1. Kevin Thor says

    This jerk needs to go back to making his terrible, inedible pizzas and give his hatred of tax paying gay citizens and soldiers and police officers a break. Back to the pizza kichen bozo!

  2. breckroy says

    Can we finally put the Herman Cain is our advocate bullshizzle to bed now? When he said he “would not oppose” a gay person in his cabinet as long as they were tea party principled, the comments on this site were filled with guys saying Cain was our real advocate, better than Obama, and we should be supporting him. It was kind of offensive and shows what’s wrong with politics on both sides right now. People ride one comment that feels good off into the distance, and never explore what the candidate fundamentally believes and their positions.

    Obama does not oppose a gay cabinet member either, and has appointed/enraged more gay people in senior white appointee, advisor, judicial and diplomatic positions, but because Herman Cain says he wouldn’t oppose it either, as long as they strongly believed in an ideology most gays don’t, people go nuts and say “he’s our guy now.”

    This is how we got disappointed in Obama who has advanced gay rights, equality, and visibility more than any president before. We heard his support and expected it would manifest in the way that was our highest expectation. As If he was a single issue candidate, and now would be expected to never compromise, never strategize short versus long term wins, or eeek to work on the issues of other oppressed groups over our issues from time to time with a hostile congress of filibuster happy senators and now a Republican house. He promised to be our advocate and do more for is than ever before. When he ran up against the realities of the job, he still managed to do more than ever before, but we feel let down because we expected more.

    So when a Herman Cain, who has a documented Christian conservative background and tea party support says one day that he “wouldn’t oppose” a gay cabinet member “as long as…” suddenly there are comments here saying, “see, so much better than Obama! Vote for him!” I know we’re hungry for advancement, but when compared to the growing number of poor people, people dying from inadequate or non existent healthcare, etc. We’re not the only oppressed group needing help. And we cannot set our expectations higher than reality.

  3. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Breckroy, I don’t think you should give any credence to posts here saying, “Vote Cain, not Obama!”. I’m sure their job is to pepper various websites with similar comments throughout the day.

  4. Mike8787 says

    While this guy’s opinions are horrifying, he will never be elected. I know we are all (rightfully) terrified that some uber-Christian will be elected to president, but it simply will not happen. There are far too many voting moderates in this country who, while not necessarily on the side of our rights, are equally disgusted and/or frightened of righteous zealots like Cain who clearly have a few screws loose. Cain merely is out here _because_ he has ridiculous talking points: a normal candidate espousing a rational healthcare reform platform is obviously going to go ignored in our media when a bible-thumping imbecile says something as off-center as homosexuality is a choice. The Republican party is not so off-base as to base its nomination on who the media covers during the “coming out” for nominations period. We’re gonna get someone like Romney — or we’ll see Cain, and the Republicans will be embarrassingly trounced come election time.

  5. Abel says

    @Mike8787, but the real question is, will these young moderates actually VOTE???? When it comes down to election time, so many young people profess to believe one way or support one candidate, and then they don’t show up to vote.

  6. Jim says

    There are also passages in the Bible approving of Slavery. Does this mean he and his family are for sale and can I get a BOGO discount for buying both he and his wife?
    The sword cuts both ways Mr. Cain

  7. James G says

    But Jim, it doesn’t cut both ways! The bible is only read therough their interpration, therfore, what they think is correrct and you will always be wrong.

    These people are fools, on fools errands and when finally loose their grip on “power,” this country will be all the better for it. Bring on European Socialism!

  8. Thomasina says

    I will never understand why some people love the bizarre notion that someone who has run a corporation is better-qualified to hold political office than a career politician. No one would ever say “I’d rather have a CEO perform my heart transplant than a cardiac surgeon,” but it has become a mindlessly parroted cliché to say that you want to vote for someone who will run the government “like a business” over an experienced politician. Well, this kind of candidate is where that attitude gets us: with a government run by someone who not only doesn’t know anything about government but who also thinks that “taco pizza” (with cheddar cheese and lettuce) and “bacon cheeseburger pizza” (with pickles) are good ideas.

  9. BobN says

    Why did Wolf “move on”?

    It’s a simple question. DO YOU SUPPORT CIVIL UNIONS?

    Now, is his failure to answer because:

    1) the answer is no and he doesn’t want to openly disagree with the vast majority of the American public


    2) the answer is yes and he doesn’t want to openly disagree with the vast majority of GOP primary voters

  10. Mark says

    @ BOBN

    You ask why did Wolf move on? He has to move on. All journalists do. Any time a politician or candidate for office agrees to a TV interview, he gets provided with a list of questions that he has to approve and amend as necessary before he agrees to be asked the questions on the list. What you actually see as the “interview” on TV is pure theater: the final product of a few back stage rehearsals.

    You will never hear Wolf or any other journalist for that matter ask the kind of spontaneous questions you and I want asked. You might as well demand Wolf to ask Cain what brand of underwear he’s wearing. Not gonna happen. There’s a reason they call it TV: It’s scripted and polished content.

