Tracy Morgan Called on to Apologize for Anti-Gay Stand-Up Routine, Threatening to Kill Own Son if He Was Gay


Yesterday in my news round-up I mentioned that comic and 30 Rock actor Tracy Morgan had unleashed a homophobic rant at a stand-up comedy routine.

Morgan Truth Wins Out, which reported on the story on Wednesday evening, has called on Morgan to apologize for the disgusting anti-gay diatribe:

Eyewitness Kevin Rogers, who attended with his partner and a friend, gives a firsthand account which describes how Morgan’s entire demeanor changed as he allegedly claimed that being gay is a choice, that homosexuality is something that kids learn from the media, and that gay youth victims of bullying are simply “whining.”

Furthermore, he allegedly said that if his son was gay and “whined” about being a bullying victim, he would kill him, using words that will not be repeated here.  Morgan is also said to have called upon President Obama to “man up” and stop speaking out for LGBT kids.  According to the report, these were only some of the most egregious parts of this anti-gay tirade. 

Read the full account of the show, which is quite graphic, here.

Morgan's publicist has issued a response to the controversy: "There is no comment, thank you for your inquiry."

Towleroad has reported on Morgan's show once before, in 2009, when the NYDN reported that Morgan's trash talk about gays had inspired a steady exodus of people from his show at Carnegie Hall.


TMZ said they heard from another person at the show: "TMZ spoke with someone in attendance at the Ryman Auditorium … who tells us Morgan's entire act was filled with offensive gay jokes … explaining, 'It was the worst thing I've ever heard … so not funny.'"

The Washington Post adds:

The Ryman Auditorium responded in a statement, saying the theater “regrets that people were offended by statements” Morgan made, adding that it “does not control the content presented by people appearing on its stage, nor does it endorse any of the views of, or statements made by, such persons.”

And GLAAD has issued a statement:

"Tracy Morgan's management needs to investigate these allegations and should they prove true, we call on him to remove these violently anti-gay remarks from his show and send a strong message that anti-gay violence is not something to joke about," said GLAAD President Jarrett Barrios. GLAAD is working to confirm the story with Morgan’s management and hopes to have more details today.

The alleged remarks included that if his son were gay he “better talk to me like a man and not in a gay voice or I'll pull out a knife and stab that little n**ger to death."  He also allegedly aid that "Gays need to quit being p**sies and not be whining about something as insignificant as bullying." He allegedly added, "Gay is something that kids learn from the media and programming."


  1. adam says

    I wonder if he was being satirical. In any case, it’s boring after a while. I could just as easily unleash a diatribe about black people eating watermelons and it would bore people stupid within seconds.

  2. t says

    Thanks for not repeating his words.

    There was a very strong response when an anti-gay slur was used against the openly gay actor on a hospital drama a few years ago – the same should happen now with this homophobe.

  3. Brian says

    Adam – there’s quite a difference between making comments about eating watermelon and saying you would stab your son if he was gay. Morgan is a public figure with fans who are stupid enough to agree with him and actually stab their children. Hardly boring, but rather quite frightening.

  4. dancobbb says

    This is how primitive people deal with problems in their lives. They stick a knife in it. And stab it and stab it. How many millions of years do you think Africa would have required to find a cure for bacterial infections? To invent a car? To
    invent the computer? A light bulb? A paperclip? Paper? Let’s face it, nothing of any significance was ever developed in Africa. So as to Tracey Morgan, I would say: CONSIDER THE SOURCE.

  5. Tim NC says

    remember a few years back when Michael Richards, of Seinfeld fame, went on a tirade against blacks in his stand-up routine? The consequences for him were swift and harsh. He hasn’t been heard of again in the entertainment industry that I’m aware of.

    Let’s see if this similar incident is treated in the same manner. Let’s see if it does truly “Get Better” in the court of public opinion.

    We won’t be truly equal until anti-gay bigotry is considered just as socially unacceptable as racial bigotry.

  6. Sarina says

    It is disappointing to me that Tina Fey, who appears to be gay-friendly, would hire someone like Tracy Morgan. I’ll never understand why some men like to say homosexuality is a choice. Does this mean Tracy Morgan chose to be straight? I’ll know I’ll never watch “30 Rock” again.

