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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Defends Anti-Gay NOM Spokesman and Former NY Giant David Tyree: VIDEO


Today on The View, Elisabeth Hasselbeck came to the defense of former NY Giant and NOM spokesbigot David Tyree who has been in Albany working against passage of marriage equality there. Tyree has said gays shouldn't be allowed to raise children.

Said Hasselbeck: "I know David Tyree. I know his heart. He said he has not hate. He loves everyone. He believes everyone is created by God and should be loved as such. He doesn't have bigotry. He truly is just a man who is not a part-time guy following God."

And then Hasselbeck brings up Obama's position opposing same-sex marriage to defend Tyree's views.


Said Tyree in a video put out by NOM earlier this week:

“Marriage is the only relationship that actually mirrors a relationship with God — it’s very unique in that way...If they pass this gay marriage bill...what I know will happen if this does comes forth is this will be the beginning of our country sliding toward...anarchy...That will be the moment our society loses its grip with what is right...I don't believe that truth is subjective...If you redefine [marriage...it changes the perception of what is good, what is right, and what is just..."

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  1. Ignorance is a scary thing, baby... these fools are straight up blind, and making decisions for other folks without thinking it through.

    Imma pray for you, Tyreese... Imma pray...

    Posted by: Hollywood, CA | Jun 21, 2011 9:49:14 PM

  2. she could always get a job with faux news. she has all the qualifications she's dumb bleached blond and spews falsehoods with every breath.

    Posted by: walter | Jun 21, 2011 11:24:22 PM

  3. Will someone please smack Hasselbeck into the 21st Century?

    Posted by: Brian | Jun 22, 2011 12:03:14 AM

  4. I do not understand why no one ever discusses the fact that religion has nothing to do with rights. It is the government that recognizes union and extends the rights under the law. Last I checked the first amendment states "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." This country was founded on the principle that these religious views have no place in legislature.

    Posted by: Confused in NJ | Jun 22, 2011 1:04:46 AM

  5. Who is this "God" person she keeps talking about??

    Posted by: Tre | Jun 22, 2011 1:17:30 AM

  6. if he's not a bigot, I'd hate to see a real one

    Posted by: Grover Underwood | Jun 22, 2011 1:22:59 AM

  7. But how are we supposed to feel by people who say you can't be full time committed to God and support gay marriage(people)... blah it's kind of true for now at least, and I know EH tries hard to walk a fine line, i don't feel that she's homophobic. but ugh. Who is strong enough to stand up for both God and Gay people? That's a brave man. I guess he doesn't exist.

    Posted by: Mike | Jun 22, 2011 1:32:08 AM

  8. "Spokesbigot"? Ha, yeah, I see what you did there, Andy Towle. Clever.

    But let's keep it nonobjective, Andy Towle, as that is your role, and let the commenters decide for themselves.

    Posted by: Jedi | Jun 22, 2011 1:32:46 AM

  9. I don't hate Black football players, I love them as Jesus loves them. But they should no eat at the same cafe as me, nor drink at the same water fountain as me. Jesus loves them and I love them. See it's all okay.

    Posted by: Sargon Bighorn | Jun 22, 2011 1:44:33 AM

  10. You cannot 'love' someone and oppress them at the same time. You cannot. Cannot. Hasselbeck is an idiot!

    Posted by: Jim | Jun 22, 2011 1:47:35 AM

  11. I continue to marvel at how in the 21st Century, anybody can continue to put their faith in mythological beings, like god or jesus or allah or whatever. Gods and religions were created to control people. The time for that has long past. This jerk is just that a jerk. He had his 15 minutes, they are over is is a total zero in the book of life. I say let hhe and the other moron Tracey Morgan just continue to engineer the end of their careers.

    Posted by: Kevin Thor | Jun 22, 2011 1:49:47 AM

  12. "Spokesbigot"? Ha, yeah, I see what you did there, Andy Towle. Clever.

    But let's keep it nonobjective, Andy Towle, as that is your role, and let the commenters decide for themselves.

    Posted by: Jedi | Jun 22, 2011 1:32:46 AM"


    Uh, what?

