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Marriage Equality Advocates Rally in Union Square and March to Stonewall: VIDEO


Yesterday, in New York City's Union Square, advocates and activists supporting marriage equality called on lawmakers to pass marriage equality this week at a rally sponsored by activist group Queer Rising called 'Last Day of Inequallity'.

A vote could come as soon as today. Over the weekend, Governor Andrew Cuomo expressed optimism that the bill would pass following a week of wrangling over religious exemptions in the bill.

Watch clips from the rally and march, AFTER THE JUMP...

It's still URGENT that we politely apply heat to New York Senators. If you have not called, call. If you have called, call again. Email them. Tweet Senator Ball at @ball4ny as he was soliciting your opinions about the bill.

The call list is HERE.

We'll be following marriage developments closely all day here!

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  1. The religious exemption already allows religious groups to ignore anti-discrimination statutes in their religious practices.

    A Baptist church is not required to perform weddings for non-Baptists or rent its facility out for non-Baptist weddings. The Catholic Church does not allow women to become priests and will not allow divorced members to marry in its churches because Catholicism does not recognize divorce.

    Yet a Baptist hospital that accepts federal funding must bot discriminate against non-Baptist patients or non-Baptist doctors, nurses, and secretaries. A Catholic hospital receiving federal funds must not discriminate against women or employees in second marriages. Even if in its religious practices the remarriage is not recognized, that remarried X-ray technician is still entitled to the same spousal benefits that every other hospital employee gets.

    Just like having Jews or Episcopalians working in their non-religious enterprises, or having women or remarried people working there, they'll have to accept same-sex couples. They don't have to accept them into their congregations.

    Much as it offends me that the Catholic Church does not allow women to become priests and does not allow gays to marry, I accept that I must work alongside Catholics and respect their rights to practice their religion. I see their religion on display all the time in the cross around the neck, the wedding picture on the desk, the children's confirmation pictures on the desk, and the ashes on the forehead on Ash Wednesday.

    They can afford the same respect to married gay employees.

    Posted by: Cassidy | Jun 20, 2011 9:08:27 AM

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