1. Zlick says

    Writing has gone downhill? From where?

    It’s dumb show about vaguely interesting highschoolers that lights up every 4 minutes with a fantastic musical number, and tackles important adolescent issues in varying degrees of quality. I haven’t noticed any appreciable change in the sophomore year. The music, which is 98.2% of the show’s appeal, is just as good in the 2nd season. I’m sorry I missed the live show. And Criss is freakin’ adorable!

  2. Brian says

    I just met him Wednesday night after his show in NYC. Not only is he adorable, he is a totally humble human being and a delight to be around. Oh and he hugged me goodby…don’t be jealous boys.

  3. AN says

    Love him. Saw him in concert at the Irving Plaza two days ago. So talented and adorable, and his politics are good. He’s a great ally for LGBT people. And yeah I want him so bad I can barely keep my cloths on.

  4. Joe says

    If you’re a fan of Glee and needing your summer singalong fix, try The Glee Project. For some reason, Gleeks don’t seem to be giving the show a chance…but it’s all Glee with an “insidery” twist and really well done.

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