News: Medicaid, Tel Aviv, Russell Crowe, AFA, Jason Bateman

Road Thousands take part in Tel Aviv Gay Pride parade.

Nap RoadIt's naptime at Glee again.

RoadRussell Crowe speaks out against circumcision.

RoadObama to extend protections to gay couples under Medicaid: "Under the new guidance, dated June 10, states have the option to allow healthy partners in a same-sex relationship to keep their homes while their partners are receiving support for long-term care under Medicaid, such as care in a nursing home."

RoadPortland City Council unanimously passes transgender helath benefits.

RoadLawmakers rally behind gay man attacked in anti-gay assault outside bowling alley: "'I think it's important for the community to stand up and say we're not going to tolerate hate violence,' said Assemblywoman Alyson Huber, an El Dorado Hills Democrat whose district includes a large area of Elk Grove. 'Violence in any form is not acceptable,' Huber said. 'But it's particularly abhorrent when it involves racial or ethnic slurs or slurs about someone's sexual orientation.'"

A_weiner RoadPoll: Majority of Weiner's constituents want him to stay.

RoadAustralian school accused of homophobia after leaving Kurt Hummel character out of Glee tribute musical: "Education department spokesman Grant Hatch denied it was because Kurt was openly gay."

RoadWATCH: Meredith Vieira's Today show farewell flash mob.

RoadAmerican Family Association launches Old Navy boycott because the store is planning on selling shirts benefiting the "It Gets Better" project. "Buster Wilson, the managing director of AFA’s American Family Radio, yesterday said that 'this is very irresponsible for Christians to go to Old Navy' because “when you support them you are supporting what God calls an abomination to Him.'" needed to do a mid-concert internet lyric search on one of the songs he was performing.

Bateman RoadJason Bateman looking fine on EW.

RoadFocus on the Family President Jim Daly concedes marriage battle to gays, again: “What I was trying to say in that interview, when the question was asked about the younger generation, is you can’t deny the stats. So when you’re looking at that and they’re saying 65 to 70 percent of those under 40 or 35 – I can’t remember exactly – support same-sex marriage, if that does not change within that community as they become 50 or 60, yeah it’s over.”

RoadJames Franco's Brad Renfro tribute, sponsored by Gucci!

RoadAnonymous hackers take down Turkish government website: “(The Turkish government) has blocked thousands of websites and blogs while abusive legal proceedings against online journalists persist. The government now wants to impose a new filtering system on the 22nd of August that will make it possible to keep records of all the people’s internet activity. Though it remains opaque why and how the system will be put in place, it is clear that the government is taking censorship to the next level."


  1. Max says

    Thumbs up to Tel Aviv, Obama (for this, at least), Portland City Council, and Jason Bateman. Also pleased that Weiner’s constituents have better things to worry about than a d!ck-pic.

  2. FernLaPlante says

    Also thumbs up to Russell Crowe, circumcision is an unnecessary surgery (and I know that being cut reduces HIV/STD infection but so does abstinence and wearing a condom).

  3. finkles2000 says

    There’s a lot of stuff to talk about here, but I’m just going to be shallow:

    Hell to the yes to Jason Bateman. I remember being an 11 year-old watching Valerie/Valerie’s Family/The Hogan Family and getting a funny feeling in my pants whenever Jason Bateman showed up on screen; it’s nice to see that, if anything, he’s just gotten damn sexier with age.

  4. Mstrozfckslv says


    there is not 1 valid study proving circumcised cocks prevent HIV or any STD 1 bit

    there are a ton of bad studies proving a ton of false stuff

  5. FernLaPlante says

    @MSTROZFCKSLV I think there is a lot of misinformation about it (I agree with you, BTW). I wish parents would research first before slicing their kids.

  6. Paul R says

    I’m no fan of circumcision, but many studies in Africa have shown reduced HIV rates among circumcised men—and have been conducted by credible organizations like the World Health Organization, Gates Foundation, UNAIDS, World AIDS Conference, Centers for Disease Control, and Population Services International. I have no reason to believe these organizations would launch expensive, large-scale circumcision campaigns unless they had the science to back it up. What would be their hidden agenda?

    In a few sample populations there have been problems with education because some men believed that once they got “the cut,” they no longer needed to use condoms. Moreover, in Africa access to condoms can be spotty, culturally unacceptable, or too costly. And there are obviously many other differences between what works for straight Africans and gay Americans.

    I agree that there’s a ton of junk science and studies out there, but these organizations are very careful before releasing information. If the findings weren’t valid, they’d reallocate their funds toward other, more effective prevention measures.

    I’m not saying that mass circumcision is a cure-all. But it’s inaccurate to say that not a single study has found it to reduce HIV rates among high-risk populations in certain parts of the world.

  7. Joseph says

    Thank you, Russell Crowe, for telling me that my parents are stupid barbarians.

    Look, all you anti-circ folks, stop calling us “barbaric” or “mutilated.” It’s incredibly hurtful and unnecessary.