  7. Bryan says

    I’ve never understood the point of demanding that someone apologize for what are obviously not errors or misstatements. Tracy Morgan hates LGBTQ people and wants gay children dead. He’s a reprehensible bigot and statistically likely to be a tortured, closeted hypocrite. What could an apology from such a person possibly mean to anyone?

    Demanding that someone bow to social or economic pressure and lie about his or her views strikes me as craven the act of hypocritical fascists who’re more concerned with appearances than actuality. I don’t allow anyone to control what I choose to say and I don’t regard myself as having any right to demand that anyone else say anything at all. The very idea is anathema to me.

    The man hates us. Deal with it. Picket his performances, demand that sponsors drop him, parody him, boycott him, demonstrate the falsity of his statements in ways that make it clear he’s a sociopath, hold a candlelight vigil for gay teen suicides outside his next venue, sic Judy Sheparad on him, insist that his audience take a position on this issue, bring up the issue of the vile hypocrisy of African Americans who oppress other minorities… Blow the bastard out of the water and watch him flop and gasp like a beached fish while his career tanks and he crawls back into whatever moral, ethical, and spiritual sewer gave birth to him in the first place.

    Or simply ignore him. The possibilities are endless.

    But demand an apology? What a mealy-mouthed load of whimpering crap. And so very Fox News.

  8. Mike C says

    There needs to be video of this. Surely someone recorded it on their phone? If there’s video, it will go viral and Morgan might be kicked off. But if it’s just reading people’s first hand accounts, I don’t think anything will happen.

  9. Fahd says

    Tracy Morgan should apologize and make amends, big time. A large donation of time and money to the gay cause is in order. I recommend a cause that helps gay youth who have been rejected by their families.

    Also, grammatically, isn’t it correct to write, “If his son were gay…”, or is no one using the subjunctive anymore?

  10. Joetx says

    I have always thought Tracy Morgan was an idiot, based on the way he talked & carried himself.

    This new info hasn’t changed my opinion of him, other than to add that in addition to being an idiot, he’s a bigot.

  11. Francis says

    No, he wasn’t being satirical, this is a now repeated theme from Mr. Morgan. He’s anti-gay, he’s said several times being gay is a choice, and he’s basically let it be known he hates us. An individual like him should not be supported by a company like NBC and by Tina Fey. Alec Baldwin has supported us strongly for a long time. There are people in this situation who need to step up and say something here and now about this and not sweep this under the rug. Now that this has gone viral and gay organizations have gotten the 411 on this bigot, there needs to be pressure placed on Tina Fey and NBC to do the right thing. Tracy should be fired from 30 Rock and if he isn’t there should be a boycott of the show.

  12. Dastius Krazitauc says

    “It is disappointing to me that Tina Fey, who appears to be gay-friendly, would hire someone like Tracy Morgan.”

    I’ve been suspicious of Tina Fey’s “gay-friendly” credentials ever since she wrote “Gays in Space” on SNL. There were no real jokes written, the humor was supposed to come from the effeminate gay stereotypes of everyone involved. That they were gay was the joke, because “gay” is so funny, ya know.

  13. Derrick from Philly says

    Gay Hating Black Bigots and White Supremacist Homosexuals…both are bad.

    Oh, and DANCOBB, what did your great great great grandmother invent while she resided in that London brothel–before they sent her to help populate the White presence in New World? Venereal Warts?

  14. t says

    Maybe his issues are related to growing up tracey.

    Haven’t heard of Isaiah Washington – from Grey’s Anatomy – again, either.

    If we don’t consider homophobic comments as serious as racist comments, why should anyone else?

  15. says

    I don’t really know anything about Morgan outside of 30 Rock but this kind of shocks me because the show seems so gay-positive and I guess I’m naive in believing that anyone associated with the show would be the same.

  16. says

    I’d ask Bryan to marry me, except we have the same name and that would be weird.

    I don’t want an apology from Tracy Morgan. I just want him to never work again and fade into obscurity.

  17. dancobbb says

    DERRICK: What part of my post is untrue? Lacking in fact? Racist? I have never been a racist, and never will be. But I have eyes in my head and read some history. If that’s what it takes to be a racist, then so be it.

