1. Michael says

    LMFAO hilarious and the guy playing Marcus is a cutie so much better looking then the other CLOSET CASE :)

  2. Jason says

    The voice of the actor and the real guy are pretty close. Not to use stereotypes but Michelle B’s husband certainly has all the vocal hallmarks of a big queen.

  3. justme says

    Sorry, but I have to disagree. The guy playing Marcus is nowhere near as gay as the real thing. I do agree he is also much too good looking to pass for him.

    But I definitely enjoyed the video regardless!

  4. justme says

    That explains it. I’m sure your friend is a very good actor, but Marcus Bachmann rises to a level of gay that you just have to have the real thing to portray. Sadly, however, Liberace is dead.

  5. Alex says

    I LOVE THE BACHMANNS and am sincerely hoping she secures the GOP nomination so we can squeeze a few more months of entertainment out of her.

  6. Drew says

    First I laughed, but then I cried after the realization that this parody is just a fun house mirror of reality, lol.

  7. Rob says

    Spot on! We need this video to go viral, so they can take their rightful place as a cultural punchline/footnote to our era.