Southwest Pilot Suspended for ‘Fag’ Rant Broadcast Over Air Traffic Control Frequency: LISTEN

A Houston-based Southwest Airlines pilot has been suspended after his cockpit microphone transmitted a lengthy rant to control towers and other aircraft over an area of hundreds of miles. The transmission blocked other communications on the frequency, KPRC reports.

Southwest Pilots within certain altitude guidelines over that entire geographic area were unable to communicate with Houston Center air traffic controllers for the entire four-minute duration of his conversation since his headset microphone was stuck.

Terry Maxon at the Dallas Morning News explains:

The theme of his profanity-filled comments was his disappointment at the lack of available dating partners among flight attendants. He said of 12 flight attendants he flew with during a certain period, 11 were gay and one was a "granny."

"Think of the odds of that. I thought I was in Chicago, which was Party Land. After that, it was a continuous stream of gays and grannies and grandes," the pilot said.

"Six months, I went to the bar three times – three times! Once with the granny and the fag, and I wish I hadn't gone. At the very end, with two girls, one of them that was probably do-able. But we ended up going to the bar and then the crew room in St. Louis and all these women wanted to do was, one wanted to berate her sister and the other wanted to bitch about her husband. Literally. For three hours, me and the FO. When that was done, 2:30, got back to my room, I'm like, 'Why the **** did I stay up?'"

The rant goes on. Listen below.

RAW AUDIO (warning: language):

Watch KPRC's report on the incident HERE.


  1. Brian says

    Not sure I’d call this a “fag rant”. Yes, he said the F word, but he doesn’t seem anti gay, just horny for a woman and sexually frustrated. He even went to a bar with a gay guy.

  2. AJ says

    Did you miss the “fkng a– fkng homosexuals” part? And the part where he sd he hates “100% of them”? I just don’t know what it takes for someone to be fired these days. FIRED. I know there are unions involved in airlines but COME ON. I would like to see what would happen to me or any of my friends if we went off on some insane rant at our jobs. What if this was a racial rant? Would he still be suspended and given “sensitivity training”?

  3. Jesse says

    Brian…Are you kidding? He said the F word and indeed ranted about gays throughout. At one point even pointedly said he hated them which seems rather alarming for someone trusted with the safety of all passengers and crew (including the gay ones). His motivation is his pathetic insecurity and likely how others are repelled by his personality, which leaves him sexually frustrated. Frankly, that’s probably the case with many anti-gay people. If I was from Houston, I’d be mad, too, as he basically calls them ugly.

  4. topblknavy says

    1. He keeps his job and gets to offer one of those half ass, I’m sorry, only because I got caught apologies.
    2. He keeps his job and I want to be a fly on the cabin wall to see the reception he gets from his flight crews from now on (don’t piss off grannie).
    3. Oh, hell, I’m just living for # 2. :-)

  5. Brian says

    Never mind then, I’m at work and can’t listen to the audio. I figured the text would be the most controversial part, and it seemed quite mild, and pretty funny. But the rest of the audio sounds much worse, so my bad.

  6. Frederick says

    I contacted Southwest Airlines and registered a complaint about this insensitive pilot’s homophobic and sexist comments. Even though I primarily agree with Brian (see first comment), I still found it insulting and offensive.

  7. NY2.0 says

    A lot of straight men have virulent homophobic views that they express amongst themselves so this is no surprise. In male dominant workplaces this is usually the case.

  8. LAX/JFK says

    This is very typical of airline pilots. A lot of them are ex-military guys who love to show off. While most of them are OK, there are the type that are rude and crude. Let’s face it, there are pilots who fly A380s and there are those who fly Southwest…get it? He won’t get fired–only if he had railed against blacks or Jews would that happen!

  9. Daniel says

    He’s already back on the job, the article said this happened in March and he’s had ‘sensitivity’ training.
    Doesn’t quite seem like he was really punished much. He should have been fired.

  10. THE QUEEN says


  11. Paul says

    In defense of Southwest – they are a great community partner to the gay community in Dallas. It is always great to see their contingent of employees marching in the Pride parade each year. This guy is reprehensible and his actions/comments are the vile ramblings of a fool. He’ll either learn from this incident, or he’ll find himself out of a job.

