White House Issues Response To Claim From Communications Director That Obama Didn’t Fill Out 1996 Same-Sex Marriage Statement

Yesterday, White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer told a panel at Netroots Nation that a 1996 questionnaire published by the Windy City Times and signed by Barack Obama in which he favored marriage equality was actually not signed by the President. Said Pfeiffer: "If you actually go back and look, that questionnaire was actually filled out by someone else, not the President."

Today White House spokersperson Shin Inouye responded to Pfeiffer's claim, though it was still unclear if Obama had or had not filled the questionnaire out himself.

“'Dan was not familiar with the history of the questionnaire that was brought up today, but the president’s views are clear,' Inouye said. 'He has long supported equal rights and benefits for gay and lesbian couples and since taking office he has signed into law the repeal of ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,’ signed into law the hate crimes bill, made the decision not to defend Section 3 of DOMA and expanded federal benefits for same sex partners of federal employees.'"

In case you missed the video the fist time, watch it, AFTER THE JUMP.