NY Senate Near Deal on Religious Clauses in Marriage Bill: Report

The New York Post reports that weekend negotiations appear to have made some headway:

Skelos_cuomo Gov. Cuomo and Senate Republican boss Dean Skelos could say, "I do" as soon as today on a historic gay-marriage bill that includes strengthened exemptions for religious groups.

Negotiators for the Republican-run Senate privately admitted that a deal is near after aides spent the Father's Day weekend ironing out language to appease "religious liberty" concerns that have been raised by several fence-sitting GOP senators.

And public pressure has reached a tipping point, as about 200 supporters of the bill held two raucous rallies near Union Square yesterday.

Senator Greg Ball was soliciting views from his followers on Twitter over the weekend.

Grisanti And the Senator from Buffalo, quiet:

Grisanti remained publicly uncommitted Sunday despite indications that he might be willing to cast the deciding vote in favor of gay marriage.

Lobbied by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, a staunch supporter of the bill, Grisanti has nevertheless made it clear that there are unresolved issues that might prevent him from voting for the legislation.

"I'm going to wait and see what changes have been made in the bill," he told The Buffalo News on Sunday.

Saland is mum as well:

His office has been getting a remarkable 60 to 70 calls an hour from people on both sides of the issue. It got to the point where his staff had to put on an answering machine in his Albany office because they simply couldn't keep up with all the calls.

But as the Poughkeepsie Republican is garnering extraordinary attention, he himself is keeping a low profile. He politely declines to comment on his deliberations, offers a smile and says, "Thank you."

On Friday, he briefly told Gannett's Albany Bureau that he remains undecided, and "I've been asked to participate in some of the negotiations."


  1. Francis says

    I hope Cuomo didn’t sell his soul for those concessions. It’s absolutely sickening how much personal morality plays a part in the legality of this country.

  2. Brant says

    I completely agree Francis.. It is sad that personal morality is such a huge part of politics. Hopefully the ‘compromise language’ doesn’t set any dangerous discrimination precedents.

  3. says

    As has been noted….

    DEMOCRATS put their hand on the Bible and swear an oath to the Constitution and the United States.

    REPUBLICANS put their hand on the Constitution and swear an oath to the Bible and Religion.

  4. Josh6852 says

    1 more vote/Gay Marriage will be Leagalized in New York. Please take time to call all of these senators. First ring ALL picked up. I said..” My name is Josh and I believe they should Pass the Marriage Equality Bill.” Be someone who makes a difference for someone else and their families.
    Andrew Lanza 718-984-4073
    Greg Ball 845-279-3773
    Kemp Hannon 516-739-1700
    Charles Fuschillo 516-882-0630
    Betty Little 518-743-0968

  5. says

    Greg Ball asked for feedback via Twitter and Facebook, and he’s been getting plenty–almost all on FB in eloquent favor, with the occasional ineloquent opposition. To add your voice, you just have to “Like” him and comment away. If he and the other “undecideds” are paying attention to their futures instead of to their homophobic party status quo, they won’t ignore the support.


  6. MikeInSanJose says

    Why do religious people always want excuses and exceptions to allow them to be absolutely horrible people, legally?

    If only people would treat them the way they treat others, as their book suggests…

  7. BobN says

    “I hope Cuomo didn’t sell his soul for those concessions.”

    I don’t give a damn if he sells his soul, he just better not sell out our equality.

    NO religious exemptions for religious organizations which offer services to the general public. NONE.

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