Bloomberg Says ‘Thanks’ with Donations to GOP Senators Who Voted for Marriage Equality

Bloomberg Donations in the amount of $10,300 (the maximum allowed) from Michael Bloomberg have landed in the coffers of Sens. Mark Grisanti (R-Buffalo), Roy McDonald (R-Saratoga), Stephen Saland (R-Poughkeepsie) and James Alesi (R-Rochester) for their "yes" votes which helped propel passage of marriage equality in the state.

Buffalo News notes that Grisanti has received at least $50,000 in new funds for his marriage vote:

$10,000 from Colorado resident Tim Gill, who heads a group that has promoted gay marriage laws here and in other states.

Other donors to Grisanti who have publicly backed gay marriage rights include $5,000 from Miami-area resident Jonathan Kislak, $2,000 from Carol Master of Massachusetts, $10,000 from Albany-area resident Frank Selvaggi and $5,000 from Manhattan real estate developer Donald Capoccia.

Gay and lesbian couples will begin marrying in New York on Sunday, July 24.

As I mentioned yesterday, anti-gay activists are not giving up in the state and groups like NOM have announced that they are planning a financial assault on lawmakers who voted for the measure.


  1. Mark says

    I remember all those calls for “Thank you” notes and donations for the four republican senators who voted FOR the NY gay marriage bill. One of the callers being so emotional writing that it took “great courage” for these senators to “go against the grain of their own party” and vote to allow gay marriage.

    They went against the grain of their own party alright but I don’t know if I’d go so far as credit them with “great courage”. This is a straightforward, simple issue: either you believe in equal rights for everyone or you don’t. The 29 republicans who voted against gay marriage don’t believe in equal rights for gays and they’re not ashamed of this fact. The problem is that you cannot respect the Constitution and still be against minority rights. The four republican senators who “went against the grain” understood the inconsistency after giving the matter some thought. Yes, they split from their party on this issue but if the party has become a religious cult, maybe it’s time to abandon the party altogether.

  2. Kyle says

    I say we should each sacrifice one week of Starbucks latte and donate that money to these Senators and show other Senators our economic generosities. We don’t need those calories anyway, right?

    Come on, who has bigger spending power? Us or those close-minded bigots?

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