  8. Eugene says


    Just because it’s more acceptable in your culture, doesn’t mean it isn’t “barbaric”. People don’t say these words to hurt you. They just see that young boys have their penises cut against their will in a way that leaves visible scars. So they tell it like it is.

  9. says

    That’s some lucky lemonade.

    Re: Circumcision: I think it doesn’t make sense in the US. The HIV studies don’t show much difference here (though there is, apparently some reduction in penile cancer with circumcision). I believe it is child abuse to change a child’s sex organ since they can’t consent and there is no rational reason to do so.

    (BTW, I’m an atheist jew, who’s xian father was circumcised, so did it to me so we could be the same and I wouldn’t be “traumatized”.)

  10. says

    And while female circumcision is definitely a more serious change to the organs, the fallacious arguments that’s its OK due to cultural tradition shows that the same arguments for male circumcision are likewise false.

    There are MANY ways to be Jewish, being circumcised is not a requirement. For instance: it’s not in the 10 commandments last time I checked.

  11. Mstrozfckslv says

    Paul R

    “..The African HIV studies fall short of the gold-standard of proof of medical effectiveness. The lack of blinding in the studies makes them prone to “observer bias”. The researchers were known to be biassed since they had previously published work advocating male circumcision for the prevention of HIV in Africa…”

    The african study is flawed

  12. Mstrozfckslv says


    David R

    It is not in the earliest copies of the torah that we have. The entire story of abraham the law of mosses both there almost word for word as the modern versions lay it out but not the circumcision part

    (the 10 commandments are not the sum total of the law of mosses)

    that proves it is a later cultural affectation taken on by the Hebrew people from their neighbors and has become through tradition something associated with Jewish identity but it is a tradition with no true religious connection to the Hebrew people and the god myth

    There are also many Jewish groups against circumcision

    1 of them

  13. Todd says

    Well, I just temporarily liked the American Family Association saying to screw their boycotts and hate and that I am sending out Old Navy gift certificates now in support of their “It Get’s Better” campaign.

  14. Paul R says

    “The African study is flawed”???

    There have been at least 50, probably more like 100.

    And for the record, it’s “biased” and “Moses.”

    But I don’t care to argue about this. I wish I hadn’t been circumcised, but there are many studies showing it can help Africans. Not for racist reasons, but because their health care and education systems suck.

  15. Mstrozfckslv says

    Paul R

    now u are being hyperbolic

    there has not been even 10 studies performed in africa let alone 50 or as you claim “…more like 100…”

    The 1 sighted by the CDC was based out of south africa and has come under fire by south african disease prevention experts associated with Capetown university

    Africa’s issue have more to do with xtian missionaries and the catholic church screaching to africans that condoms are evil

    Specifically the catholic church in africa (the fastest growing religion in africa)
    saying condoms lead one to hell

  16. Paul R says

    Oh come on. As of 1999—yes, 12 years ago—at least 27 such studies had been performed, with 21 showing reduced risk.

    Since then numerous studies by publications such as the Lancet and others have found the same:

    None of these has any link whatsoever to the Catholic church or any other religion. I hate religion. But you have to recognize the very different dynamics between Africa and other places. Keep denying that not a single study has proven efficacy and that these are all right-wing or religious-back studies, and you lose all credibility.

    And as I said, I (obviously) strongly support condom use, and without it the benefits of circumcision are greatly undermined. I’m not saying circumcision works like magic, but your complete denial of its potential effectiveness is based on emotion rather than reason. The United States and other wealthy countries have better access to condoms, better education and health care, and many other tools in our arsenals to mitigate HIV infection. Africa does not, making its populations more likely to believe crap like “condoms are evil.” Even if they could afford them.

    As a side note, South Africa is the richest Sub-Saharan country and its former president (Mbeki) denied that HIV caused AIDS, stalling progress in a country where the epidemic was running rampant and much greater progress could have been made. There have also been counter-arguments that the Capetown dissenters were worried about losing funding if they defied the president.

  17. says

    But in 2006, the Lancet also published a paper indicating that the data wasn’t so clear:

    Two other problems: the African studies seemed to ave some flawed methodologies between the study group and the control group, and circumcision may even increase the risk to female partners. That and the fact that overall, HIV has a higher incidence in the more circumcised countries un Africa and the developed world.

  18. Dean says

    The health benefits of circumcision are well documented and considered by the CDC to be ‘definitive’ and ‘irrefutable’. Circumcision dramatically reduces the risk of HIV (by 60%), urinary tract infections, STD’s, penile cancer, anal and cervical cancer (protecting a man’s partner as well as himself), and, of course, phimosis and paraphimosis. These benefits are substantial for infants, children, teens, and adults. There are no negatives at all to circumcision. Circumcised men have lower reported instances of sexual problems than uncircumcised men and studies of men who are circumcised as adults have consistently shown that sexual pleasure either remains the same or is improved by circumcision.

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