Three NY Democratic Senators to Reverse, Back Marriage Equality

In an update to its story published this morning, the NYT announces three Democrats who voted against marriage equality last time it was up have agreed to vote for it:

Addabbo The three senators — Joseph P. Addabbo Jr. (pictured) and Shirley L. Huntley of Queens and Carl Kruger of Brooklyn — all voted against the measure in 2009, when it failed by a wide margin. Their switch to the yes column leaves all but one Senate Democrat supporting same-sex marriage — and the fate of the legislation in the hands of the Republican majority in the chamber.

Three Republican senators will now have to vote for same-sex marriage if the measure is to pass in the 62-member chamber. The lone Democrat now opposing the measure, Rubén Díaz Sr., is the Senate’s most vocal opponent of same-sex marriage and is not considered swayable under any circumstances.

It's looking more and more like a vote may be happening this week. Contact your NY Senator using my Friend-setter page at Friendfactor. Or use the contact information here. Your Senator needs to hear from you.


  1. Scott says

    “Sources say” up to 7 Republicans might vote yes. Problem 1 is that the Senate majority leader might not even allow a vote (even though he said he would). Problem 2 is that anyone can change their mind despite what “sources say.” Cautious optimism is appropriate… So constituents need to call their state senators!

  2. rafi says

    “Mr. Addabbo said that just two years ago, 73 percent of the constituents who contacted his office opposed same-sex marriage. But this year, he said, he had heard from 6,015 people in his district, of whom 4,839 wanted him to vote for same-sex marriage.”


  3. says

    This sounds not like a change of heart, but more like electioneering. Are they up for re-election? Did their poll numbers fall after the last vote for marriage? Although welcome, these politico’s still are not a gay friendly, since they did initially deny civil rights to the gay community. Their vote is to garner votes from the gay community, who seem to always forgive and forget.

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