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Dan Choi Rips Up 'Obama for America' Pamphlet, Throws it at Volunteer at Netroots Nation Panel: VIDEO


During a panel at Netroots Nation this afternoon called 'What To Do When The President Is Just Not That Into You', activist Lt. Dan Choi ripped up an "Obama for America" pamphlet that a campaign volunteer delivered to the stage as he tried to explain the President's position on marriage equality, Think Progress reports.

Said the volunteer to Choi, and another member of the panel: "I can’t say I’m for marriage equality, but as a bisexual man, I would take a bullet for both of you."

Choi became angry, tore up the flyer, and threw it at the man, saying,  "Did you not understand? Here! I believe that I’m an equal citizen."

Replied the volunteer: "I understand that, but Obama hasn’t gone officially on record for it…"

 Said Choi: "Then, don’t tell me that I’m a bad person, go tell him that he should believe in my full equality and then report back."

Chris Johnson of the Washington Blade also wrote about the incident:

Asked afterward by the Washington Blade whether he felt he was too harsh with the campaign volunteer, Choi replied, “Sometimes love comes in harsh forms. I love my detractors enough to let them know when they are misguided and I only regret that we are both suffering under a second-class citizenship imposed by politicians who smile pleasantly while denying our fight for justice. The harshest treatment would be our acquiescence to the view that we do not deserve equality.”

Watch the video, AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. "the best president for the gay community in the history of our nation" isn't good enough.

    But we shoudl stop lookign to politicians to "Lead Us."

    WE are the leaders. And always have been.

    Posted by: David Ehrenstein | Jun 16, 2011 9:34:40 PM

  2. Barack Obama Rips Up Anti-gay Pamphlet, Throws it at Volunteer at Conservative Politics Panel: VIDEO

    oh well...

    Posted by: buckets | Jun 16, 2011 9:38:35 PM

  3. Look, Choi has always evoked these kinda of responses with what he does- part shock, part admiration, part puzzlement, and part disgust. Because he was right - we need to stand up an demand that Obama AT LEAST start coming out strong for civil unions and ENDA passage. Yeah, I want full equality too, but God knows we're gonna have to convince every person in this country before it happens.

    Yeah, Obama tackled DADT and the Matt Shephard bill, so I guess he has done a few things. ughh - I just wish we had a Presidential contender with balls- and they didnt have to fall back on the excuse " Oh, the times not right."

    Posted by: Scott | Jun 16, 2011 9:42:08 PM

  4. Dan Choi is one of our heros. We need SO MANY more Dan Choi's !!! Otherwise, we'll never get full equality. Key word people: "EQUALITY"

    Posted by: anthony | Jun 16, 2011 9:55:51 PM

  5. Didn't Larry Kramer say, "If you're not outraged, then you're just not paying attention"?

    I agree with Choi's anger. Until we show that we're pissed off and we're not taking "no" for an answer, we're not going to get anywhere.

    Posted by: Steve | Jun 16, 2011 9:56:14 PM

  6. I'm tired of being told to vote for the least repugnant candidate. We almost lost DADT because of Obama sitting around with his thumb up his butt waiting until the last possible minute to get it passed.

    Posted by: Grover Underwood | Jun 16, 2011 10:02:04 PM

  7. Work it girlfriend! We need our Malcolm X!

    Posted by: Clark | Jun 16, 2011 10:03:05 PM

  8. I'll vote for Obama, not Mitt Romney and company. But who do you these detractors think they are dissing Dan Choi? He's brilliant. Are some people just too dense to realize that Choi spearheaded exactly the pressure on Obama that moved DADT repeal forward at the end of 2010? No, really. If there's anyone out there that doesn't understand this, they are either slow on the uptake or self-loathing. Dan Choi is a hero, and a damn good strategist as well.

    Posted by: Phil | Jun 16, 2011 10:18:05 PM

  9. To all you HRC / equal sticker wearing Obamabots: Obama doesn't give a rats ass about gays. He will never do anything for gays that will hurt him politically because he does not care. Only when gays stop treating politics like a white party and stop being automatic votes for Democrats will we ever get any respect. And BTW the last time I checked, DICK CHENEY - a REPUBLICAN - is the ONLY major politician in either party to support gay marriage.

    Posted by: Scott A. | Jun 16, 2011 10:31:39 PM

  10. Dan Choi is spot on. The marriage equality "question" is absolutely about equality as citizens ... and humans. Anyone who thinks that marriage between two adults of the same gender is of lesser value than the marriage of two adults of different genders doesn't see members of the lgbt community as equal human beings.

    Posted by: Daniel | Jun 16, 2011 10:42:15 PM

  11. @Scott A,

    Your idiotic quote was: "And BTW the last time I checked, DICK CHENEY - a REPUBLICAN - is the ONLY major politician in either party to support gay marriage."

    Have you been hiding out in a cave during the last few weeks? Governor Andrew Cuomo (DEMOCRAT) has been heroic in his efforts to make history and tip the balance in favor of equality. But go ahead and vote Republican. Just don't choke on the Koolaid that your asshat friends in GoProud are serving you.

    Posted by: Phil | Jun 16, 2011 10:42:39 PM

  12. Why does anyone give this attention whore a platform? He was a good talking head on CNN for DADT, but he's no serious thinker and it's long past time for him to go.

