Towleroad Guide to the Tube #916

COFFEE: The greatest addiction ever.

GRIFF THE INVISIBLE: Trailer for Ryan Kwanten's new superhero flick.

UNDIVIDED: Music video by Blush created entirely on the iPad's 'Brushes' app.

ROCHESTER, NY: Police arrest woman in her front yard for filming them.

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  1. gb says

    The police officer “dosn’t feel safe with you standing behind me while I make a stop”, sounds like the kind of officer that will shoot first and ask questions later if confronted in a rapid, tense situation. Sounds to me someone needs to change careers.

  2. alexInBoston says

    WOW! Does the City of Rochester NY and the PD of Rochester NY owe this woman an Apology!! Was there ever an follow up done about this story???? Does anyone have any links or factual knowledge how this case proceeded???

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