    Anyway, Hasslecrackhead...*SMFH*

    The producers of The Spew really should be ashamed of themselves for bringing her on. There is absolutely nothing balanced about trotting out a seemingly brain-damaged, delusional know-nothing to squawk in the face of reasonable people for entertainment purposes. It was certainly nice to hear a rational statement coming from Whoopi. Kirstie said something about a statement being "judgy" but I couldn't hear what was said just beforehand, and Sherri, of all people, shocked me with her very valid point. She must've used her Get-Out-Of-Stupid-Free card.

    Maybe, if we're lucky, they'll bring on Kirstie as a long-term replacement and one day, she'll be just aggravated enough to lunge across the table and snap that screeching, irritating little blonde chicken head's neck. Actually, the day they brought Hasslecrackhead on the show was the day I ceased watching, so whatever the fate of The Spew is, to me, irrelevant.

    I can only hope that some day, people will cease forcing relevance upon uneducated, overgrown children, and go back to having intelligent conversations about important issues instead of today's "Everyone's OPINION matters" garbage programming and so-called journalism.

    Posted by: FizziekruntNT | Jun 22, 2011 2:57:54 AM

  13. Hasselbeck.. why is she on T.V again????

    Posted by: Jayc Remixed | Jun 22, 2011 3:53:36 AM

  14. Who freaking cares about what "convictions" that DOWN LOW guy says. He is a father to 2 kids he had without even marrying. He's a freaking HYPOCRITE and a HOMOPHOBE that should STFU!

    He's on the losing side. What a jerk!

    Meanwhile, you can believe whatever the F*** you want. But don't go around telling other people to believe the way YOU do. A***hole!

    Again I repeat:



    Posted by: FunMe | Jun 22, 2011 4:00:33 AM

  15. Rosie should have sat on her to stop the hate.

    Posted by: Mike | Jun 22, 2011 4:09:17 AM

  16. EH has a very little knowledge and she wants to show it.
    The best show so far has been the one with Dame Edna Everage. EH didn't get DEE at all (surprise, surpries!).

    Posted by: Matt26 | Jun 22, 2011 4:16:32 AM

  17. Marriage equality would be the law of the land if we followed the position stated by Macro above: "No, he isn't a bigot, he just wants to deny law-abiding citizens their equal rights to which everyone should be entitled to because of his particular religious beliefs."

    Instead, we've fallen into this trap of calling everyone a hater. If we want to win public opinion on marriage equality, we need to win the political middle. We can only do that by persuasion and by appeals to reason. Calling someone a hater automatically tells them they're our enemies, and it's harder to win over an enemy than someone who (at least at the beginning of the discussion) is merely not on board with marriage equality.

    Posted by: joe | Jun 22, 2011 5:45:09 AM

  18. So he can have kids out of wedlock, yet he thinks its quite alright to judge gay people and deny us our equality? - Not only a BIGOT but a HYPOCRITICAL BIGOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by: Wayne | Jun 22, 2011 6:40:17 AM

  19. Hasselbitch and tyroach are two buffoons throwing their emotional garbage at anything that moves. There is no need to point out their hyprocrisy, the God they believe in, will kick their asses for playing dumb.

    Posted by: Whatev | Jun 22, 2011 7:14:47 AM

  20. Why do they always post videos on this site that can't be viewed outside of the USA?
    So annoying!

    Posted by: oliver | Jun 22, 2011 7:24:04 AM

  21. His comments directly justify violence against gays. So nice to see he is not a hater and that he has a right to express his views be the outcome of this segment

    Posted by: Mac | Jun 22, 2011 7:36:13 AM

  22. "People are entitled to their opinions."

    No they're not.

    Posted by: David Ehrenstein | Jun 22, 2011 8:30:26 AM

  23. Is that his senior picture in the background of the video still? lol

    Posted by: Mike | Jun 22, 2011 8:42:09 AM

  24. "Marriage is the only relationship that actually mirrors a relationship with God.."

    I'm sorry. I can't think of the last time I got home form work, cooked dinner while God exercised, then sat down with God to eat and chat about work before watching So You Think You Can Dance. Also, I don't remember giving God a BJ before work yesterday. How does a marriage mirror a relationship with God, exactly?

    Posted by: AndyWarholsWig | Jun 22, 2011 9:17:59 AM

  25. Jedi, spokesbigot seems right on target to me. As far as Andy Towle's opinion - umm, it is his blog and I think he can opine all he wants.

    Posted by: ant | Jun 22, 2011 10:06:51 AM

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