  12. Jim says

    I think this should be heard by everyone in America – it’s the perfect example of how straight men talk about gay men, and straight women they don’t find attractive, when they think no one is listening. This guy is also probably a Republican.

  13. james says

    There are so many reasons why this man was suspended besides using the word “fag.” Tied up air traffic control communications for four minutes. Distracting other pilots by broadcasting this to other flights. Spoke of his work colleagues as though their primary reason for existing was to have sex with him. Basically, complaining that he was not the center of everyone’s attention. “I didn’t know the microphone was on” makes me wonder what other details he doesn’t notice while flying a jet full of people. Yes, lots of reasons besides using the word “fag.”

  14. peterparker says

    Whaddya’ want to bet the reason he can’t get laid has nothing to do with the ‘fags’ and the ‘grannies’ and the ‘grandes’ and everything to do with the fact that he’s probably fugly as hell?

  15. Steve says

    This is common in any job, unfortunately. He just got caught. I am a pilot for a major airline; I think something more then “sensitivity training,” is appropriate. The ratio of military pilots to civilian trained pilots is not as high, as it used to be. There are more pilots, like myself, that did not start out in the military. I have heard comments like these, for years. I must say, it has gotten much better. That does not excuse what this idiot said, however. I am sure the NGPA (National Gay Pilots Association) will have something to say about this incident.

  16. Leroy Laflamme says

    If this wasn’t Southwest, I would have guessed the only reason he was supended was because of the potential danger he caused by blocking transmission. I also wonder if the guy’s married, because if so, this is how his poor wife would have found out about his extramarital activities. And is ‘grande’ the next derogatory word to be struck form the civilized lexicon? Anyway, people like this make a very good argument for the death penalty. No amount of sensitivity training is going to fix this hater.

  17. Yuki says

    You know what? I don’t even care that he’s a complete jerk. I really don’t. So what? There are assholes everywhere, and no matter how much we want it, not everyone’s going to be alright with gay people. I wish he’d change his mind.

    What I’m more concerned about–why he needs to be fired–is that he turned on the microphone and tied up frequencies and put the safety of passengers at risk. He needs to be cut off.

  18. dpbfeb says

    I’m confused. Kobe Bryant said “F@G” out of anger and a ref’s call and there’s calls that his hefty fine was not enough and that he should have been suspended. This guy is responsible for the lives of 100’s of people on every flight and I’m hearing that his comments were funny and common place for a straight guy. I don’t get the hypocrisy.

  19. Francis says

    Supposedly he got suspended for 30 days without pay and the sensitivity training, but that’s not nearly enough. He put people at risk, he alienated his co-workers, he used very disparaging language against several groups, and he brought a negative image on Southwest, so he should be fired.

    Based on what I’ve read, the flight attendants who work with this man are pressuring Southwest to fire the bigot and there are lawsuits potentially that will he filed against Southwest, so this situation has just started.

    This guy supposedly has worked for Southwest over a dozen years. You just know he’s some angry, ugly and bitter middle-aged guy having a mid-life crises. More pathetic than anything else.

  20. Edwardo says

    I think he’s an “everyman” expressing the frustration of white (at least he sounds white) heterosexual men who can no longer take their dominance for granted.

    He was socialized to believe that it is an imposition for him to have to work with these second class citizens.

    Did he say that 11 of 12 flight attendants at Southwest are gay…that couldn’t be right?

  21. Marty says

    SW prides itself on it’s Golden Rule….or at least it used to. Diversity training won’t fix stupid.And it won’t prevent him from having his same views even today. His shotgun rant was offensive to gays, women, and seniors in general. Why SW would want to keep someone like that on the payroll is a mystery to me.

    Not only is this person not “SW material”, but he created a potential safety issue by clogging the frequency with his ignorant rant. This alone should warrant termination but when it’s coupled with what is obviously a disgusting closed minded horn dog who thinks his job is a breeding ground, it should have left SW with no other option but termination.

    I’m disappointed in SW actions on this one. Sometimes actions speak louder than words….and in this case SW has said plenty with his reinstatement.

  22. anthony says

    Whether his microphone was on or not would anyone in corporate America go on a rant like this inside their office??!! Maybe at a private lunch break but don’t spill your bigotry and crudeness (and loserness) out to your co-workers at work. The guy is a total loser and should be fired.

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