  11. says

    A clear majority of Americans (57%) favors allowing gay and lesbian couples to enter into legal agreements with each other that would give them many of the same rights as married couples, a status commonly known as civil unions. This finding marks a slight uptick in support for civil unions and appears to continue a significant long-term trend since the question was first asked in Pew Research Center surveys in 2003, when support for civil unions stood at 45%.

  12. Joe De Hoyos says

    Whatever happened to the 11th commandment “Thou shalt not judge…” Apparently even it is now open for interpretation by right wing Christians. Even their own bible is not sacred. Its like the sacred rite of matrimony. Its sooo sacred that divorce is an option!

  13. Tyron says

    This man is a total non-threat. There is more chance of my two year old Border Collie becoming President than Herman Cain. According to the media the “major” support for Cain is supposedly coming from the Tea Party – well folks, the baggers I know (and unfortunately I know plenty) would stay at home on election day if they had to choose between two black candidates.

    While certainly not all baggers are racist a very high percentage of them are. As a middle aged white male I have blended in at many tea party rallies and I can assure you that there is much hate within the party for anyone of color. What these people say to me they might not repeat to the media (or someone who didn’t look like them) but I can guarantee you that the “n” word is brandished about freely.

  14. shadow_man says

    We need to get the word out to religious communities that anti-gay people are twisting God’s words to condone their hate.

    Homosexuality is not a sin. The Bible is constantly being taken out of context to support anti-gay views. Scholars who have studied the Bible in context of the times and in relation to other passages have shown those passages (Leviticus, Corinthians, Romans, etc) have nothing to do with homosexuality. These passages often cherry-picked while ignoring the rest of the Bible. The sins theses passages are referring to are idolatry, Greek temple sex worship, prostitution, pederasty with teen boys, and rape, not homosexuality or two loving consenting adults.

  15. shadow_man says

    This is the perfect example of how anti-gay people change the bible’s words for their anti-gay agenda.

    Corinthians 6:9-11
    Let us examine that very closely.

    Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither the immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate [malakoi], nor homosexual offenders [arsenokoites], nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor robbers will inherit the kingdom of God.

    First of all, before we address this line, let us consider one thing. Supposedly taken from a 2000+ year old book, understand that the word “homosexual” was not coined until 1869 by Austrian-born novelist Karl-Maria Kertbeny. So how it happens to be included in a true reading of the particular biblical passage should make you ponder how accurate the interpretation actually is. So man changing the words of the Bible to conveniently spread hate?


  16. shadow_man says

    For those of you claiming homosexuality is a “lifestyle”, that is a false and ignorant statement. Homosexuality is not a choice. Just like you don’t choose the color of your skin, you cannot choose whom you are sexually attracted to. Virtually all major psychological and medical experts agree that sexual orientation is NOT a choice. Most gay people will tell you its not a choice. Common sense will tell you its not a choice. While science is relatively new to studying homosexuality, studies tend to indicate that its biological.
    Gay, Straight Men’s Brain Responses Differ,2933,155990,00.html

    There is overwhelming scientific evidence that homosexuality is not a choice. Sexual orientation is generally a biological trait that is determined pre-natally, although there is no one certain thing that explains all of the cases. “Nurture” may have some effect, but for the most part it is biological.

    And it should also be noted that:
    “It is worth noting that many medical and scientific organizations do believe it is impossible to change a person’s sexual orientation and this is displayed in a statement by American Academy of Pediatrics, American Counseling Association, American Association of School Administrators, American Federation of Teachers, American Psychiatric Association, American Psychological Association, American School Health Association, Interfaith Alliance Foundation, National Association of School Psychologists, National Association of Social Workers, and National Education Association.”

  17. shadow_man says

    The National Library of Medicine pubs confirm that sexual orientation is natural, biologically induced in the first trimester of pregnancy, morally neutral, immutable, neither contagious nor learned, bearing no relation to an individuals ability to form deep and lasting relationships, to parent children, to work or to contribute to society.

    From the American Psychological Association: homosexuality is normal; homosexual relationships are normal.

    The American Academy of Pediatrics, American Psychological Association and American Psychiatric Association have endorsed civil marriage for same-sex couples because marriage strengthens mental and physical health and longevity of couples, and provides greater legal and financial security for children, parents and seniors.

    America’s premier child/mental health associations endorse marriage equality.

  18. shadow_man says

    This was taken from another poster that shows why we need to legalize gay marriage. If you don’t feel for this person after reading it, you simply aren’t human.

    “I am not sure what our President thinks of this dicission but coming from a poor family and knowing what discrimination is all about I would assume he would not care if “Gays” have equal rights. The whole reason why they are asking for rights to be considered married is from the same reason why I would be for it. My own life partner commited suicide in our home with a gun to his heart. After a 28 year union I was deprived to even go his funeral. We had two plots next to each other. But because we did not have a marriage cirtificate “(Legal Document)” of our union his mother had him cremated and his ashes taken back to Missouri where we came from. That is only one example how painful it is. His suicide tramatized me so much and her disregard for my feelings only added to my heartach. That happened on March 21 of 2007 and I still cannot type this without crying for the trauma I have to endure each day. Oh did I mention I am in an electric wheelchair for life? Yes I am and it is very diffacult to find another mate when you are 58 and in a wheelchair. “

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