1. O HERRO says

    I really wish he wouldn’t keep trying to be this generation’s Edward Murrow.

    And Michael Moore never comes across genuine.

  2. Rad says

    Great to hear him again but… what the Hell is “Current TV”? At least he beat Glen Beck back on air.

  3. NoSleep4Sam says

    I really think Sergio’s White Hot Top 5 is the last line of defense.

    What, no other Current fans on here?

  4. Reggie says

    Well, I’m glad he’s back. He has often held the politicians feet to the fire, and pointed out their hypocrisy. And if the charge against him is that he “tries too hard”, maybe it’s because we often settle for too little. Whatever… He’ll always be a hero in my book.

  5. Mike says

    Stop bitching about Keith. This was his first show since he quit at MSNBC so cut the guy some slack.
    He’s a great ally to our community. If you don’t like the show don’t watch it.
    You can always tune to FOX and experience their pathetic attempt to twist the truth…

  6. HadenoughBS says

    The sooner Keith’s new Current TV show gains traction leading his new bosses to permit him to build a “progessive” news channel with additional “progressive” hosts/shows, the better to take on the GOPers’ Faux Noise as well as the so-so rans at CNN and some of the Rethuglican-leaners at too-corporately controlled MSNBC. I’m supporting Keith and Current TV in hopes this “progressive” channel transformation will happen over the next 12 months. We need this counterpoint to the other less-than-progressive noise currently on cable. Good luck, Keith, Al Gore and Current TV.

  7. Diogenes says

    To criticize Fox and not to recognize its reflection. Perception filters are a wonderful thing.

  8. says

    Olberman’s style is too complex. His statements convoluted, his points buried in a ton of misdirection. He’s just the kind of liberal allowed on air by commercial interests. And Moore stumped for Nader in 2000, thus giving us eight years of Bush.
    I’m still hoping for competent leadership on the left. But it’ll be a long wait.

  9. Craig says

    Let me know when Current goes HD, until then I’ll pass on blurry commentary. Just as I can’t watch Logo either.

  10. says

    I hope Olbermann’s able to lead Current to the more widely available cable “tier” that most Americans have — right now, it’s one tier up from what I have on cable, and I just don’t want to spend any more money on my cable bill when I barely watch TV to begin with.

    Olbermann helped push MSNBC up to that better tier in many cable packages across the country, so I am optimistic — and I definitely want to have the chance to watch him in his 8pm timeslot. His presence has been sorely missed.

  11. Nat Johnson says

    It’s time Michael Moore grew up, slimmed down and doffed his disheveled 60’s attire. He’s too damn good a filmmaker and spokesperson to be selling himself short because he insists resembles an aging, angry hippie wno doesn’t bathe.

  12. Pam says

    Love Keith but he needs to advocate for the middle-class and the unemployed being butt-slapped by the Republicans. I don’t care about Lybia, I care about America in a CRISIS! Keith step back and concentrate on At-Home issues!

  13. steve says

    keith O has been missed. I am a follower of him. i am one of his number ones fan. i feel delighted that his back, now let’s see what MSNBC ratings will be like.