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CNN's Kyra Phillips Hammers Former NFL Player David Tyree Over Anti-Gay Marriage Statements: VIDEO


CNN's Kyra Phillips questioned NOM spokesperson and former New York Giant David Tyree over statements he made in a recent video for NOM that same-sex marriage would lead to lawlessness and anarchy.

Phillips challenges Tyree with a 23-year study from the UCLA school of law proving that kids raised by lesbian parents gained more respect for diversity and differences than kids raised by straight parents, and that same-sex couples have strong marriages.

Tyree is only left with the argument that "it's unnatural."

Phillips demands he clarify that as well. She definitely gets props for this segment.


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  1. my god....hmmm gee David, what if we went back and "didn't" "redefine" a black man as a HUMAN BEING! how would you feel about that? would that disrupt the moral code of this country? urgggg!!!!!!!

    Posted by: julie | Jun 17, 2011 7:11:02 PM

  2. "Unnatural?" That always irks me. My sexuality is not contrary to nature. It is MY nature. It is as part of my nature as my lefthandedness. Abnormal? Sure, I'll own that. As in "contrary to the norm" like my prematurely gray hair is contary to the norm. But natural, I assure you.

    My sexuality is not "unnatural."

    Posted by: pete | Jun 17, 2011 7:51:47 PM

  3. Tyree is right on the money!! Homosexuality is synonymous with anarchy. Both refuse to recognize boundaries, limits, rules, and laws, which places the survival of any culture in serious jeopardy.

    Posted by: ppoor | Jun 17, 2011 8:03:29 PM

  4. "Homosexuality is synonymous with anarchy"

    oh please gays aren't that powerful.

    Posted by: steven | Jun 17, 2011 9:50:35 PM

  5. It's almost too good- watching this simp fumble and stumble and fall all over the BS he was just spouting a few days ago. You almost have to chuckle...idiot.

    Thanks Kyra!

    Posted by: Ealan74 | Jun 17, 2011 10:15:25 PM

  6. Just chiming in with Winter here: Poly marriage and poly families CAN be religiously abused, but when they're free of that kind of influence they can be just as healthy and actually grant children more advantages (in terms of income level, parental involvement, and parental attention). When the 'slippery slope' list comes up, I keep seeing the same things listed - polyamory (often slotted as 'polygamy' because it doesn't occur to these people that a woman might want multiple husbands), paedophilia, and beastiality. One of these things is not like the others: Polyamory is a consensual relationship between adults. Paedophilia and beastiality involve sex with unconsenting parties (or parties incapable of giving quality consent), plus a power imbalance that irrevocably harms the quality of any 'consent' that might theoretically be given.

    So yeah, leave us out of it, thanks.

    Posted by: Sonneillon | Jun 17, 2011 10:25:59 PM

  7. Ugh, I had to post again, this guy is really an idiot. He keeps trying to trot out those same old scare tactics that never work, but the last one- polygamy- really got me. David Tyree, do you realize that polygamists have been around (even in the US) for centuries, long before any thought was ever given to gay marriage. And despite that fact, your precious moral fabric has stayed intact (whatever that means).

    PS: Also, learn the definitions of "anarchy" and "infertile". It'll help you sound informed, even if you are full of...crap.

    Posted by: Ealan74 | Jun 17, 2011 10:27:13 PM

  8. Those of you who think that Kyra Phillips is such a hero and David Tyree such a moron should consider this: The concept of two consenting adults would clearly include a father and an adult daughter who love each other and enjoy having sex with each other, who want to spend their life together, and understand that it is biologically dangerous to have children and therefore do not, but instead adopt children. So should the New York legislature be viciously criticized if they do not pass a law allowing incestuous marriages to be legal? Even if UCLA conducts 100 studies proving that children of such marriages are healthy? Is anything "natural" just because two consenting adults desire it? Why must decent, honorable people like David Tyree be vilified and called stupid because they believe in scriptures that have meaning to them, and don't believe that "research" and "science" are holy and untouchable sources of truth? Putting a male sexual organ inside another male's anus strikes some people as unnatural as a father putting his sexual organ inside of his daughter. Yet society has suddenly decided that the former is noble and that latter is reprehensible. The fact that some of us see both as reprehensible does not make us stupid. Perhaps seeing either as "natural" is stupid.