    Posted by: Reader | Jun 16, 2011 10:45:41 PM

  13. @ Scott A again,

    Where in the hell do you get the nerve to stump for a political party that has done nothing but harm to the interests of LGBT people? The only time Republicans display the least bit of enlightenment is either after they've been outed (think of your favorite sex scandal) or after they're safely out of office, as is the case with Dick Cheney. I sure never heard anything enlightened from Dick Cheney when he was still in office. Hey, Scott A, crawl back under your flat rock and take your GoProud friends with you. (Not that you have the balls to reply to this comment.)

    Posted by: Phil | Jun 16, 2011 10:52:04 PM

  14. Dan is brilliant and brave. The government destroyed his military career because he was gay. He can be as angry as he chooses--grow up everyone. He actually suffered because of DADT--it wasn't just something to discuss over cosmos at some gay bar.

    Posted by: LAXJFK | Jun 16, 2011 10:57:33 PM

  15. Dan was right.

    Posted by: Tommy Marx | Jun 16, 2011 10:58:18 PM

  16. he does seem unbalanced, and all the stuff he's probably seen while in the military i dont doubt it. the only time i hear about him is when he's in a manic episode. i never hear or read about him when he's just calm and not in front of a camera, NEVER. he's always off the rails AND on camera.

    i agree we need strong leaders, however, he's an embarrassment and needs help. reminds me of that lohan kid's father.

    Posted by: andy | Jun 16, 2011 10:59:35 PM

  17. The last time I checked, social conservatives (Rep. and Dem.) and the Republican party in general, have actively sought and succeeded in denying LGBT citizens basic equality in America. Not Democrats by and large, and not progressives. The "I'm not supporting politics anymore, I'm against Democrats.....etc." thing didn't actually do anything for us and has proven to hurt us as a country as a whole and as a community when it comes to our legal rights in many cases.

    We as a community really need to realize who are big enemies are right now. We're at a major tipping point. Society is in a schism period on this issue, where you're seeing hate crimes in the name of ignorance and fear, but a greater and stronger support for our rights than ever before, and us as a community more mainstream now. Now is the time to actually be strong and stand up against all forces who seek to dehumanize us. Conflating the issue doesn't do us any favors. Support the strongest those who support us the most. But also know who our enemies truly are, and as the saying goes, keep the friends close and enemies closer.

    Posted by: Francis | Jun 16, 2011 11:02:33 PM

  18. @ Reader,

    Choi isn't a serious thinker? Try making your way through the lecture he delivered a the Harvard JFK Forum. This is part 1 of 9 parts:

    I suspect it contains more serious thinking, "Reader", than you've ever done in your life. By calling Choi an attention whore, you're just slandering someone who's contributed to progress. Your childish outbursts prove that you're the one who's really looking for attention.

    Posted by: Phil | Jun 16, 2011 11:03:36 PM

  19. To Phil: Although I am certainly appreciative of his support, a newly elected governor does not equal a vice president who has had that position for years. The push for equality is alot easier when you cultivate support on both sides of the aisle and it's folks with your intolerant attitude - ("asshat friends from GoProud") - that prevent us from having a productive dialog. Right now, the only difference between Democrats and Republicans is that Democrats will shake your hand and take your money. I say this as a Maryland resident that saw marriage equality go down in flames in the lower legislative house that is controlled by Democrats 98 - 41.

    Posted by: Scott A. | Jun 16, 2011 11:07:16 PM

  20. To Phil again: Wow, you sure are angry. MIght be time for your meds again, buddy.

    Posted by: Scott A. | Jun 16, 2011 11:10:02 PM

  21. @ Andy,

    I'll give you the same video recommendation as I gave Reader. Harvard JFK Forum, part 1 of 9:

    Andy, it's *you* who are an embarrassment.

    Posted by: Phil | Jun 16, 2011 11:10:27 PM

  22. @ Scott A,

    Your quote: "a newly elected governor does not equal a vice president who has had that position for years"

    No, Cuomo certainly doesn't equal the damage that Cheney did by supporting virulently homophobic policies and rhetoric for the eight years that he was in office. I'm amazed that you continue to hold up Dick Cheney's record in the Bush administration as an example of enlightenment. Bush and Cheney spent 2004 trying to demonize gay people and write an anti-gay amendment to the U.S. Constitution. I really question your sanity.

    I have no quarrel with LGBT outreach to the Republican Party. I'm in favor of it, and if it reaps some benefits in the fight for marriage equality in New York, great. But Dick Cheney's record in the Bush administration? Think that one through again.

    Posted by: Phil | Jun 16, 2011 11:20:24 PM

  23. Dan Choi serves a purpose. He is an agitator. He is not a policy maker. We need slightly inappropriate agitators to ignite our senses to the real action of negotiation and dialog with policy makers. I appreciate Dan Choi's passion. Now cooler heads need to pressure Obama to provide equality to all gays.

    Posted by: Douglas | Jun 16, 2011 11:31:25 PM

  24. @Scott A, you are being disingenuous, same-sex marriage failed in Maryland because your bigot party did not supply the votes to the overwhelming majority of democrats to have it passed.

    You claim that support must be cultivated from both sides, where are the GOP votes?

    BTW, the only reason Dick Cheney supports SSM is because of his lesbian daughter and he uttered not a single word about SSM during his 8 years in office. Don't let your love of tax cuts delude you of the facts.

    Posted by: NY2.0 | Jun 16, 2011 11:32:10 PM

  25. BTW, Bill Clinton a former President now supports gay marriage. Doesn't that make him the highest supporter of either party?

    Posted by: Jane Roe | Jun 16, 2011 11:53:37 PM

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