1. Uffda says

    This fiery flaming doll leaves GaGa in the DoDo, along with all the rest. She’s the best…but she does wear the damndest most senselessly distracting outfits. Stil, I can’t get enough of this Star.

  2. AdamA says

    Got to agree, UFFDA–she knows how to turn out a pop/dance track, and she’s actually fun, a good singer, a good dancer, doesn’t take herself too seriously, etc. I could say the same about Kylie (except for the dancing!)–why aren’t they bigger in the States? Frustrating.

  3. says

    i can’t stop watching this video. love the warehouse: where they hell is that?! i live here in LA, where is that warehouse? love the choreography and the direction and the fact that it’s all in one take. how the hell did they get that shot so stable w/o a steadicam? did they stabilize that digitally? anybody know?

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