Pentagon Confirms Three More Discharges Under ‘DADT’

Earlier this month we learned about the first, and at that time only discharge under "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" since Obama signed repeal legislation. There have been three more discharges of service members who have identified themselves as gay and asked to be discharged expeditiously before repeal takes effect, the Advocate reports:

Dadt "A total of four airmen have been discharged under the policy in the last several weeks, Pentagon spokeswoman Eileen Lainez confirmed Monday…Air Force spokesman Maj. Joel Harper told The Advocate that the discharges of three additional service members — two female staff sergeants and one male second lieutenant— have been approved since an April 29 discharge."

Said Alexander Nicholson, Executive Director of Servicemembers United, in a statement responding to the discharges: 

"It is rather shocking that we continue to see isolated incidents of servicemembers trying to force the Pentagon to let them out of their service obligations because the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' law still technically remains on the books. The Pentagon has made it abundantly clear that it does not want to enforce 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' any longer and that it is more than willing to deal with any lingering harassment issues through the chain of command or, in the case of command involvement, the base's or post's Inspector General's office. Thousands of servicemembers have dreamed of the day when 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' would be virtually dead and commands would plead with openly gay servicemembers to remain in the service. It really would behoove the Defense Department to expedite certification so that no one can use this archaic law as a loophole to leave the military early anymore."

Sarvis SLDN executive director Aubrey Sarvis released a statement as well:

“These Air Force discharges underscore that DADT investigations and discharges continue. Unfortunately, SLDN has a client right now who was recently recommended for discharge at a board hearing, and his paperwork is headed to the Navy Secretary. He made no statement, and he wants to continue serving. We have another client who is having a board hearing later this week, and if this senior enlisted person is recommended for discharge, her paperwork will likely be before the Navy Secretary in short order. She, too, wishes to continue serving. Let me be clear. At SLDN, we have scores of clients who have been advised they are under DADT investigations. Some of these clients have between 10 and 15 years of honorable service, few made voluntary statements, and none to my knowledge has asked to be ‘separated expeditiously.’ For these service members, especially, certification and final repeal cannot come soon enough. The continued stress of investigations and the risk of separation under DADT is real and very much imminent.”

Training has been underway for 'DADT' repeal for several months now. Last Friday was the deadline for final assessments on the progress of the training. The reports will generate final recommendations which the defense secretary and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen must review before certifying final repeal. It was reported last week that Gates, who is retiring at the end of this week, would leave certification to his successor Leon Panetta.


  1. says

    Clearly this is in total contempt of the Commander in Chief and the spirit of the repealed law.
    They should be reinstated immediately….with compensation as every discharged military officer and enlisted man/woman should be……also with compensation and loss of earnings and other benefits.
    The law was always unconstitutional and in breach of their constitutional rights.

  2. JohnAGJ says

    Jack you misunderstood the article: these people WANTED to be discharged and used DADT as a loophole to force the Pentagon’s hand and get out. As a vet myself under DADT I find that to be reprehensible and they’ll regret their hasty decision someday.

  3. Glenn says

    Plus, the idea that anyone could “force” the Pentagon to process them out against the Pentagon’s will is ridiculous. Get real.

  4. says

    This is the military—that means rules matter. Not following the rules is, in fact, a threat to readiness and discipline.

  5. galore says

    LOL. We gays do have special rights !!! It’s the convenient get out of the army early option only open to us!

  6. Gary says

    It is beyond me why they went in in the first place. Perhaps they found it to be a realistic economic option. Perhaps they were trying to escape bad home lives. Maybe they wanted to risk killing and being killed for the corporate powers that run the USA.

    At least they are out now and safe.

  7. Wnt 2 B Free N The US says

    SLDN was right, investigations are continuing to occur, as is harassment, discrimination, and an abuse of power regarding DADT. Especially in the Air Force! If anything the Mr. President and the incoming Sec of Defense AF should be looking into this a little further. The reporting of yet another three individuals is VERY suspicious. What needs to happen is a moratorium on the policy until certification occurs.

    @ David R, a threat to readiness and discipline…really…how about the threat is wasting tax dollars and time on separating these people…how about we focus on what really matters. Or how about the emotional anguish the individuals may be going through…granted we don’t know the particulars, but I bet the approach of let’s get as many out as we can before implementation is the strategy. If readiness was a concern, why force quality soldiers out during this time…and discipline let’s make Airmen who break rules that have not been deemed unconstitutional accountable. I know it’s your opinion, but until I see one of these individuals state they wanted to separate…I’m not buying the story….

    @ Glenn…you are right on target!! Rules…HA! Now that was something to really laugh about.

    DADT Repeal is a reality, like it or not. How about we let our Airmen do there job without having to worry about someone outing them. Come on Mr. President…put some pressure on your folks!! If not..well let the court system take control.

    – Let’s Be Free In Our Own Country.

  8. says

    @ WNT 2 B FREE N THE US: if you’ve followed my comments here you’d likely know that I’m a queer activist type who’s wholly in support of the DADT repeal. That said, it has to be done right so that there’s no insurrection among the THOUSANDS of right wing xians that infest today’s military.

    As for your contention that they’re trying to get as many out now doesn’t hold up under the current numbers/evidence.