News: High Line, Chris Hemsworth, Norfolk, Lady Gaga, CDC

Road UK Boy Scouts to actively recruit gay members.

RoadNPR: Why are Americans changing their mind on gay marriage?

Highline RoadSecond segment of New York's High Line park prepares to open. Economic dynamo

RoadEmbarrassing dad waves his kid off to school every morning — in costume!

RoadAP: Gay couples seek green cards, probably won't get them.

RoadGerard Butler looking lean and mean in Maui.

RoadOur Milky Way galaxy has a twin, and it's gorgeously symmetrical.

RoadBorn This Way banned in Lebanon. Lady Gaga to play closing event of Euro Pride 2011 in Rome's Circus Maximus.

RoadPolice raid Norfolk, Virginia gay bar on opening night: "The new gay and lesbian bar opened Thursday night  on the second floor of Jack Quinn's Irish Pub in the 200 block of Granby. The city's bar task force said that the establishment did not have a special exception for entertainment on the second floor. Jack Quinn's was warned not to hold the event, but police say they held it anyway in spite of the ordinance."

RoadChris Hemsworth gets wetsuited.

Harry RoadAndy Warhol portrait of Debbie Harry to go on the block this month in London.

RoadSouth African ambassador to Uganda Jon Qwelane fights fine against him for anti-gay hate speech: "The application will state that Qwelane was not in wilful default of the Equality Court, as he was in Kampala on public service on the date of the hearing."

RoadVideo: British duo Hurts plans at Rock Am Ring music festival in Germany.

RoadLady Gaga, Google Executive Chair Eric Schmidt invest in startup Backplane: "The startup, which we hear is in talks with entities like the NFL and other musicians, will blend technology and entertainment and plans to provide a venue for online communities by combining brands’ various social media presences into one platform. Gaga is an advisor as well as an investor, and apparently has incorporated elements from her music videos and tours to add 'authenticity' to the site’s design. Omg I can’t wait to see it."

RoadMale model fix: Steve Boyd.

Vangogh RoadVan Gogh painting recreated on the side of a building, in plants.

RoadPrince William looking hot in a top hat.

RoadCDC Study: Gay and bisexual teens engage in more risky behaviors. "Based on anonymous surveys of 156,000 high school students, the CDC study is the largest by the government to look at sexual orientation and behavior in teens… Investigators asked about dozens of risky behaviors, ranging from not wearing a bicycle helmet, to drug use, to attempting suicide. Gay, lesbian and bisexual students reported worse behavior in half to 90 percent of the risk categories, depending on the survey site."

RoadGay-Straight Alliance faces resistance at Columbia Central High School in Jackson County, Michigan: "Columbia’s group, formed in April, is led by Sue Koch, whose freshman son, Dylan, 15, is gay. Koch got a Facebook message late last month that inspired her to call police. It read, 'You (expletive) have a lot of nerve push(ing) your gay rights on everyone … how dare you.' This came after the small group of students tried last month to start the Straight Alliance Council, which Koch and others considered an opposition group. About the same time, GSA members found on the door of their meeting room a sign that read '(Expletive) gays.'"

Posted June 6, 2011 at 3:50pm ETC by Andy Towle
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