Hong Kong Hires Psychiatrist Who Claims He Can ‘Cure’ Gays

Yesterday, gay activists protested the decision by officials in Hong Kong's Social Welfare Department to hire a psychiatrist who claims he can "cure" homosexuality.

Hongkong Hong Kwai-wah is chairman of the group New Creation Association, who, according to its website, "help people who have experienced distress owing to unwanted 'Same sex attractions', resolving their psychological self-contradiction of the mind, restoring their sexual wholeness and appreciating their gender identity given by God, thereby leading an abundant life."

New Creation Association, which has been around since 2002, charges many thousands of dollars for its bogus "services." One man paid over $100,000(HK) for sessions with the group before eventually deciding to quit.

The AFP reports that "the move (by the Hong Kong government) could be the world's first government-sponsored training session on gay conversion therapy."

"The government seems to think that homosexuals are possessed by evil spirits and needed to be 'cleansed' or 'cured' through conversion therapy," Joseph Cho, a spokesman for gay rights group Rainbow Action, told reporters during a protest outside the city's Social Welfare Department Friday. "They are criminalising people with same sex orientation — this is an international joke," he added. Psychiatrist Hong Kwai-wah, who specialises in "treating unwanted homosexuality," gave a two-and-a-half hour talk to staff at the former British colony's social welfare office on Friday.

Hong Kong officials defended their decision to hire Hong Kwai-wah because, according to them, "knowledge from multiple perspectives was essential for social workers to make professional and independent assessment on their cases and to address specific needs of service users."


  1. Bear says

    Well…there ARE people who don’t want to be homosexual and who therefore have every right to seek change (though I genuinely pity them), and “multiple perspectives” are often in order, however, the claim that “gender identity is given by God” is twaddle. I’ll bet this is a Christian organization, which likely means it really is an “internatiional joke”, yet another impediment to mature consideration of a social issue which is coming of age throughout the world. That it is, therefore, also coming of age in China is downright exhilarating. Can the abomiNations of the Middle East be far behind? They are in everything else…and yet…stay tuned.

  2. bob says

    The only way this is the first government sponsored training session on gay conversion therapy is if you ignore the hundreds of thousands of gays prosecuted under morality laws. Life imprisonment, shock treatment, forced exile, castration, etc. etc. etc. are all forms of “gay conversion therapy”.

  3. Steve says

    >”and who therefore have every right to seek change”

    And health care professionals should take their duty to their patients seriously and tell them the truth. That change is impossible and that an attempt to do so will just make them miserable in the long run

  4. Brian says

    While I don’t condone this sort of therapy at all, I can understand where the government is coming from. As the article makes clearer than this snippet, he wasn’t hired as a full time staff member, and didn’t have any access to gay people who might be susceptible to his pitch. He made one presentation to the department’s social workers, and the spokesperson stated that they’ve also had presentations from gay rights advocates, academicians etc. It sounds like it’s a continuing education series of lectures, and in that context, I can see why they might want to include the “other” side. The audience are trained case workers, so for all we know he was challenged and rebuked during his talk.

  5. ohplease says

    “Well…there ARE people who don’t want to be homosexual and who therefore have every right to seek change…”

    Which is impossible.

    The only reason anyone doesn’t want to be who they are is because the people in their world have convinced them that who they are is evil and wrong. Nobody is born hating themselves.

    So, no, supposed mental health professionals have no business peddling lies based on hate. It is wrong and evil to create a problem where none exists and then sell the cure for that problem. As if that isn’t obvious.

    And there is no “other side” when the other side is a lie. That’s not scientific inquiry or balance, that’s just — at best — a waste of time and money. Not even a backwards hellhole gets a pass on that.

  6. disgusted gay american says

    I often find it interesting why dont they just say what they mean…and get right down to the sex acts – cause thats ALL they mean…..if you like dick, we’ll make u like pussy….if you like pussy, we’ll make you like dick. I love the pretty wrds they use – Conversion,,,,sounds so DIY, HDTVish

  7. Seriously?Y says

    I contend that gravity only works if you hold your breath, should I be hired by Hong Kong to provide an alternative perspective?

  8. Danny says

    Yes Bear and people have the right to believe the earth is flat.

    Meanwhile, stay tuned for more Chinese teen suicides.

  9. Drew says

    It’s never women leading these things, only straight men. Seriously, I think so many straight men (we’ll presume they’re not all closet cases) I’ve met really lead such boring, mundane lives that this is one of the few things they can latch on to: MEN WHO SEX ON MEN!!! and why it’s gross!

    Note: After every weekend, all the straight guys I work with say they didn’t do anything on Saturday or Sunday. Ever. It’s like their simple minds can’t describe the world beyond ‘Dur uh huh,’ so proceed to tell them men are f’ng other men and their brains put up a blockade to logic.

  10. Chapter and Verse says

    I met my adoring and adorable husband at one of those therapy meetings.

    He said he could fix me…and he started working me with his tool yet I didn’t get repaired….neither did he and we couldn’t figure out what was wrong for oooohhhh…the longest time.

    After we turned the whole problem thing over to our higher power we concluded we’re simply in a different church since with all the time and effort we’ve put into getting it right we can now quote “Joy of Gay Sex” chapter and verse.

  11. wineboi says

    the HK government, although trying to appear progressive, is sadly still living in the stone ages when it comes to sex, gender identity and even equality… we NEED anderson to come to HK to do a sequel on gay reparative theory!!!

  12. SFRowGuy says

    Sounds like Hong Kong condones water-boarding if performed by a ‘licensed psychiatrist’