Towleroad Guide to the Tube #913

DIAMOND CROWNED QUEEN: RuPaul Drag Race winner Raja's new music video.

MARRIAGE NEWS WATCH: Matt Baume with the latest this week.

NATHAN KOTYLAK: Vancouver riot participant, an Olympic hopeful who is on the national men's water polo team, apologizes for taking part in the recent hockey riots.

JULIAN ASSANGE: A video diary of the Wikileaks founder's house arrest.

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  1. ohplease says

    Some 17 year-olds stay out past curfew or drink beer, but Nathan Kotylak blows up a police car? And while being photographed? Effectively throwing away all the benefits and privileges he enjoys, probably forever?

    His poor parents. I can’t even imagine. There’s making a mistake because you’re 17 years old and then there’s this.

    No sympathy for him whatsoever, but oh do I feel sorry for his mother and father.

  2. NorthoftheBorder says

    seems to me like people are giving more attention to stupid 17yo’s and their foolishly lame mistakes than others who actually do things like kill and rape. Apology accepted. Become a good role-model and move on with the rest of your life.

  3. Marc says

    Well I live in Vancouver and his apology is NOT accepted!

    It’s a start, but a long ways to go Nathan.

    You and your parents, seen as how you’re a minor, will hopefully be made to pay your equal share of the damages done, which is immeasurable by the way…

    Your parents are going to have to sell their home to fix your mistake.

    You will NOT represent Canada at any future Olympics either.
    You have now until you die to think about what you did.


  4. ratbastard says

    I have been drunk. I have been high on drugs. I have been in ‘mob’ situations. I have been a ‘youth':


    I never tried to torch a police cruiser. I never rioted. I never vandalized [in a major way, like looting stores, etc.] property. I never assaulted anyone just for the hell of it. I never robbed anyone.


    Nathan was VERY lucky [still is] to come from the background he comes from, and very lucky to be born, raised and live in a nice 1st world country like Canada, as an upper middle class ‘youth’. An aside from his background, he’s good looking, athletic, probably academically talented. What he did will fade from memory [but not the internet, especially when prospective employers do background checks.] What he did was incredibly dumb and whatever. His crying is obviously legit and real. But he’s probably crying because he got caught and his comfortable world has fallen apart. I doubt it’s the first time Nathan has done something ‘bad’.

  5. AJ says

    I’m all about second chances. While I don’t understand burning your city down and blowing up police cars cause some millionaires lost a game, I definitely did my share of stupid things in my 20s. I also think he’s mostly sorry he got caught. But whatever, I’m sure his family can afford a really great attorney for him.

  6. John says

    It’s sad to me that so many people live their lives with such rigidness and anger that they’re condemning a dumb 17 year old kid to think about his mistake until he “dies.” He absolutely needs to suffer the consequences of his actions and I sincerely hope he changes his behavior and learns from this – but I would never want to live in a world that some people seem to exist in: one where there is no forgiveness, no second chances, no discussion of rehabilitation and a belief that people are not capable of maturing and should be held to everything they have said and done for the rest of their lives.

  7. nic says

    nathan is a boy. a little boy. what he did was destructive and foolish. (tack on as many adjectives until you are happy.) but, he did not kill nor harm anyone. the frontal lobe of a male brain is not fully developed until 25 or so. the frontal lobes eventually gives us the ability to understand the relation between actions and consequences.

    he gets it now. let the boy become a man who will lead a good life. i have no idea whatever about canadian jurisprudence, but this kid should be let off easy.

  8. Peter says

    What Nathan Kotylak did was destructive, foolish, and incredibly harmful. He could’ve seriously harmed someone. If it wasn’t obvious to a 17 year old, or anyone else, that his actions lead to many consequence, please read the following article by an E.R. nurse on duty that night.

    And yes, everyone makes mistakes. And those who are more destructive, more foolish than average make bigger mistakes and therefore have to bear bigger consequences.

    If it means losing his scholarship, his chance at the Olympics to learn that torching police cars is bad, then so be it.

  9. Chris says

    Nathan Kotylak has been suspended, no indication that is indefinate. UC has not commented on his scholarship. I know Canadian jurisprudence, a guilty plea, some community service, no permanent criminal record, although the ghost of this will live on the internet for a long time. His wealthy family turned him in and made sure his name was made public which makes it clear these were not the values with which he was raised. Pay the price Nathan and then go on to lead a better life.

  10. B-rod says

    His tears are for himself and for the embarrassment he caused his family. Others here might want to excuse a 17 year old for his actions, but I don’t about the rest of you but I knew at 17 that torching a police car was illegal and an incredibly stupid thing to do. I don’t buy any argument that he got caught up in the frenzy and lost his mind or whatever. What he did was purposeful.

    As we all know, things one does in life have consequences. We may not learn that until we’re 40 or we may learn than when we’re 17, but no one should get a pass because they were “young and stupid.” He trashed his reputation at a young age and now will have to deal with it. The same thing occurs when someone his age drinks and drives or whatever. Just because he’s an athlete doesn’t give him any special rights. Time to pay the piper.

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