  18. neverstops says

    the insincere apologies these asshats always issue is almost as offensive as the original comments – like anyone in their rational mind really believe he is “sowwy”

    if you’re going to be a bigot, at least have the balls to own up to it

  19. says

    I agree with Bryan. Demanding an apology and then receiving an insincere one only because he was pressured to give it by publicists etc. looking after their own career interests is false and hollow. The whole, “If I offended anyone I’m truly sorry blah blah blah” shtick is designed to get homophobes off the hook.

    There’s no reason to believe he didn’t mean what he said. In which case, he should be proud to own it. You can’t really apologize for saying what you believe, even if what you believe is completely ignorant. And his 30 Rock co-stars and other people who support his career–including 30 Rock viewers and audiences to his shows–should be more aware of his true colors and choose not to buy into his bigotry if they/we are unwilling to stomach it.

  20. Rick says

    Well, the new President of NBC is an openly gay man, so we will see if he has any balls fairly quickly. So often, gay people placed in such positions of power are overly cautious, for fear that using their position to take an action against an overt homophobe will cause them to lose credibility as an individual who can be even-handed towards all groups, but this is not the first time that this thug has gone on such a tirade, so I see no excuse for NBC not to fire him at this point……

  21. Aloo says

    I don’t give a crap about all you entitled white gays and your hysteria over this. A. it is comedy and comedy has license to push the envelope. Sarah Silverman pisses in the street. Yet, we don’t call her a filthy degenerate like we would a homeless person who did the same thing, we laugh at her and give her air time on Logo. Is he a homophobe who knows who cares.

    The only people that I care about, the true victims in this, which no one here has mentioned, is Young BLACK gays… Yes we come in Black, and asian, and jew, and everything else. The homophobia in the African American community is a huge problem but not for white people. It effects gay blacks the most, hated by their own. If anything comes of this it should be WHITE gays looking out FOR OUR OWN, the BLACK gays in the black community. White people are so quick to become VICTIMS while ignoring those who actually suffer from this type of rhetoric. Grow up people. Stop race baiting. Stop judging Black people as if they are all the same and start caring about people who suffer JUST like you did.

  22. Dastius Krazitauc says

    What a nasty post, Aloo. You need to take your own advice about judging people as if they were all the same.

    And the day Sarah Silverman or anyone else, regardless of race, starts joking about knifing her gay son to death, you’ll see the same “hysteria”.

  23. Rick says

    @Aldo I am still waiting for the very first example, from you or Derrick or any other gay black man who EVER puts his gayness before his blackness, even one single time in his entire life. Every single time someone who is black gets criticized for overt homophobia, it seems that every single one of you jumps to HIS or HER defense, instead of joining in the criticism. And I am sorry, but the white gays criticizing these black homophobes criticize white homophobes just as severely.

    So the double standard is entirely yours…and as for your attempt at making a point about homophobia among blacks not effecting white gays, that is totally ridiculouos. Black ministers routinely rail against same-sex marriage and were so instrumental in intimidating legislators in Maryland recently that they successfully killed a bill that would have granted marriage rights to ALL gay people, regardless of race.

    If you want to separate yourselves from the rest of the gay community, go ahead…but if you want to be part of it, then you have to decide that you are not always black first and gay second….and shed the racist notion that being black gives one permanent immunity from any kind of criticism, no matter how legitimate, from anyone who is not black…..

    Otherwise, there is no reason why we should give a crap about your plight, including the HIV crisis you continue to grapple with….

  24. Jack says

    Apology? Bryan is right about that – it would mean nothing. Withdraw his source of income and he’ll REALLY understand that words have consequences. He’s dead to me.

  25. Guy from DC says

    30 Rock jumped shark seasons ago. Last season, it just started piling up on our TiVo, and we never got around to watching it. It could disappear, and I doubt it would be missed.

    And Tracy Morgan has NEVER been funny…

    I don’t really want his apology. I actually like knowing who is and isn’t a homo hater, so I can avoid them.

    I think GLADD should spend less time demanding meaningless apologies and more time letting advertisers know that they are supporting such bigotry. That’s the fastest way to get such stuff off the air. No ads, no TV show.

