1. Chris in Irvine says

    Wow! He’s so hot and hotter in French. Funny thing is that I didn’t understand a word of what he said but I still watched the entire clip…

    He can repeat the same words he gave in this interview while he’s doing me and I’d be in heaven!

  2. K says

    Michael Ian Black talked about the top/bottom situation in an interview. They wanted to show that the agressive, angry guys aren’t always tops. The BC/MIB characters actually get a nice storyline in WHAS – they are the only couple who have a serious sex scene not played for laughs (except the socks), they are the only couple that doesn’t break up, and they even get married at the end! But the movie as a whole definitely belongs in the “awesomely bad” category.

  3. says

    And here’s the actual clip:

    Not sure how I missed an awesomely bad film with an all-star cast! I guess we were abroad that year :-(

    As to his French: good pronunciation and intonation (which one would expect from an actor). Some grammatical mistakes, gender & such, and I think he calls Galafianakis and Helms the best comedic actresses! Not very Montrealish at all: it’s clearly a French French accent.

  4. Hollywood, CA says

    Anyone who didn’t like WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER should get their head examined… with a shotgun. It’s that good.

    Talking to you, “K”

    Bradley Coopertastic!

  5. Michel says

    Not Montreal at all!!! But his french is very good and also his understanding of it. The host speaks quite fast and her questions are formulated in a complex way.

    Bravo monsieur Cooper
    Michel from… Montreal

  6. Albert says

    He’s a sexy Hoya! Glad he’s a fellow alum. Always a kick hearing an American actor conduct an interview convincingly in another language.

  7. K says

    Thanks, Hollywood. Some nice gun/murder imagery. WHAS is not supposed to be a cinematic masterpiece. It’s a satire of ’80s summer camp films, fun in a so-bad-it’s-good way. I didn’t say I hated the film. Actually, I said some nice things about it. But feel free to disagree and tell me to kill myself. Bullying hasn’t been in the news enough.

  8. says

    Yikes – he’s a fellow alum?! A mere decade or two behind me… Ah, well; there are worse things than having Bradley Cooper behind one…

    Streaming WHAS from netflix, tonight….unless the server crashes.

  9. Paul R says

    He’s a perfect example of how playing gay kills your career and destroys any possibility of being viewed as a sex symbol.

    Kidding. Glad things have evolved, even if WHAS wasn’t a huge movie (though it is very funny).

  10. Rob says

    As an American Francophile who also learned French in Aix-en-Provence, let me just tell you that straight American men never, NEVER speak French that well. His French is better than mine and I am uber gay. Sorry, Brad, that so many Frenchmen look like Dobby the House Elf from Harry Potter. You probably have to come back home to play.

  11. davidivivid says

    Well…I…je pense…hmmm…he is soooo…je lui ferais des trucs…my god!!!

    I had no idea that he speaks french!! Of course there were a few stumbles here and there but seriously, I was truly impressed. As for the accent, there certainly is a french tone to it, though I can understand the “english Montrealer” reference (and that’s coming from a Quebecer…from Quebec City that is!!!)

  12. pitluver says

    @Joseph: don’t worry…i see him as being versatile. he can top OR bottom!

    i squealed like a little schoolgirl when he was asked on “Regis and Kelly” what his favorite on-screen kiss was and he answered the one he had with Michael Ian Black! i almost fainted when i heard that answer! i have a HUGE crush on him and his gorgeous blue eyes! he was amazing in “Wet Hot American Summer” (shame he didn’t show more skin) and hearing him speak French was such a turn-on! what an absolute hottie!

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