapture. In the Rapture, your entire body is taken away, never to be seen again. In the Partial Rapture, it’s just your BIG MOUTH that’s taken away (hopefully, never to be heard from again).

  49. bizoune says

    of course it’s almost the end… your about to die of old age… Are they suppose to all commit suicide after nothing happens? that would be great since we are over populated…

  50. Tyron says

    Well, as expected all of the other bible beating phonies are chiming in that creepy Camping is a bit crazed and that he’s wrong about Saturday. Of course all of these other ministers don’t want their donations to dry up so they have to do something to convince people the world isn’t about to end. And of course the “flock” should continue writing those checks – gotta buy, I mean secure, a that place in heaven you know. Gotta give these guys credit though for keeping this long running scam going strong.

  51. Martin says

    The rapture will happen but not on his date.The Bible says Know one will know the day or hour ,but we will know the season .things in revelation are unfolding before are eyes .Rfid Chip Mark is here,peace treaty in Israel soon.7 year Tribulation Period soon to start.The Maker is Stirring himself to move in the earth .God loves you and wants you to spend Eternity with him.

  52. Devon says

    I hope I get raptured up even though I’m an atheist, because I could really use a nice vacation from this world. I don’t understand anything about anything, but I feel that so many people are just so blind, what can we do when it seems so hopeless yet we search for hope?

  53. Rick says

    Hey, we need more guys on our tream like Harold. He is doing us an ENORMOUS favor by showing people how rediculpus homophobia is.

    AND us ‘gays’ get credit for saving the world.

    SUGGESTION: Lets sponsor this guy for his own 24 hour cable channel.

    Rick, MD in Pasadena

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