Show This Man a Picture, He'll Point Out the Evil Man Parts


William Tapley, also known as The Third Eagle of the Apocalypse (not kidding), analyzes the art and architecture at the Denver International Airport for you.

No doubt he does this everywhere he goes, and imagines male genitalia in everything he sees.

In any case, this is quality entertainment.


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  1. Not by any means agreeing with this nutcase, but there are famously wacky things going on with the artwork in that particular airport.... The penis angle is one I hadn't heard yet, though.

    Posted by: Kakapo | Jun 1, 2011 8:26:44 AM

  2. Then he must go crazy at the site

    Posted by: Heurteb | Jun 1, 2011 8:33:40 AM

  3. FREAK!

    Posted by: Bobby | Jun 1, 2011 8:37:04 AM

  4. This man is a loon just like Pat Robertson and Harold Camping. He should just cut his own penis off since Satan created all penises.

    Posted by: Skooter McGoo | Jun 1, 2011 8:48:23 AM

  5. Is this guy for real? I suppose he has to be 'cause you sure couldn't make this up. At least now I know why I used to enjoy working there so much. I was surrounded by pee-pee parts! Whee!

    Posted by: RON DENVER | Jun 1, 2011 8:53:40 AM

  6. And he has nothing better to do than look for cock at airports...

    Posted by: tc in nyc | Jun 1, 2011 8:59:08 AM

  7. Indeed - let's take a closer look. No, closer. Closer.

    Posted by: JH | Jun 1, 2011 9:00:54 AM

  8. I lost my bags in the testicular area.

    Posted by: Eddie | Jun 1, 2011 9:06:36 AM

  9. He has a point. There are phallic symbols everywhere. Watching this video, for instance, I saw one big dick.

    Posted by: jomicur | Jun 1, 2011 9:07:16 AM

  10. Symbols hold no inherent meaning on their own, they only mean what the viewer believes them to mean. i guess we know what's on his mind.

    Posted by: nickbilz | Jun 1, 2011 9:18:42 AM

  11. Hmmm kinda reminds me of watching a Bob Ross segment.

    Posted by: Nick | Jun 1, 2011 9:24:08 AM

  12. What could be more phallic that the church spire on many christian houses of worship? Apparently, churches are also satanic.

    Posted by: alex Parrish | Jun 1, 2011 9:33:32 AM

  13. I always thought the Vagina was More evil.....ewwww

    Posted by: Disgusted Gay American | Jun 1, 2011 9:45:01 AM

  14. WOW! This guy is really obsessed with phalluses. He sees them in everything he looks at. Where most people see a picture resembling what the artist intended, he sees cock! I wouldn't mind having this affliction. Of course in my mind, seeing a phallus symbol in everything I looked at would be a GOOD Thing!!

    Posted by: mytwocents | Jun 1, 2011 9:55:55 AM

  15. Jeezus what a pervert. If he sees dick everywhere he looks then he apparently isn't getting as much of it as he wants.

    Posted by: Danny | Jun 1, 2011 10:07:03 AM

  16. Anything that's longer than it's wide, Billy boy!

    BTW, the cross is two phallic symbols intersecting (gasp!).

    Posted by: Jack M | Jun 1, 2011 10:16:43 AM

  17. LOL. What could be more phallic than the cross he refers to at the end.

    But he certainly missed a HUGE comic opportunity with the name of the extinct bird - GREAT AUK! C'mon, even a fifth grader could have made that into something rude...

    Posted by: Chadd | Jun 1, 2011 10:19:44 AM

  18. Nah. This guys a piker. Sorcha Faal's report "Attack on Japan, US Linked to 'Alien Whale Race' Nearing Earth" is more interesting and evil man part friendly.

    Posted by: buckets | Jun 1, 2011 10:29:57 AM

  19. Well, I found this to be very helpful information. Next time I travel through Denver International, I shall be even more watchful for penises. I wonder if there are penises in other airports, too? A thorough investigation of all major airports is clearly warranted. I say we each go to our local airport, look for penises, and report back here in a week!

    Posted by: James | Jun 1, 2011 10:30:36 AM

  20. Ask him when the next rapture is due around. I wanna make sure of have my bags packed. Oh, what. I forgot. I'm excluded from that.

    Posted by: William | Jun 1, 2011 10:35:16 AM

  21. I have the opposite problem. I keep looking for cock everywhere and can't seem to find enough of it.

    Posted by: johnny | Jun 1, 2011 11:18:44 AM

  22. I don't remember learning any of this in Art History. I do remember that the stained glass windows in gothic cathedrals are metaphors for the BVM: the window is penetrated but not broken, just like the sacred hymen.

    This guy could find phallus-tica in the work of Judy Chicago!

    Posted by: eroica | Jun 1, 2011 11:46:00 AM

  23. Sounds like a personal problem he should get counseling for before he molests a kid.

    Posted by: jakeinlove | Jun 1, 2011 12:19:10 PM

  24. This is just one of Bill's hobbies since retirement. After making this video, he went to his tap class at the Larry Craig "Dance School." After class, they all went out for tea and he ended-up showing his classmates his Third "Eagle" eye.

    Posted by: Timzilla | Jun 1, 2011 12:28:23 PM

  25. There is so much I want to say about this... I don't even know where to begin!

    Posted by: Jim | Jun 1, 2011 12:40:59 PM

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