1. mstrozfckslv says

    it was financial

    lawerence odonell talked about it on friday and predicted he wouldn’t run due to $$$ and he makes so much more $$$ on Faux then he ever would as president

  2. Oh Please! says


    You’re absolutely right!Not only does Mikey make way more on his Fox “show” than he would make anywhere else, it’s been widely reported that his current financial situation makes it impossible for him to leave his lucrative gig. But Mikey says it’s all about the lord!
    Good lord is more like it!

  3. Danny says

    Also, maybe it hasn’t escaped the notice of the leadership of the RNC that Americans are getting tired of religion in public life–especially religion that tells them they should reject their loved gay family members and friends.

  4. plaintom says

    Let me get this straight, God does not want Huck to run but God does want Newt to run. This must be true because they both say they spoke with God. God has a fabulous sense of humor.

  5. NY2.0 says

    Not only he has no money, but he also knows the field will be even more clear in 2016 where he doesn’t have to face the likes of Obama in a general.

  6. Bart says

    If he were a follower of Jesus Christ, he wouldn’t be a hateful bigot. And sucking on the tit of Fox News.

    Just because you hear voices in your head doesn’t mean God is talking to you.

  7. Tyron says

    Huckabee isn’t running because he, like Palin, has become addicted the all the attention and money he has discovered he can make without the responsibility and accountability that comes with holding elective office. But I will give him credit for, unlike Palin, being honest enough to come forward now and make the announcement.

    Palin is going to drag out making her announcement for as long as possible to avoid losing any of her publicity and speaking engagement money. Unlike Huckabee, who is carving out a broadcasting career, once Sarah acknowledges that she’s not running much of her income, along with her popularity, will dry up and hopefully she’ll take a long walk off a short pier.

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