  26. Gregoire says

    I wonder what Morgan’s co-star Jane Krakowski — a real friend of the gays, a frequent guest on Fire Island and a REAL comedian — thanks about all this.

  27. says

    Uuuuuuuuuuuuuh. This is satire, probably. It’s not the most clever, but it’s seems obvious. Now THIS is what we would call “failed Satire”, which could very well be his point; in one rant, he was able to say more than a handful of things, any one of which would have warranted a public apology; this is so true-to-life of his 30 rock character as well, because he always HAS to do whatever seems taboo; in the show he couldn’t stop holding dog-fights, because of this compulsion.
    I dunno people, I’ve studied literature, and satire for that matter, for long enough to know that this was coming from a script near Juvenal. Provocative (obviously), harsh (check), and offensive (duh-uh).
    It sounds like the satirical target was probably Nashville (or Nashvillians), where he was performing a the time. He probably made a lot of audience members face themselves in that moment. Or I’m totally wrong and giving him too much credit, who knows? certainly not me or you!

  28. Codswallop says

    I’ve never understood why ANYBODY likes this guy in the first place. He comes across as an absolute idiot, a caricature of an ignorant “urban” black man that’s hardly any better than Stepin Fetchit shuffling across the screen 70 years ago.

  29. kranbree says

    When ever I see an article about a black celebrity spouting homophobic rants in public, I always look to seeing how long it will take for the comments to degenerate into disgusting racist rants.

    I, unfortunately, never have to wait long.

    People, there are homophobic pricks across the colour board(bryan fisher, maggie gallagher, chuck norris, john mccain).

    Why is it that when it is a black person suddenly we talk of Africa and how primitive these people are? Does it really help the cause?

    Someone please help understand,because as a gay black man, it hurts! It hurts that I am being attacked on both fronts (race and sexual orientation)

    I should feel welcome in this community…but I guess it does NOT get better for me.

  30. Rick says

    @Eddie Mumford Why Nashville? The Metro Nashville council recently passed an ordinance banning employment discrimination against gays, only to have the Tennessee Legislature pass a bill to try and nullify it, which I guess will be tested in court.

    Anyway, the point is that Nashville is not some overgrown hillbilly town, the way a lot of people from the coasts think it is, despite its country music associations. It is a reasonably progressive city, at least vis-a-vis others in the Heartland, just so you know (and no, I don’t live in Nashville and am not from there, either, so I have no real bias about the matter).

    And if your theory were correct, then that would just make Morgan an ignoramus rather than a homophobe, neither of which is particularly appealing….

  31. says

    I suppose it’s too much to hope for to see him removed from “30 Rock.” I have greatly enjoyed that show from the beginning, but have never enjoyed the ‘humor’ of Tracy Morgan; I just haven’t “gotten” his appeal, at all. I find his stupidity and self-absorption unfunny and boring (while Jane Krakowski’s dimly self-absorbed chick is a riot, imho). This seems a great opportunity to clean up that cast and give the screen time to some of the others…

  32. Rick says

    @Kranbree There was ONE racist comment in the entire thread, man, but that is all you focused on. Read my post above to Aloo and maybe you will get some insight–you cannot, as gay black people, expect to get sympathy when it comes to racism in the gay community if you, yourselves, are ALWAYS putting blackness before gayness.

    Beyond that, and I am just being frank here because that is what I assume you want, a frank discussion–I do think that there is a particular repulsion that many feel when people of color engage in homophobia because the assumption is that, having been an oppressed minority for so long, themselves, they are acutely aware of injustice and would be sensitive to the plight of other minorities…….because if they are not, it suggests that the demand by African-Americans for civil rights was not based on high principle, but merely on self-interest…..which would not give it much legitimacy, would it?


    The problem is that some of you are so obsessed with race that you, perhaps without even realizing it, almost reflexively jump to the defense of any black person being criticized by white people, even when it comes to overt homophobia and even when race has nothing to do with the criticism, as is the case with virtually everybody posting in this thread except the one individual.

