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    Colleagues have identified the pilot as Captain James Fritzen Taylor, 46, who resides with his wife in the north Texas town of Argyle, north of Fort Worth.

    His identity was confirmed by two separate highly-placed officials with direct knowledge of the airline’s investigation into the matter.

    FAA records show his pilot’s license was renewed in April. He was born in April 1965 and previously lived in the San Antonio suburb of Converse and also had previously lived in Carollton, Texas.

    Southwest Airlines employee records show he has been flying for 12-years with the airline, his preferred name is “James” and he is based out of Houston in the Flight Operations division.

    Texas driver’s license records show he lives with his wife, and two sons, age 18 and 20, are also licensed to drive at his family home.

  2. dave02657 says

    On any thread with Dan Savage as an element, I always make a bet with myself that the hysterical, irrational, and just plain dumb anti-Dan haters and bigots will appear in less than five comments.

    My gratitude to the appropriately named ratbastard for not only not letting me down, but for setting a new land speed record for displaying his abject juvenile jealousy.

  3. nodnarb says

    Hahaha, my friend (who is a Southwest flight attendant) told me that pilot was probably married.

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, straight guys are so stupid. Fire the clown!

  4. JP says

    Good call Ratbastard. You sure showed him!

    I can understand why some people have issues with some of Dan’s opinions, but I don’t understand why we have this mad rush to pull down anyone else in the gay community that speaks eloquently and can articulate the hypocrisy that we live in as gay people on a daily basis.

    I want to see more of Dan as he gets to the point and can reason with those that seam unreasonable.

  5. Paul Bunion says

    Southwest pilot – it was a private conversation that accidentally was recorded.

    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

    He wasn’t creating a hostile environment for anyone. The co-pilot at any time could have said ‘ Buddy, cool it. Your language is inappropriate.’ S/he did not. The intended audience was not offended by the tone of the conversation, so neither should we be.

    This is how people talk. Straight men talk about banging chicks. Gay men talk about banging guys. Bangability of coworkers, likelihood of getting banged.

    Tempest in a teapot. I feel badly for the guy. Imagine if one of your more lurid conversations ( and we all have them ) was accidentally recorded and broadcast to the entire world.

  6. says

    @ PAUL BUNION: you don’t know the power situation between the pilot and FO. Perhaps the FO is gay and worried about his/her career? The pilot did create a hostile work environment.

  7. nikko says

    Paul, that’s BS. The pilot is creating a hostile environment by such talk and is totally innapropriate/unprofessional. What if his co-worker was gay?

  8. Francis says

    LOL, how rich. 46 year old, married with kids, working at Southwest for 12 years, lives in a small town in the bigoted part of Texas. Now that his name is out he’ll probably be pressured into resigning. Not surprisingly, anti-gays/conservatives are defending this man.

    If Southwest had any sense they would have fired this man already, and they don’t really want to put themselves into a situation where there is a lawsuit.

    Yes, everyone has said things in private they don’t want public, but I don’t think everyone has said such hateful things about several groups of people. Regardless, the man put people at risk because of his irresponsible actions. He needs to go.

  9. Mike says

    Hahaha assuming his identity is correct.. he’s married!! He’s old! I love it! Oh that just makes this so much better. But yeah he’s a sh*tty pilot and he got caught saying something that you have to get fired for. So he’s got to go. But holy crap this just gets better and better. Maybe by the time he’s 50 he’ll stop his sexual conquests! No granny’s!

  10. walter says

    just think how his wife must feel? the whole world just found her husband wants to cheat on her. this must not sit well in their little community.

  11. BobN says

    If talking about the fuckability of those around you is “creating a hostile work environment” then half the gay flight attendants I’ve chatted with on long flights should be fired.

  12. Randy says

    @RATBASTARD: I’d rate your troll a 1/10. Too obvious and bitchy/queeny to be taken seriously. Try beefing it up by calling him a racist next time.

  13. Uffda says

    Bunion/Oliver – you’re right. The man thought he was talking privately, that alone exonerates him. Put a live audio device in anyone’s home and see how many inappropriate comments you can record.

  14. Joseph says

    David R. is correct. As I pointed out previously, my brother is an FO and he bitches all the time about the way the captains talk and treat FOs. There’s a definite power structure in the cockpit and, sadly, it has often led to accidents because the FO is afraid to correct the captain. Fortunately, my brother’s not like that: he’s taken action repeatedly in safety situations.

    In this situation, it’s possible the FO was afraid to say anything against the captain for fear of reprisal.

  15. Lazlo says

    I agree with Paul Bunion. There are no grounds for firing here, and if he is fired this could set a dangerous precedent. No doubt he would probably hire a lawyer and sue the airline. Why not suspend him without pay and mandate he attend a class on acceptance of different cultures. Maybe he doesn’t understand why his words hurt the gay community. Maybe this could be an opportunity to have the airline develop strict non-discrimination guidelines, in addition to educational workshops on LGBT issues.

  16. MFinBH says

    Kudos to Joy Behar for regularly doing panel discussion on LGBT matters. As is her style,she uses comics to sell advocacy with humor, usually including a “movement pro” (in this case, Dan Savage) But no other evening talker gives as much screen time to gay rights issues, whether there’s a “hot story” or not. And when there is a hot story – such as last years suicides – she devotes whole shows to the matter, not just a quickie segment.

    Joy may not be everyone’s cup of tea (I’m the son of a smart gal with a Brooklyn accent, so she feels like family to me), but she deserves credit for her unyielding commitment to our cause.

  17. Zlick says

    To me, it’s not so much that it was a private conversation in the workplace, but a private conversation in a workplace with a working microphone. Sure, he thought it was off. But how many stupid politicians who speak into a mike they thought was off does it take before politicians get wise to the possibility? Well, now pilots can do the same. In the internet age, don’t assume the microphone is off. Otherwise, if your “private” comments get transmitted to the world, it’s now your fault for being so dumb.

  18. jamal49 says

    @RATBASTARD: Your jealousy is showing. I’ll take Dan Savage any day. He’s funny, smart, bitchy, and very spot-on with his opinions about the “straight” world.

  19. Codswallop says

    I’m not after his job. I just think he’s a dick and am sort of glad now his wife knows it too.

    But how far do you want to take this “said in privacy” argument? Does it cover Chris Brown’s comments? How about Anthony Weiner’s private online conversations? (For the record, I wasn’t after his job either.) How far up the chain of command or fame do you have to go before a slur has “meaning,” isn’t just a bit of talk?

    If you told an off-color joke to a friend it’s one thing but what if you broadcast it to everyone where you work? Do you think you’d escape unpunished? I wouldn’t.

  20. Yuki says

    Why is everyone concerned with /what/ he said? We can’t change everyone’s minds, unfortunately. Not everyone will be accepting of us; it’s a sad fact of life.

    What’s more problematic is that not only was he an ass, but he also tied up a frequency that that entire state uses to direct flights. While he needs to be condemned for /what/ he said, but more importantly, he needs to be fired for putting lives in danger.

  21. Joseph Singer says

    Joy holds a double standard. She was all for Anthony Weiner resigning yet she wants to give this Southwest pilot a pass. Weiner didn’t do anything illegal either.

  22. ratbastard says

    Good effing grief….I just said Mr Savage likes publicity and cameras…LOL…….I didn’t say:

    1) I hate the guy (I don’t; don’t know him)

    2) Disagree with him (I don’t and agree with most of what he says)

    For pointing an obvious fact, I’m ‘bitchy’ and ‘jealous’? And then one poster describes Savage as ‘smart’ and ‘bitchy’.

    You people are a trip.

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