1. Sneakerhead says

    Even though I despise that tired old stunt queen Gaga, I just don’t find weird al to be remotely funny.

  2. tommyz says

    Hard to parody someone who is herself a parody. All the outfits were ones she would actually wear!

  3. Scott says

    I don’t think I’ve genuinely found Weird Al funny since I was 15. He’s harmless and middlingly amusing, but I’m not sure why people call him a comic genius.

  4. DC says

    Awesome Show, Great Job, Weird Al! I like the jabs, and found this to be cute, grotesque and disturbing – I love how the CG of Al’s face on the model doesn’t quite match up, nice touch (quite creepy). I love Weird Al’s cameos on Tim & Eric at Adult Swim, and can see some of the tone carrying over into this video.

  5. Mike says

    Have to give him credit for his talent. I think it’s meant to be more funny than mean so I like it. There’s so much else he could do I think he needs to make more videos.

  6. AedanCRoberts says

    @JonBenet – yup! That’s definitely not his svelt figure :-) I think the effect worked amazingly well too. Just imperfect enough to be unsettling, and yet well-done enough to actuality give me the impression that we were watching a butter-face perform.

  7. corvidae says

    How long before she actually uses one of these ideas?
    I’m waiting for the human jelly bean/taj mahal/bees combo!
    Well done, weird al!

  8. bandanajack says

    it would be a great metastroke to riff off one or more of the outfits he came up with for this video. i know i’d crack up if i saw her wearing a porcupine hat on her next red carpet.

    it wasn’t his most incisive, but really, where could you go that IS a parody of the creation that is gaga. i’m ready for a whole new string of weird al videos. lots of performers out there ripe for the treatment. bruno mars, anyone, mika, eminem?

  9. redball says

    Wow, they worked hard on those outfits. Gaga would wear almost any one of them!

    Bandanajack–YES!! I agree that Gaga should give a nod to this video by using or even FURTHER tricking out one of these outfits!

  10. AnotherG says

    I had to stop from guffawing out loud multiple times. His “I might be wearing swiss cheese/or maybe covered in bees” line kills me. As does the “Madonna” cameos.