    Now, all that said, it IS true that the most homophobic countries on the planet, by far, are in sub-Saharan Africa and the Carribean (Jamaica would probably take the prize)….I mean, can you seriously imagine a country in Europe or Asia or Latin America considering seriously adopting the death penalty for homosexuality the way Uganda recently did?… to say that there is no cultural link there is just to bury one’s head in the sand……

  33. AggieCowboy says

    @DanCobb: Are you serious?!?!? Seems to me that one of the Great Civilizations of modern man existed in Africa (Egypt, in case you’re not up on your geography)…not to mention the proto-humans whose ingenuity and inventiveness allowed them to survive and give birth to one of the most successful(?) species on the planet. Ultimately, it was (and still is) climate change that had the largest impact on human (and proto-human) civilization and progress.

  34. Ron says

    I wish we as gay people could unite against prejudice and homophobia without race-baiting. I feel for @KRANBREE; I, too am a proud, gay/black (or black/gay) man! Morgan’s hate-filled tirade is dangerous and should be universally condemned! NBC, Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin should also speak out against him and, he should be fired from 30 Rock! But, let’s take race out of this. There are homophobic hatemongers of ALL RACES! The comments by @ALOO & @DANNCOBB are hurtful and do nothing but further divide the gay community when we should be uniting against homophobia, no matter the source!

  35. kranbree says

    Europe: Homosexuals were sent to concentration camps.
    Africa: South Africa became the first jurisdiction in the world to provide constitutional protection to LGBT people.

    you make a valid point though.

  36. Hollywood, CA says

    I CAN REPORT – The first time I ran into Tracey was at SKY BAR in Los Angeles, before his break-out success, and he was with his male “friend.” he had on tight white denim pants, no shirt, and a glitter covered skull that he was playfully chewing on while him and his male “friend” giggled and kiki’d in the corner. Not looking at girls. And I was like, ” I didn’t know he was gay…” Cut to-

  37. maxx40 says

    i concur with posters above. I don’t want an apology. Apologies maybe have some different function in the PR world, but in the real world they are for hurt feelings. Words like his go beyond hurt feelings–stigma, discrimination, suicide, violence, and so on.

  38. Houndentenor says

    Dear Tina Fey,

    I have watched 30 Rock from the beginning. It’s an uneven show but I think you are funny and often the show is as well. but I can’t watch Tracy Morgan after this last tirade. It’s not a political thing. It’s that I can’t see him without the visual image of him stabbing his gay son to death. I’m not asking for you to do anything or asking others to stop watching the show. But if ratings dip perhaps it’s because there are people like me who just can’t stand to watch someone who wishes violence on them.


  39. Bob Smith says

    Robert Greenblatt, the new chairman of NBC Entertainment is an openly gay man. I’m certain he is getting an earful from his gay friends and colleagues. Let’s see how long it takes them to make a statement.

  40. Aloo says

    Hey entitled white gays! GUESS WHAT I am WHITE! So it would be really hard to but my “blackness” before my “gayness.” I am human first and only. Try expanding your minds and get over privilege and maybe you won’t be racist. LIFE IS NOT HARD FOR YOU! if it actually was you would be whining more every minute of the day.

  41. Frank says

    Tracy Morgan is the weakest link on 30 Rock. He really has nothing to do with the overall arc of most episodes, so cut him loose. Let him take his rant on the road and see how that goes for him.

  42. Jeff Kurtti says

    Dear Ryman Auditorium. Thanks for what has become the standard non-apology. You send “regrets that people were offended by statements,” but have no supporting institutional regrets about the content of the statements themselves. Just, “sorry your feelings were hurt.”

  43. says

    “Now, there’s nothing wrong with being gay. Some of my best friends are going to hell.” — Stephen Colbert… I’d say going to hell is worse than getting stabed, but like i said, it’s satire; it’s like a joke with teeth; the problem is that the ratio between joke and teeth becomes disproportionate in the grotesque, which is where he went with his grotesque scenario, where he talks of killing his own son; this is classic black humor, which could have been more appearent had he suggested cannibalising him straight afterwards; the logic is: it’s so aweful that that all you can do to stop from vomiting is laugh in his face. StephenColbert: “Remember, Jesus would rather constantly shame gays than let orphans have a family.”

