1. Christopher says

    Rugby has changed (and saved) so many of our lives. Marc is/was an exemplary player and ambassador of the game to the gay community. What an amazing way to keep his legacy alive.

    With you…

  2. Dback says

    Saw this at the SF Gay and Lesbian Film Fest last month–they claimed it was a “rough cut,” which is like claiming “Citizen Kane” is a little movie about a newspaper guy and his childhood sled. The standing ovation went on for several minutes, and Alice Hoagland and Bingham’s teammates from the SF Fog were there as well. It was an incredibly emotional experience, and hands down the best doc (if not the best film, period) I saw out of 27 programs that week. Make it a priority to get to a theater if it’s released, or at the very least Netflix it or watch it on cable. It’s a loving, remarkable tribute to a loving, remarkable man (and his loving, remarkable mom).

  3. says

    I think it’s absolutely wonderful that this movie has been made……of course I’ll see it and buy it when it is realeased.
    What a hero……..why doesn’t that person Bachman acknowledge a great American ?????

  4. ChadSF says

    We had the privilege of seeing the rough cut version of this film during SF Frameline’s LGBT Filmfest last month. The film did not appear like it was a rough cut at all. It appeared very well made and was close something like the final product. I was also extremely impressed with his Mom who graced us with her presence and my respect for Mark doubled after watching the documentary. Mark Bingham broke all gay stereotypes that has put out there by opponents to equality.
    I felt really honored to had that chance to watch this film and I hope that after it has made its way to the theaters that it also gets into schools and libraries, because his life is now part of American history just like individuals such as Harvey Milk.

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