Vote Gap Closes in NY as GOP State Senator Alesi Announces Support for Marriage Equality

Alesi New York Republican State Senator James Alesi says he'll support marriage equality leaving only a margin of two votes for the  measure to be able to pass, the AP reports:

Twenty-nine of 30 Democrats in the state Senate are being joined by Republican Sen. James Alesi, of Perinton, to support gay marriage in these last days of the legislative session.

That brings the estimated support to 30 votes for the measure in the 62-seat chamber, two votes shy of passage.

Alesi says his district now supports the measure, unlike two years ago when he voted against it.

Contact your NY Senator using my Friend-setter page at Friendfactor. Or use the contact information here. Your Senator needs to hear from you.

Three NY Democratic Senators to Reverse, Back Marriage Equality [tr]


  1. Jollysocks says

    That rumble you feel is Maggie Gallagher running towards the nearest fridge for the world’s most epic binge

  2. Coll says

    Jollysocks – I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time….thanks!!! Wonderful news. His decision to be the first Rep Yes Vote took courage and will hopefully be an example for others to follow….keep calling and emailing!!

  3. wimsy says

    Just wrote thanking him. Makes me feel queasy and icky to thank a Republican because of the way they’re always portrayed in the press as stripping young children of food and clothing – but I knew it was the right thing to do.