  44. mcNnyc says

    Demanding an “apology” is pathetic and offensive.
    Receiving this “apology” is even more so.
    I do NOT know what is in his “heart” as he says in his statement. CAUSE all he talks is BULL.
    This is what he says..these are his words and beliefs for years…he and Mel Gibson can live with them…we can choose to support him or actively oppose him and his work.
    He is entitled to his words and his life.
    However bigoted and offensive and hateful.
    Those who choose to work with him, and hire him and pay him support his beliefs.

  45. mcNnyc says

    Part of the Satire:
    “He took time to visit the bullsh*t of this bullying stuff and informed us that the gays needed to quit being p*ssies and not be whining about something as insignificant as bullying.
    He mentioned that gay was something kids learn from the media and programming, and that bullied kids should just bust some *ss and beat those other little f**kers that bully them, not whine about it. He said if his son that was gay he better come home and talk to him like a man and not [he mimicked a gay, high pitched voice] or he would pull out a knife and stab that little N (one word I refuse to use) to death.”

  46. Robert says

    I’ve no doubt he has a lot of supporters in the republican party, the Bachmann’s and the Santorum’s, including some of the gay ones who don’t support equality. Where’s Andrew Breitbart and Matt Drudge? Oh I forgot, they’ll defend his right to hate speech inciting others to kill us. The republican way I suppose.

    Amazing that people of this mentality only apologize when those controlling their career and earnings react to pressure and bad publicity about their clients and lucrative profits. Its not as if it was a genuine, voluntary apology without necessitating any prompting by others. I’m not convinced it was sincere.

  47. says

    As I said in the first thread when this broke, I have to reserve judgment. I didn’t hear the act myself. “Kevin Rogers said he has a high tolerance for un-PC humor and Morgan went too far!” you scream. “It’s ALL there. What more do you need?” “Gay kids are killing themselves because of the the sh!t Morgan is perpetuating!” “The words are all there in the essay!” And, my favorite, “I always knew Tina Fey wasn’t really a friend of the gays because of the Gays in Space sketch.” Really? LOL. Yeah, Tina Fey, SECRET MAJOR HOMOPHOBE.

    You know what words come to mind for me? Context, satire and nuance. And, also, the phrase, “failed attempt at.”

    I try to not be reactionary when I remember. I’m also very careful when it comes to choosing to play the victim card.

    Eddie Mumford (and a couple of the self-identified gay black men to a lesser extent) is the only person on this thread who has made any sense here.

    However, what I find may have been of benefit in this whole thing is that, Kevin Rogers wrote an essay calling Morgan out on a bit that didn’t work, was offensive and, from the sounds of it, did indeed reinforce homophobic, negative stereotypes in the minds of some of the hateful dolts in the audience. Within a week’s time, he has brought it to national attention. And within the last 24 hours, his seven-day-old essay has finally gone viral and Morgan has addressed his behavior and apologized.

    For some of you, he’ll always be dead to you and “not funny” (interesting how so many on here didn’t even find him humorous even once in his career), even if he donates all his money to gay causes and nails himself up on a rainbow cross. I doubt that you were a regular viewers of 30 Rock, anyway.

    For me, I will keep on watching, because it’s one of the best shows on television.

    And, one more thing …

    I’m Brian Fellows.

  48. jamal49 says

    Dear DANCOBBB: “Let’s face it, nothing of any significance was ever developed in Africa.”

    Oh really, Dan? How about the Human Race, Dan? I’d say that was something of significance that was developed in Africa (among many things of significance)!

    I’ll get tossed for this, but Dan, you are a major, first-class, flaming @sshole.

    I nominate you to be president of the Tracy Morgan Fan Club. Obviously, you and he both strayed off the evolutionary path at about the same time.

  49. Mr. West says

    This could very well be the beginning of the end for 30 Rock if Tina and Alec don’t “Man Up” and do the right thing here. No apologies. No Forgiveness. Morgan written off the show. He’s the worst thing about the show anyway. Talk about a WHINER!! I usually fast forward through all of his segments anyway. I will never again watch 30 Rock as long as he is on it. He has become the idiot he portrays on the show. Time to cut him loose.

  50. Reg253 says

    I’m surprised but then again…Tracy always sounded very VERY gay to me. So much so that I guess instead of coming out, he’s turned inward and his homophobia evidences this.

