News: Seven Year Itch, Ryan Gosling, Tijuana, Levi Johnston

Road Clarence Clemons dies at 69 after suffering stroke last week.

RoadNYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg's mother dies at 102: “Today, my sister, Marjorie, and I lost our mother, Charlotte, after an extraordinary 102 years of life. As the center of our family, our mother’s unimpeachable integrity, fierce independence, and constant love were gifts that profoundly shaped our lives and the lives of so many who knew her.”

Siluwe RoadWriter, blogger, and activist Taylor Siluwé dies of cancer at 43.

RoadRyan Gosling has a hipster dog.

Road PrideFest in Denver sees more families.

RoadNeil Patrick Harris and David Burtka celebrate Father's Day.

RoadVIDEO: Broadway Bares XXI gets cheeky in NYC.

Road1,000 march in Tijuana Pride.

RoadamfAR Research Consortium on HIV Eradication (ARCHE) announces second round of grants: “After just one year of bringing these researchers together and encouraging them to share their data and insights, we’ve seen great strides in our collective understanding of how HIV could potentially be eradicated,” said amfAR CEO Kevin Robert Frost. “There is more hope than ever that we’re on the right path to a cure for HIV/AIDS, and amfAR is proud to be at the forefront of accelerating those research efforts.”

RoadTRAILER: The new Muppets flick.

Itch RoadMarilyn Monroe's Seven Year Itch dress sold for $5.6 million.

RoadMiss California Alyssa Campanella crowned Miss USA following answer in support of medical marijuana: "The other three remaining contestants fielded questions about whether burning religious books should be protected speech (Miss Tennessee said no), whether bullies should be prosecuted if their targets kill themselves (Miss Alabama said yes) and how publicly wronged wives should respond ("Stay positive and find someone who really, truly loves you," Miss Texas said)." 

RoadImogen Heap to release '3-D' single.

RoadIs Google hiding its support of Gay Pride? "Instead of boldly declaring its support of Gay and Lesbian Pride Month, Google added a rainbow to the end of its search bar. But it only appears when certain queries are entered. 'Gay' does the trick, as does 'lesbian' and 'transgender.' But try even the slightest modifications to those terms — 'transgender pride,' 'lesbian empowerment' — and the rainbow disappears as though it was never there." 

RoadMale model fix: Elia Cometti.

Helene RoadCassini probe captures Saturn's moon Helene in fly-by.

RoadAndrew Garfield and Garrett Hedlund take a shirtless walk on the beach together.

RoadThe Christian Post asks a really dumb question about marriage equality. 

RoadBristol Palin alleges that Levi raped her: "She awoke in her tent, alone, with no memories of what had happened as Johnston 'talked with his friends on the other side of the canvas.' She had vowed to wait until marriage. And she had lied to her parents about where she was going."

RoadAP: Methodist clergy risking careers to defy same-sex marriage ban. "The Rev. Amy DeLong of Osceola in western Wisconsin faces a three-day trial starting Tuesday in Kaukauna on two charges: violating a church prohibition on the ordination of "self-avowed practicing homosexuals" and marrying a lesbian couple. The jury for the church trial will be selected from a pool of Wisconsin United Methodist clergy. A total of 13 clergy will be chosen to serve during the trial and penalty phase."


  1. Damien says

    “Is Google hiding its support of Gay Pride”?

    Nah, that’s doubtful. Especially when you consider Google publicly announced that it had increased the pay for gay employees to cover the same-sex couple benefit taxes, lets their employees march in Gay Pride wearing “Gay Pride Android” shirts and released a commercial starring Dan Savage’s “It Gets Better Project” in the middle of the most-watched shows on tv that week – Dancing with the Stars.

    In fact, if I recall correctly, the search page only displayed a rainbow banner when you searched for gay terms in the past years, too. It’s not like this is the first year that it’s been this way.

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    Thank you for mentioning Taylor, Andy. Rod McCullom also gave him a wonderful tribute on his blog. It’s funny how nowadays you can only know someone from these Internet blogs but they become your friends. I’ll miss his comments–always intelligent and witty.

  3. Verdon Coleman says

    I read the linked article regarding Bristol Palin. I did not see an allegation of rape anywhere in what was reported. That’s not cool for you to make such an allegation.

    I actually like this blog, and read it daily. However, by making such an allegation against Levi Johnston, you are no better than the people you rail against.

  4. Mike says

    I wonder if Tom Ford is freaking out about the pics of NPH and David?

    “A man should never wear shorts in the city. Flip-flops and shorts in the city are never appropriate. Shorts should only be worn on the tennis court or on the beach.” – Tom Ford

  5. Verdon Coleman says

    Well, I read it twice. I don’t see it, and I am ALWAYS on the side of the victim, when there is a victim.

    Part two: if she is alluding to being raped, why not tell her mother, the Governor? Her father? Anyone?

    And please understand, I am not blaming the victim, if there actually is a victim. However, if in fact it was rape, she has more resources than most at her disposal, and should have reported it.

  6. Paul R says

    I don’t find Bristol Palin the most credible source on, well, anything. She claims she was on birth control to deal with cramps? Come on.

    But if she was drunk (on wine coolers??? didn’t know they still made those), she may have felt hesitant to tell her parents that she’d lost her virginity—especially since she continued dating Levi. Her dad probably would have killed Levi. This kind of incident is not exactly rare, and the details are often very hazy. As is her pregnancy while on birth control (she tested herself eight times?), not to mention that her parents must have known she was on birth control given her mother’s position and Bristol’s age.

    It all sounds like a lot of teenage stupidity and excuse making, though I don’t understand why she would stay with Levi if he did rape her, especially given that she thought her virginity was so important. But again, so important that she was on birth control?

  7. Bart says

    Lawyer up, Levi.

    Ms. Palin definitely infers that Levi Johnston raped her. Saying she was drunk and implying she didn’t agree to have sex with him constitutes rape.

    And it’s libelous if not true. (And find a jury that won’t agree with him when she willing had sex with him afterwards and got pregnant by him.) She and the publisher would settle out of court, she wouldn’t want this drug in front of a jury and have all their old friends put on the stand to state what happened that night, nor him spilling all the salacious details.

    I do not dislike Bristol Palin, though I find this way beyond the pale if it isn’t true. Imply anyone committed rape and and tarnishing someone’s name in print is libelous and Mr. Johnston deserves to defend himself.

  8. Michael In Philly says

    Is there one Palin on this earth with one shred of integrity ? If this was, as Bristol Palin implies, a rape, why would she have sex with him after this incident ?
    Why wasn’t this reported to the police? Why didn’t Sara Palin use her power to bring “justice” for this “rape”. I hope Levi sues the sh*t out of her .

  9. says

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