1. David in Houston says

    Corn? Seriously? Why do these people have jobs… and why are taxpayers paying their salaries?

  2. chris says

    because upstae NY is conservative and has for decades voted in these idiots who the people are just now realizing are corrupt and do not have the will of the people in their minds while making decisions in the state capitol. Throw them out

  3. says

    I wonder if our “sees a phallic symbol in everything he looks at guy” happened to notice that large ear of corn in the background of this piece? :)

    What will we tell the children?

  4. Gregoire says

    My bible tells me corn should not be sweet. Can I have a religious exemption to this ‘state vegetable’?

  5. The Iron Orchard says

    @Chris it’s not just upstate that is conservative, brooklyn, queens, the bronx, staten island, and long island are also very conservative.

  6. ganymeade says

    Yes, it is JZN. It is in the grain-grass family and tomato and cucumber are fruits,etc. Those idiots can’t even get that right. Also, Onions are flowering bulbs. I hope they can spare a minute to ponder the destiny of many of their fellow citizens.

  7. walter says

    once again the state senate has proven to be a waste of taxpayer money. with all the other problems of the state and the work this session still has to do they worry about vegetables. maybe they should vote the turkey as the state bird and can use any of 62 senators pictures. time for them to go.

  8. sparks says

    lol GREGOIRE

    Btw gotta love Jon Stewart for being amongst our most persistent allies. One of these days I really need to drive up to a taping so I can shake his hand and thank him in person for always speaking on our behalf.

  9. Matt says


    While I see where you are coming from, Stewart is not necessarily “speaking on our behalf”, he just highlights what most intelligent, logical, decent people already know, that most Republicans are ass-hats and against equality for all of our citizens.