  51. gwyneth cornrow says

    Wow. I can’t believe no one but DerrickfromPhilly called DanCobb on his specious views. I don’t know which is more outrageous, DanCobb’s right-wing, racist and ahistorical drivel or the apathy other posters show towards this kind of white supremacist drivel.

  52. gregv says

    @Gwyneth: You’re getting upset over something posted behind a screen name. Since this is the internet, he could be anybody. The writer behind that screen name could be Maggie Gallagher or even Tracy Morgan for all we know.
    Whenever you see a comment on the internet posted by someone you can’t really identify, it could be a 12-year old straight boy who eats paste and picks his nose in class and thinks it’s funny to come on a gay blog and derail a topic by pretending to be a silly gay man and making someone mad and sending everyone on a new tangent.

    I’m a gay guy in an interracial relationship and we HAVE encountered racism but never, ever, in “real life” have we ever encountered one iota of racism from anyone within the gay community. Yes, I know things like that exist to some extent everywhere, and there are some ignorant people in every community.

    But I think the gay community has always been way ahead of the curve on supporting equal rights and dignity for everyone.

    I get angry when someone with an identifiable name and face (like one of my co-workers or Tracy Morgan) says something racist, sexist or homophobic.

    But I can’t get too bent out of shape every time an anonymous commenter on the internet says something nonsensical. Sometimes “choosing your battles” can mean not feeding the troll.

  53. gregv says

    An interesting comment just came from NBC chairman Bob Greenblat:

    “Unfortunately, Tracy’s comments reflect negatively on both 30 Rock and NBC — two very all-inclusive and diverse organizations — and we have made it clear to him that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated.”

  54. Steve says

    Boycott sponsors of 30 Rock. Make it known why you are boycotting them. Send NBC an email asking for his removal. Let them know that Morgan is the reason you are boycotting their sponsors.

  55. Steve says

    Hopefully in the first sentence of my last post I proved a point. Most of us would be offended by that kind of language towards blacks. Point made. So it is when we gays are singled out.

  56. lesbianNloveIt says

    he doesnt even deserve the respect to be called (MR) that is a form of respect. ive had managers that i respected and called them MR, MRS, and MS..and by last name. and for those i have no respect for they were simple what ever they first name was…!!!!!! tracy is one of those i do not respect… and respect is earned not giving>>>> lol he probably had his lil experiments wit the gay side willin or not wit a name like that ya’ll know he got teased… i just believe a homopnob is a homophob for a deeper reason i’ve proved it like i said i know alot of men who are homophobic and i also know thier reasons of being so..thier child hood n young youth hood….. proven fact… that goes for homophobis women too… i look deeper into things.. i talk to ppl who i know dont like lesbians or gay men for that matter…. what i want him (tracie) to answer is this>>> how does a small child choose to be gay/lesbian if they dont even know that they are just the fact they like the same sex as they are???? smart guy answer that??? i was that small child nothing happened to me. this is just who i am not what i am. and im 26 years old i rememeber when i was 7 likin girls … where is the choice.. becuz im 26 now??? but what about when i was 7 growing up? no1 knew but me. the choice was not to tell any1 until i turned 15 n told my mother first then my father n my mother felt is the only feelings I actually cared about not my fathers who raised me n the same home as my mother and brothers and not my brothers feelings either.. tracy your another type of racist… we’re different so you hate us your a racist no better then the whites not likin other (PEOPLE) becuz of the color of thier skin!!!!! i will change that not all white ppl are racist so i will say some!!!!!!! the point is you are just as bad as them and no better than them… well folks time for me to get off this tracie tracy butt whipe and on to something better

  57. lesbianNloveIt says

    @ bryan… i just read your post you are so right… boycot and everything else… you made me think about all the youth that has passed away becuz of ppl like that idiot tracy.. so many youth are no longer here because of how they have been treated manly gay males… ppl need to rememeber with the way the world beats up gay/lesbians who really that young chooses to be gay…? with the things they go thru i would think it would make them straight if it was a choice.! but for those same reasons our youth is dying…>>>>(STATEMENT TO YOU ENDS<<< TRACY wat do tracy thnk he will get into heaven judging others mistreatin others and wanted them dead.. all the hate in his heart???? only a true fool will think that. tracy ima pray or you because clearly you need it. and i pray for my enemies you are one of them ok . god bless you boy.. i have no room for hate in my heart..

