1. RATBASTARD says

    “I couldn’t resist asking Ewan about some of his same-sex screen kisses” i.e., “What’s it like to kiss A DUDE?!?” Yawn.

  2. MacroT says

    Well, yes we can blame you for asking. It is such a cliche for gay journalists to go there. You do realize that these were acting roles, right?

  3. StillMarriedinCA says

    Yeah, you can blame a guy for asking. Ewan McGregor is a classy actor who is straight. He, to his credit, has played some gay characters with dignity and good taste. You showed you have neither with that question. Why on earth would a straight man who was playing a part want to “repeat those kisses if he could”??
    Would it be impossible to resist asking Robert DeNiro if he would like to repeat killing any of the actors he has murdered in films? Or to ask George Clooney if he would like to repeat performing surgery on any of the actors he operated on while he was shooting ER? You are an idiot.

  4. Rob says

    Wow, so much negativity. We really are tough to please. Seriously, sometimes it is OK to have fun and be little shallow. Maybe we can get back to Ewan now. A classy guy and clearly comfortable in his own skin. Of course with skin like that, who wouldn’t be? :) Yeah, I know, I’m shallow too.

  5. StillMarriedinCA says

    Rob–what you call “negativity” and “tough to please” is actually just expecting some professional standards from a journalist. In asking this question he reduced himself from “Journalist who happens to be gay” to “stupid Gay Journalist who is only interested in talking about man on man sex and can’t tell the difference between acting and real life”. I guess Josh Hemlin was writing for an audience of people like you when he asked that question and assumed we all thought that way. The rest of us are trying to make him understand that we would appreciate it if he grew up a little.

  6. Rob says

    @ STILLMARRIEDINCA. Surprisingly I did manage to get your point. My point was that there are more than sufficient real issues to be outraged about instead of getting so worked up over a blog-journalist asking an admittedly foolish question (you did say in your first post, “You are an idiot.” – those are very strong and unnecessarily judgmental words). In that line I’m not particularly pleased with the implied insult in the “writing for an audience of people like you” comment – but I will let that one go. My point was, and remains, only that we need to pick our battles. I did also attempt to inject a little humour that admittedly failed. But, please don’t judge Josh Hemlin; please don’t judge me. Or, if you cannot refrain from judging, at least cut a little slack. We’re all only human.

  7. StillMarriedinCA says

    Rob–I AM picking my battles. I figure Josh Hemlin might actually read the comments on his article and get a wake up call. So, unlike the comments that we frequently make about what President Obama is doing, or what homophobe Maggie Gallagher is up to–I have a real chance at effecting change. A battle we can win for a change. I get outraged at “real issues”, too. I have plenty of outrage to go around, unlike your limited supply. Unfortunately, there are “battles” to be fought in lots of areas and there is no reason why we can’t continue to fight for dignity whenever possible. What you are saying is that YOU want to decide which battles are valid. Who made you the Decider?

  8. ravewulf says

    Jeeze you guys are touchy on that bit. I could see a bit of fuss if it was “what’s it like to kiss a guy?” but that wasn’t the question. What was asked was effectively “which of the guys was the better kisser” which has been asked before plenty of times over in relation to straight kisses. I see no reason why we can’t ask it for gay kisses too.