    Posted by: Evan Scheinfeld | Jun 17, 2011 10:46:34 PM

  9. Evan: Let me spell this out for ya, Sparky, because you're just not "getting it." If you are going to base this SOLELY on the concept of what you consider to be "NATURAL" vs. what isn't, what's stopping me or any man from coming over to your place, putting their penis in your wife's vagina and making a baby, whether either one of you consent to it or not? After all, it's "NATURAL", right? That certain BOOK does say to "go forth, be fruitful and multiply," without specifying who should do it with whom...Be very careful what you fundaMENTAList thinkers wish for...or you will surely get it...

    Posted by: SGJR1960 | Jun 17, 2011 11:21:57 PM


    Posted by: Jonathan | Jun 18, 2011 1:07:37 AM

  11. This is really sad.I guess everyone has always been wrong about marriage being the sacred union of love between one man, and one woman. It seems that when anyone defines marriage as being between a man and woman, they're attacked. I've read comments, attacking TYREE and calling him essentially stupid for taking his stance. I don't think he was at all wrong for what he said. I, Pastor Robb J.K. CAGER, III, think marriage is the sacred union of love, between one man and one woman!

    Posted by: Pastor Robb CAGER, III | Jun 18, 2011 2:27:00 AM

  12. Dear Pastor Cager, I see you are black man as am I. We did not ask to be black. And I did not ask to be gay. We were all made this way, whether gay, black, female, trans. Please look into your heart and ask yourself if it is right to deny equality to another human being based on whom that person loves.

    Please reconsider your position. As a man of God, you wield a great deal of influence over people who listen to you and look up to. Please use your privilege wisely to create a more just world. We need you.

    Posted by: redball | Jun 18, 2011 2:37:31 AM

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    Posted by: gromit | Jun 18, 2011 3:06:43 AM

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    Posted by: gromit | Jun 18, 2011 3:07:19 AM

  16. whaT A MORON

    Posted by: Stephen | Jun 18, 2011 3:41:42 AM

  17. men and women will always be able to get married. gay marriage is the issue here. gay people. love how they don't feel that gay people are really worth mentioning.

    Posted by: Mike | Jun 18, 2011 4:23:03 AM

  18. well i'm glad his peace is in God' sovereignty(thank you spell check) because he lives in a society where he was able to make millions!(exclamation because millions is a big word!) of dollars playing football... this gay man has many talents, and not one of them provided even a middle class income yet... so things are going pretty well for this guy, but this is my life and my future he's talking about. he's married already.

    Posted by: Mike | Jun 18, 2011 4:34:11 AM

  19. SGJR1960--you are a piece of work calling me "Sparky". Just how would you be fruitful and multiply with a penis up an anus? Somehow, I don't think that would be too fruitful--at least in one sense of the word. And who says that I am a fundamentalist? Isn't it possible that I am Jewish, which I am, and just do not buy into our society's sudden deification of all things gay? Are people permitted, in your world view to simply FEEL in a place deep within themselves that something is wrong, even if i I don't have a scientific study to prove it? David Tyree is not stupid--he is courageous for standing up against you raging LGBT bullies who now have turned your confusion into a "race" that should be protected. BLACK is a race sparky. Muslim is a religion SPARKY. Homosexuality is a behavior. There's a difference Einstein. Not that I think you will be able to comprehend this, because frankly, you are just too stupid.

    As for your moronic analogy of a man sticking his penis into my wife' vagina, I'm not sure what point you are making here. Because i think that marriage between is man and a woman is the only appropriate marriage for human beings, does that mean that I feel that all acts of heterosexuality are appropriate? Of course I don't. I don't think it's appropriate for a married woman to cheat on her husband. I don't think it's appropriate for a mother and son to have sex. I don't think it's appropriate for people to have sex before marriage. But you idiots will now say that I am what--"incestophobic"?