  58. nic says

    you know, i have been censored by andy towle for calling tracy morgan a stupid n#####r. but those are words that rest comfortably in morgan’s own lexicon. apparently, according to towle, morgan is free to advocate violence and death to gay people (even his own son), but we cannot respond in kind. so, we are supposed to be mincing sissies, minding our words, in the face of attack?! i don’t think so. andy, you should be ashamed of yourself.

  59. Josh6852 says

    Tracy Morgan has three boys, this is what he said last Friday to a packed TN audience…“ If my son told me he was gay (high pitched voice), I would take a knife and stab him in the chest” EVERYONE (Tina Fey-NBC-Comedians-Athletes….etc) needs to read and take action against the vicious hate that Mr. Tracy Morgan (30 Rock- SNL) said in his (rally for violence against the LGBT community- FOX can take a day off) questionable comedy act on June 3, 2011…..NO NO NO apology accepted….20 yrs in entertainment working side by side with many gay parents and people with gay children and potraying us in offensive skits on SNL….. NO surprise you would sperminate your flock of uneducated bible belt bullies in TN of all places ( Where two bills recently passed 1) you can be fired from your job for being gay 2) you cant use the word gay in schools….look it up) I can take a joke- Im ALL for free speech- not hate speech…..Now it’s time for the gay community and supporters of equal rights for ALL to raise your voices and be heard….. YOU DIDN’T CHOOSE TO BE GAY—- THEY DIDN’T CHOOSE TO BE STRAIGHT—– WE WERE ALL BORN THIS WAY——NO MORE STUPID F@@KING QUESTIONS OR BIGOTED STATEMENTS—- IGNORANT BIGOTS NEED TO SHUT THE F@@K UP AND SIT THE F@@K DOWN—– IT’S OUR TURN TO SPEAK UP—-STOP USING GOD TO DEFEND HATE SPEECH AND PURE IGNORANCE FROM GENERATIONS OF INBREEDING AND LIES SPEWED BY GROUPS OF RELIGIOUS LEADERS (false prophets of god)……HOW MANY GAY CHILDREN DOES GOD HAVE TO MAKE BEFORE YOU REALIZE HE WANTS THEM AROUND??????????????

    We as a community pushing equal rights for ALL need to make our voices heard NOW and encourage celebrities and politicians through TWITTER- FACEBOOK- EMAIL-…ETC. that they need to speak up when its not convenient to advance their careers…..You accept our hard earned money and go to our award shows and preach tolerance and standing up to bullies….Time to STAND UNITED in the fight for Equal Rights…. Tina Fey and 30 rock have received many awards from GLAAD….NO MORE LIP SERVICE- ACTION NOW…You use free speech Mr. Morgan as a front to spew hate…. Now its time to pay the piper…..I speak up for the thousands of GLBT kids who have no voice….. kids that don’t even have parents that love them enough to let them live at home….. church leaders telling 8 yr old kids they’re going to hell to their face…When family, friends, church leaders and your community abandons you all based on nothing you can control because your same sex attraction is natural, SUICIDE MIGHT SEEM LIKE THE ONLY OPTION….ITS NOT KIDS….IT GETS BETTER…IT IS BETTER…. WORDS HURT….. WORDS KILL…..

    Tina Fey your half as@ed apology sucked… Tina fey says “ Tracy is to sleepy to cause anyone harm” What does that mean Tina? Mr. Morgan is FINISHED in my book. Don’t go down with the ship Tina. You hired Tracy knowing that his stand up is very homophobic. Now pay the price. This is the core of Tracy’s beliefs…..Believe what you want Tracy…. Say what you want Tracy….. Now pay the f@@king price you piece of sh@t….You would think growing up being black you might be a more thoughtful person when it comes to the LGBT issues and working with them for over 20 Years…. WRONG……TIME TO HOLD OUR POLITICIANS AND CELEBRITIES ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE THINGS THEY SAY OR DON’T SAY IN REGARDS TO LGBT ISSUES FROM NOW ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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