1. ron says

    I think they seem like fun, sweet guys, who are alternately amazed and horrified in the correct measure. And really @Curt, you are offended that they are dissing “Ham and cheese loaf”???

  2. Steve F says

    No Matthew they’re not being pretentious – you don’t understand, we Brits are always GENUINELY amazed at the stuff you get in your supermarkets. To us it’s another planet.
    Ham and Cheese Loaf?? FFS! We still find it hard to believe Marshmallow Fluff exists.

    Now Marmite… now you’re talking

  3. robert in nyc says

    Curt, obviously you haven’t lived in the UK of late as I have. France has awarded more Michelin stars to British restaurants than it has in America. I think your statement about the UK not being known for its food is really about the pot calling the kettle black. America is world renowned for its junk food, it invented it. The Brits don’t have as much junk food as Americans have. Lighten up.

  4. MT says

    I’m not sure I got the impression they were being ironic or pretentious or anything like that. Maybe a little baffled and a little amazed and little horrified, but that just made it even funnier.

  5. Ryan says

    I can’t believe Towleroad posted one of Alex’s videos here. I follow him (and his friend/roommate Charlie [charlieissocoollike]) on YouTube and they’re always charming and funny.

  6. NaughtyLola says

    The kid on the right in the still (Alex?) has an absolutely HILARIOUS series of YouTube videos where he reads “Twilight” and gives a recap of each chapter. He’s really a funny, funny kid and a good musician to boot. I hope he goes far.

  7. FernLaPlante says

    I thought they were cute and charming and I like the goggles. And CURT obviously didn’t watch the video since they talked about food for about 3 seconds of the whole video.

  8. ohplease says

    This is what passes for cute and funny? Sorry, I like my cute and funny to actually be cute and funny. And, seriously, steampunk goggles and he’s making fun of ANYTHING else on Earth?

    PS to the uneducated boys in the video: California is not the “sunshine state”. That’s Florida. California is the “golden state”.

    If you’re coming to our country to mock us — yes, even our Walmarts — if you can’t manage cute or funny, you might at least want to not be quite so ignorant about it.

  9. says

    “You should just put one of these in every neighborhood…”
    “That’s what they want!”

    Too right. I don’t know if he intentionally brought it up, or just stumbled upon the fact that Wal-Mart is the only store you need once it gets there, but I refuse to give them my money whenever possible because they run all other business out of town.

    In my hometown, the main drag used to have two super markets, a host of little clothing stores, sports equipment stores, etc. Now there’s only Wal Mart and fast food restaurants. Whenever I visit my parents, I have to drive 7 miles to Wal Mart…or 25 miles to the next closest grocery store when there used to be two, 3 miles away, growing up.

    So I’m all for any video that makes fun of Wal-Mart and lazy Americans.

  10. m says

    I’ve traveled in the UK a lot. There are lots of tacky big box stores there as well. I’m finding it hard to believe that these have never been to a Tesco. In fact, I think it’s where Alex bought that shirt.

  11. lessthan says

    A very funny vid. The guys were pretty hot too. I never go to Wal-Mart, so I had no idea that ham-n-cheese loaf existed. Is it bad that I now want some? It just looks convenient!

  12. Brian in Texas says


    Oscar Mayer Ham and cheese loaf is in every grocery store in America besides maybe some organic specialty stores. It’s just sliced ham with bits of cheese in it. It’s not exclusive to Wal-Mart. Not something I’d ever eat though. I think it’s made for 8 yr olds like Bologna and Chef Boyardee.

  13. stingo says

    It reminds me of my first visit to Walmart. Yes, for us Europeans Walmart is like the ultimate American museum. What I found most fascinating was the gun isle. I had actuallyï»ż never seen a gun before other than on TV or at the cinema…

  14. Brian in Texas says

    That type of pizza is not microwaveable. You bake it in an oven. Just like you would the cookies and bread sticks. Wow, people need to get out more. Local Americans just as ignorant as the Brits.

  15. huh? says

    I’m not defending walmart or its policies towards its employees, or even the products they sell, but if those two guys have ever shopped at an ASDA they’ve shopped essentially at a Wal-Mart already.

  16. ryan says

    Speaking as an american who lives in Britain, upon first going to a British Supermarket I was equally mystified by a great many of the things I found in UK chains. The chips (crisps) alone are worth the venture. (there was a special edition squirrel flavor, I kid not)

    The clothing in supermarkets is equally atrocious in both countries.

  17. Danny says

    damned cute and my god what an amazing commentary on the horrifying state of American, uh, everything.

    They are SO right on the money, and the nasty people in this thread haven’t enough–what? Insight? Objectivity? Intelligence? Sense of humor??–to understand what either the adorable sense of humor of these boys AND what they’re telling us about ourselves!

    Come on, guys think about it: PIZZA AND COOKIES??!!

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