    Are you incestophobic, sparky? Don't you support the rights of a daughter and father to get married and raise a family? If you don't, you must be ignorant. Right? Phobia means FEAR, you moron. I am not afraid of homosexuality. I think it's wrong. There's a difference, sparky.

    Posted by: Evan Scheinfeld | Jun 18, 2011 6:49:29 AM

  20. [Reposting a typo-free version]

    Dear Pastor Cager, I see you are a black man, as am I. We did not ask to be black. And I did not ask to be gay. We were all made this way, whether gay, black, female, trans. Please look into your heart and ask yourself if it is right to deny equality to another human being based on whom that person loves.

    Please reconsider your position. As a man of God, you wield a great deal of influence over people who listen to you and look up to you. Please use your privilege wisely to create a more just world. We need you.

    Posted by: redball | Jun 18, 2011 7:27:58 AM

  21. Why is anyone listening to a football player with a police record? I'm not, I couldn't get through his sad, illogical ramblings. Likewise the turbid logic of Sparky (Mr. Scheinfeld) who's point ultimately rests on what he FEELS. I FEEL differently. Checkmate.

    There's a whole lot of powerful discussion in these many comments, the only ones that are patently without inherent merit are those based on what some think is God's opinion. Facts indeed are what are needed here and, oddly, The Omniscient One, never seems to have any, let alone his prejudiced minions here below.

    Posted by: Bear | Jun 18, 2011 7:30:00 AM

  22. haha I guess all of Maggie's minions are trolling here.

    Posted by: terry | Jun 18, 2011 8:10:26 AM

  23. Bear,

    I have no trouble understanding what David Tyree was saying. I thought it was completely logical. Even his use of the word anarchy which he is being ridiculed for. Don't you people have the intellectual capacity to see that he was not talking about your narrow definition of governmental anarchy. He was talking about moral anarchy. That it's okay to stick your penis in anything that you want to as long as you desire to do so. That promiscuity is fine as long as you desire it. Why not orgies in the street? As long as it is among consenting adults? Throw in some children to watch the orgies too--so that they can become educated and open-minded. So that they do not become the "orgiphobic" when they are older. Train them young to accept any act that anyone feels like doing as acceptable behavior of a human being. Suppose I decide I want to have a maggot sandwich? And suppose you are repulsed by that. Are you "maggotophobic"? Can you even process the logic of my points here, or are you so wrapped up in your "cause" that you can not even hear what I am saying?

    Posted by: Evan Scheinfeld | Jun 18, 2011 8:45:33 AM

  24. Tyree is somewhat dim. He obviously doesn't have a grasp of the facts, just a whole heap of prejudice. This sort of exercise is pointless except (and this IS the point) it shows just how STUPID bigotry is. Most of these religious bigots have never thought through the issue coherently.

    Posted by: Abel | Jun 18, 2011 8:51:04 AM

  25. Abel,

    I am offended that you would call me prejudice. I am not a prejudiced person at all. How dare you declare my personal disapproval of a behavior as "prejudice". I am a Jewish man, married to a Christian woman and we both converted to Islam. My daughter has black boyfriend, and I am white. I am very supportive of her relationship with him. You call me prejudiced because I am opposed to a behavior? Am I also prejudiced against theft? Am I prejudiced against bestiality? Am I prejudiced against incest? How about embezzlement? Shame on you to refer to people who differ with your views on homosexuality as "dim" and "prejudiced". So quick, you LGBT bullies, to call "stupid" anyone who does not agree with you. YOU are the ignorant ones for trying to suppress honest discourse that is not based on science. Have you ever considered that David Tyree's apparent confusion over Kyra Phillips snide vicious attack on him (which by the way is shoddy irresponsible "journalism"--the reporter is to be objective--anyone knows that) was based on the fact that what she was saying was so evasive, so irrelevant to the point that he was making that he could not grasp what her points were doing in the middle of his honest, simple position?

    Posted by: Evan Scheinfeld | Jun 18, 2011 9:26:02 AM

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