1. nodnarb says

    I actually think it’s a cool and unique tattoo. Would never do it myself, but cool for her.

  2. AllBeefPatty says

    Sleeve tattoos, like Facebook, are over…..played out.

    Queue up a REGRETFUL SiGH right now.

  3. Matt26 says

    How wonderful! Looks great! Such a brilliant thing to do! More people should do the same! A person will never have too many tattoos.
    (Isn’t this the correct reaction? I’ve learnt my lession, tattoos are art and should be praised.)

  4. Amy Pace says

    I think it’s pretty cool, actually. Presumably, the 152 people that made the cut are important to this woman. It looks like it’s well-done. I’m impressed. I wouldn’t get it on my arm, but I can certainly see why she wanted to!

  5. justme says

    That tattoo artist is a stunner. The tattoo itself? I’ve seen worse.

    I used to hate ugly tattoos until people started putting permanent giant holes in their ears. I have only so much hate in me. When we finally get to the point where lip plates are common — and you know it’s coming — I’ll have given up completely.

  6. Ben says

    That’s a really nicely tattoo. And I think the idea behind it is really great, actually. Who cares if they change their profile picture? I think that misses the point.

  7. Bbobob says

    This whole fad of tattoos is grotesque. It’s tribal and somehow primative, an indication of how our society has slipped back to something savage.

  8. JMC says

    Maybe she’s a little lonely. I hope I’m never that lonely. I give her 10 years, then she’ll be like: What da hell was I thinking!!?

  9. Lexxvs says

    Each tattoo Facebook friend she got done subtracts to her already poor IQ. So after number 100 you just don’t count anymore.

  10. says

    It’s a bit strange that we don’t get to see the tattoos up close, no? Is this real? From far away the pictures look like real facebook photos–is it that easy to recreate a photo as a tattoo? I have 5 tattoos myself, but none of them are ‘photos’ of someone.

    However, glad to see Lindsay Lohan has a new profession as a tattoo artist!

  11. Ben says

    @Bbobob Tribal? Primitive? Savage?

    You sound like a 19th century anthropologist. Or perhaps a Nazi eugenicist. Be careful, please.

  12. Paul R says

    I don’t see how a color photo could be tattooed very realistically, nor how some of the colors would hold up over time.