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Watch: 'Ex-Gay' Proponent Dr. George Rekers Confronted About Suicide of 'Sissy Boy' He Treated


In part two of AC360's look at therapy pushed by Dr. George Rekers meant to "cure" boys of their effeminate ways, CNN's team confronts Rekers about the suicide of Kirk Murphy.


Part 1 of the AC360 special, if you missed it, is HERE.

As you may recall, the State of Florida spent hundreds of thousands of dollars hiring Dr. George Rekers as its star witness in the case against adoption by gays in Florida.

Florida's hiring of Rekers by Attorney General Bill McCollum made headlines after Rekers, who built his career out of this damaging "ex-gay" therapy, was discovered returning from vacation in Florida with a rent boy he had brought with him.

Anti-Gay Leader George Rekers Caught Returning Home from Vacation with 'Rent Boy' [tr]
Photo: 'Ex-Gay' Activist George Reker's Rent Boy 'Lucien' [tr]
Florida AG Bill McCollum Paid Rekers $87K to Be Star Witness for State's Gay Adoption Ban [tr]

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  1. This is the first time I've ever seen video of Rekers. Although I'm not suprised, I'm still shocked that he is one of the most easily-identifiable gay men I have ever seen in my entire life. And, of course, he's also effeminate.

    This man has obviously been a raging queen since the day he was born. When it was he became insane, we can't know. What his insanity has wrought, however, is all too easy to discern.

    How the hell has anyone -- from the misguided parents of gay children to the damn state of Florida -- looked at this man and not asked themselves exactly why a flaming homosexual was saying all these lies about gay men for money?

    Posted by: justme | Jun 9, 2011 2:06:06 PM

  2. "How the hell has anyone -- from the misguided parents of gay children to the damn state of Florida -- looked at this man and not asked themselves exactly why a flaming homosexual was saying all these lies about gay men for money?"

    I suspect they did look at him and figured he must know what he's talking about. Of course, they didn't know about the rent-boy(s?).

    Posted by: BobN | Jun 9, 2011 4:38:03 PM

  3. I really hate having to relate to this mess. To any of you out there, that like me have to deal with this emotional mess forever the only thing I can suggest is to really make the deepest attempt to fill your life with happiness and pursue your interests with all your being. Appreciate the good things you have in life now, learn to look inward to catch and eliminate all the negative traits this kind of upbringing can leave on you. You have only one life to live, so live it now. There is nothing you can do to erase what happened. The only thing you can control is what you do next. The worse is over and you know it. As much as we would love to go search for our parents and beat the daylighht out of them repeatedly that will never make up for anything they will ever do. The only real chance of happiness and payback (if it exists) is to build yourself the happy life that was taken from you.

    Posted by: Mario | Jun 9, 2011 5:09:35 PM

  4. Reker and all of these phonies who practice child abuse for profit should be behind bars. I cannot believe this is legal ... it is no different than Hitlers Nazis doing medical experiments on Jewish children's eyes trying to make their eyes blue - blinding them in the process. How in the world is this not a crime?

    Posted by: Jamesstone | Jun 9, 2011 10:31:05 PM

  5. NONE of the damages done to Kirk or to so many others would have been possible without the influence and direct hatred expressed by churches and religion against the LGBT community. We have allowed fantasies about sky-daddies and magical beings to inform bigotry, causing so much pain to so many. To fight back against such hateful religions and those who pretend to speak for their god-beings we must expose religion for the total fakery it is; for the manipulative evil it sells as "salvation." Eliminate religion and mankind will benefit.

    Posted by: Adrian Kimberly | Jun 10, 2011 6:50:19 AM

  6. LOL I have to laugh because you guys want people to accept you for who you are...and yet your biggest insult towards this man is that he must be gay but closeted.

    Maybe next time you comment about people using slurs or insulting others with the sole purpose of saying gay is negative and bad...look at how you insult others.

    Posted by: JonBenet | Jun 10, 2011 9:30:17 AM

  7. If it was a true science experiment, they would have closely followed "Kraig" and other participants well into adulthood, to monitor the long term effects.

    Posted by: Mike W | Jun 10, 2011 6:56:22 PM

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