1. Danny says

    I wish us gays had a gay dating reality show sorta like the bachelor where like twenty men live in a house together vying for the affection and love from one man. that would be interesting to see.

  2. Todd says

    Interesting how much lower the bar is set for a gay show… when someone makes a straight comedy this unfunny, it never sees the light of day. Let’s hope this one has the same fate. Fail.

  3. Reg253 says

    Agree with all the comments above, and Mapa is a good, albeit “one character” actor.

    But this thing looks like a gay(er) version of The Hangover. “Look! A black drag queen! Hahahahaha! Look! A sissy asian! Hahahahah! Look! A _______(insert stereotype here).”


  4. says

    With all you bitchy queens that spend more time complaining and shooting down every idea, how about you all go pick up a camera, write a script and bring something different. That’s the only way you’ll get diversity

  5. RW says

    Thank you Reg253! I am so sick of gay black men portrayed as drag queens in gay media! If you white writers cannot take the time to write more realistic parts for black gays, then just leave us out of the script altogether, please.

  6. Bryan says

    i did the same “oh god, stereotypes” thing when i saw this too, but let’s not forget that a lot of the same type of hot air was blowing around before Modern Family started. snappy writing and character development can mean a lot more than outward appearance, so i say why not give this a fair chance?

  7. RAK says

    Because that’s how mediocre stuff like Half-Share gets made: get ANYONE to pick up a camera, write a script and bring something different for the sake of diversity.

    Yes, we have to start somewhere, and we have to be supportive of what’s out there, but not everything is worth supporting.

  8. says

    I’m with Bryan, I thought it looked kind of funny. And that Kyle Spidle (who plays the scruffy guy who comes to Fire Island) is adorable! This could have potential if the characters get fleshed out… (hmm, no pun intended there!)

  9. dpbfeb says

    So only Six Feet Under can show a Black man not as a drag queen. Funny how I’m not seeing outrage. This is so stereotypical to Gay and people of color. Why is it ok if it’s done by Gays but not if it’s done by straight people let alone straight people who happen to be of color.

  10. GiveMeABreak says

    I found it to be very funny. Some of you don’t seem to understand parody. There are a group of PC gays on here that are trying so hard to be “straight”. Yes, every gay guy doesn’t act like this, but many do, why not just laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. Lighten up.

  11. Al says

    First of all, this format has been done to death, not to mention that the flaming queens characters as so passe. I’m not asking for butch gay men to get a show to make a point, but I’ve about maxed out on *this* stereotype. It isn’t funny, and makes us look really bad. Try something new for a change. Stop degrading us.

  12. Bam says

    Half-share looks great to me. Can’t wait to see it. Looks more like a documentary of my last summer on Fire Island, though :) It’s probably been made on a shoestring budget, and so congrats to all involved for putting themselves out there and making me laugh at myself …

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