1. David B. says

    Not sure I want credit Ken Mehlman with anything regarding this at this point….

  2. Rich says

    As I’ve said several times before on Towleroad, people need to just get over it on the “hate Mehlman” thing. Regardless of what might be said about the past, he is a friend now, and an influential one. So let’s just welcome him with open arms — just like we did with Ted Olson.

  3. John says

    Mehlman is doing his best to atone for his past. I would give him the benefit of the doubt here. He may have secured the vote.

  4. Greg says

    It’s hilarious that Mehlman allegedly doesn’t want credit, but now his surrogates are suggesting he — not Bloomberg or Cuomo — Pushed this thing over the top. After the damage he did from the inside in Bush’s campaign — and it continues in its effects nationwide — I don’t trust him. Never will.

  5. Rick says

    We have to have a presence in the Republican Party if we want to get any legislation passed. That was proved in the case of DADT repeal and proved in this instance, as well. So those of you who continue to be hostile towards Mehlman and who insist on tarring and feathering any gay Republican should think about that.

    You don’t have to like Republicans in general or agree with them on most things (I don’t, myself)–but you should be sensible enough to realize that ghettoizing ourselves in one party would not be a smart move and would allow the Democrats to take us for granted and the Republicans to ignore us completely.

  6. Jollysocks says

    Senator Grisanti — courage and conviction


    Senator Ball — spineless media whore

    Considering both men are from the same party, the contrasts couldn’t be brighter.

  7. Fenrox says

    Mehlman can be forgiven for his actions but he is forever tainted in the arena. I don’t want him around politics, he is not trustworthy and any atonement won’t change that but we can totally forgive him and treat him nice. He doesn’t need total forgiveness and he doesn’t deserve eternal hate.

  8. says

    “We have to have a presence in the Republican Party if we want to get any legislation passed.”

    The Republican paarty has to have a presence in the 21st Century to have any relevance whatsoever.

  9. says

    If Cheney died before the campaign would Ball get his vote back? Or would Cheney record a “from the grave” endorsement video just in case he kicked it before the campaign? Just what were the terms of this deal?

  10. Patric says

    Agree with you completely on both points, Greg. It’s barely 48 hours after our victory and already we’re hearing these accounts about Mehlman from his surrogates. It’s hardly convincing that he wasn’t looking for credit for any efforts he did make.

  11. Leroy Laflamme says

    I think I want all my US news via Taiwanese cartoons. I loved it when the firebreathing lesbians tore the President a new one! I wonder if he saw this?

  12. mike/ says

    would Ball’s request of Cheney qualify as political posturing, arm twisting, or blackmail?

  13. BobN says

    Having Dick Cheney campaign for him makes sense though, since neither one supports same-sex marriage.

  14. jaragon says

    That news cartoon was the best. NYT had a very interesting article about the behind the scenes negotiations that lead to the marriage equality victory.

  15. says

    Wow, the pro-Mehlman guys are really naive. As other commenters have pointed out, the fact that we’re hearing about this so soon is coming from him via surrogates. He wants his fingerprints all over this—and may not even deserve that credit, who knows?—yet wants us to forget his fingerprints that are all over the many state Constitutions that were amended to codify marriage inequality? (That’s just for starters and just focusing on his anti-gay “accomplishments.”)

  16. LincolnLounger says

    Rick is right. Just being a Hallelujah Chorus for the Democrat Party does nothing but marginalize our community. Keep it up, but don’t wonder why we get taken for granted.

  17. kc says

    “he has been careful not to leave many fingerprints, like people who are looking for credit.”

    Um, more like a slimy criminal adept at the art of committing crimes.

  18. Timmy says

    A commenter asked “Could Sen. Ball be a bigger slimeball?” The answer is: Yes. Google him and learn about how his office created a fake email account in the name of a real constituent, so that he could pass on to the local paper some self-praise in the constituent’s name. The local paper gets suspicious and starts looking into it. So Ball’s office calls the constituent and tells her that if she keeps her mouth shut, Ball will take care of whatever she needs.

    Very sleazy. Although by the standards of the NY Senate, this is very mild.

  19. Paul R says

    @BobN: actually Cheney supports marriage equality. He also supported DADT repeal quite a few years ago, calling it “an old chestnut” in 1990 when he was secretary of defense. Like many Republicans (hello, the brave few in NY), his mind was changed when he had a family member who was LGBT.

    And don’t bother trying to call me a closet Republican. Those are just facts. He’s an evil man. I despise him and all he did under Bush. But he deeply loves his lesbian daughter, more than he loves his wife or other daughter. Not that the lesbian daughter isn’t also evil; it’s just another sign of GOP hypocrisy.

  20. Danny says

    @Mike: do you think a minnow like Ball can threaten blackmail to a shark like Cheney??

  21. FunMe says

    KENNY GURL should NEVER be trusted over his BETRAYAL of other gay and lesbian people like himself He is persona non grata for all the damage he caused Ken can just go to HELL What his ugly soul did 2 other human beings is NOT forgivable