1. AJ says

    So sad and disturbing. Clearly the last several years have done nothing for her. What an amazing talent she is and it’s going straight down the drain. And to the inevitable haters, check her out acoustic and live in her prime before you hate. Don’t just go on her studio performances.

  2. Willie Jones says

    I couldn’t even watch more than 2 minutes. She’ll never recover I think. She’s done, it’s a wrap. Astounding potential and talent completely wasted. Sad.

  3. Mike says

    she has definitely had some plastic surgery around her eyes… she looks great though. even if she is wacked out she’s much better than she was a few years ago.

  4. Richard Crawford says

    She has yet to release a Sophmore album and has been riding on the success of her 2007 Album, over 4 years ago!!!! Poor Girl. It is inevitable that she will die a one hit wonder. And probably soon. What a waste of talent.

  5. Really? says

    She might not want to go to rehab but she needs it bad. I’m pulling for her to get clean and sober. It’s the only thing that can save her now–such a tortured soul. But if she can pull out of it she’ll be an inspiration to so many.

  6. IAWrangler says

    Please pay the musicians who did their job that night, playing for Ms. Winehouse. Do not pay, support, applaud, and cheer Ms. Winehouse. She’s a worthless artist. There are so many deserving and true artists in this world who are waiting for our support.

  7. Lazlo says

    Are her band mates using her? In the first clip, she is clearly not in her right mind, but her band mates are laughing and just so amused with her antics. Its weird.

  8. andrew says

    why would anyone ever pay to see this train wreck anyway.
    You know what you are in for from her past “performances” drugged up drunken trash with moderate talent.

  9. G says

    She declined to take payment. That was just the promoters that said they “expected” they would still have to pay her as she did fulfill the terms of her contract by showing up on time and staying on stage for 70 minutes. I am not defending her drunken performance, but don’t say she “expects payment”. She clearly never did.

  10. says

    Wow…This is really bad guys. While normally I would laugh at horrific performances (i.e. the Housewives who think they can sing, Heidi Montag on the USA Pageant 2 years ago, etc.), this is not funny. This is truly shocking and almost sickening. She is obviously a terrible addict who desperately needs help. And if she doesn’t get it, she will not survive. Watching this brutally reminded me of Bette Midler’s performance in The Rose. And while that was a work of fiction based on a real-life person, Amy Winehouse may be headed down that same road. I pray someone intervenes for her soon.

  11. ravewulf says

    So sad. Why isn’t anyone there to help her fight this? Why was she even allowed to perform in that state? I really wish she would get better, but this has been going on so long and gotten so terrible.

  12. Kade says

    The saddest part watching these videos was in the second video when she knows she can’t even stumble through the lyrics any more and it looks like she may cry because she knows she’s blowing it. It was very painful to see.

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