1. RONTEX says

    Good on CBS for this segment and if Talulah is any indication, they are doing a great job. Our kids are now 10 and 11 but still teaching us things everyday (sometimes things I don’t want to know : P

  2. Joseph Singer says

    I saw this on CBS Sunday morning today. It’s one of my favorite programs for segments such as this.

  3. says

    Our son is now five years old and we live every day just for him. He has brought more joy to our lives then anything I can think of other then the personal joy my husband has brought to me.

    If you are a single gay man who believes you will never have someone to love or children in your life, think again. Falling in love, meeting a wonderful man, having a child were all things I dreamed about as a little boy. Now as an adult I sought them out and really, my life is complete.

    As a gay person I know you might be thinking, “children are not for me” but I ask you to think again. You are going to work your entire life and there is nothing more rewarding then having a son or daughter to add love and brightness to your existence.

    I love Steven with all my heart and my husband more than anything. I wouldn’t want any other life.

    Happy Father’s day to me and to Mike, my husband.

  4. singlefiftyandchildless says

    It’s always good when people who are good parents are parents. It’s also always good when people who simply don’t want to be parents never are parents.

    I’ve known since I was a child that I never wanted to have children and I think about how happy I am with that choice at least once every single day. Usually more often than that. Always when I see other people with their children in public.

    I also finally had to realize that the idea that I wanted or needed to have a partner was an idea that originated from society and not me. I wouldn’t trade my singlehood for life with another partner for anything. Simply put, I complete me.

    Happy Father’s Day to all good fathers, both single and partnered and poly. And congratulations to those of us who are glad to never have those words directed at us.

  5. Nuttsy1la says

    I am so horrified by the comments I read on the CBS site, I’m even more horrified that CBS allows them to be up there.

    So disgusted right now. Tim NC I should have listened to your post not to go read.

  6. dms says

    Actually the comments weren’t so bad. Lots of simple-minded bigotry. The good news, plenty of supporters too. And it seemed the more articulate people were supporters. It’s also amazing that there are so many “christians” who denounce gays raising kids. I just don’t understand how they reconcile hatred in their hearts with the a religion that teaches love. Is there some dark book where Jesus says love only certain people who fit a certain mold? Didn’t the guy lie down with lepers? Didn’t he preach to the poor and disconnected? Amazing.

    P.S. You’re welcome for the tip! πŸ˜‰

  7. Francis says

    We have to keep in mind that haters flock to stories like this like bees and then shout down the gays and the supporters, in their simple-minded stupidity. With that said, there were more supporters than haters. Haters are ignorant, let them drown in their negativity. Tallulah is fab and Mark and David seem like awesome dads.

  8. David says

    Great piece – really nice story and good on CBS for sharing it. And DO read the comments on the CBS site and add your own. As much as it pained me to read them, we have to answer with our own stories about our lives and our children. We will lead the way with love and intelligence.

  9. Thomasina says

    Though it looks like a nice story (the video doesn’t work for me), I am fairly certain that you meant to say that this family had a “first year” together, not a “fist year.”

  10. Marcus says

    My partner and I are coming up for a year with our daughter and it’s been the making of us and our family. The best life experience that’s only just begun!!