1. Rowan says

    That woman is one hell of a proffessional beard. Gave Eddie Murphy 6 kids which will financially set her up for life!

    I’d like to think she married for live now but please, only a gay man in the closet would marry a woman over 40 who has a baggage of 6 frigging kids!

  2. Vic says

    What does Ellner think these celebrity videos are accomplishing? The videos are fine if we were involved in a general public education campaign, perhaps as an early ad run in a ballot campaign. But in NY, all that matters is 32 senate votes. If we don’t get 32, then you could have all of sports and entertainment do a video and it won’t matter.

    More HRC crap. Ellner is from HRC.

  3. Rick says

    Kudos to Mike Strahan….and to all the Major League Baseball teams that have signed on to do “It Gets Better” spots. This not only helps tremendously in the cause for same-sex marriage, but it helps even more in eradicating the notion that male homosexuality and effeminacy/lack of masculinity are linked in some way….and if we can fundamentally alter the male culture to make sex and emotional expression acceptable between men in general, then the need for laws will fade away, in any case.

    THAT is the real prize in all this.

    And for those of you who have already posted comments and either a) don’t get that, or b) are so shallow as to comment on Strahan’s girlfriend and her looks and motives rather than on the gist of the story, well, you are pretty pathetic, IMO.

  4. Pierre says

    Dear Rick,

    I’m in complete agreement with what you posted. I’m also in agreement that maybe you should lighten up a little bit – and that you can suck my left tit.

  5. Phil says


    I think you’re reading too much into Rick’s comment when you say that he’s “fighting the effeminate gays”. I don’t interpret his comment that way. Rick has a valid point, if you stop to think about it. Right-wing idiots like Ann Coulter insist that all male-male attraction is linked to effeminacy. There’s really a broad spectrum of sexual expression, and this will become clear when military service members are free to be honest about themselves. American society will be better when this happens. Please consider this before you knock Rick’s comments.

  6. james Brown says

    I think the recent videos made by our “Straight (but not narrow) Allies are simply amazing! No Human Rights struggle, be it Race, Religion, Gender, has EVER been won without dedicated allies from the OTHER side! I thank you! You are ALL heroes!

  7. gregv says

    It’s easy to find reasons to stand up for one’s own rights, but people like Michael and Nicole who are willing to stand up for equality for OTHERS and for ALL people are the real heroes.
    I couldn’t help but notice that they also make a gorgeous couple.

  8. truthteller says

    When you stop to consider that a lot of the anti-gay sentiment comes from the patriarchal misogyny and that Michael Strahan and other athletes like him represent that patriarchy you will realize the impact that videos like this will actually have. They will help destroy that hurtful mentality and help us usher in a realistic view of gay people. A view that includes the full spectrum.

  9. jamal49 says

    Amazing how petty some of the queens who post here can be. Especially the one who is obsessed with not being identified as a “sissy”. Listen, RICK, I know some “sissies” who can kick your ass (and any other “butch” macho you have the hots for) clear into next week.

    As for this support video, and as a fan of Mr. Strahan in his post-Giants career, I say “Thank you, sir.”

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