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CPAC Gives Gay Conservative Group GOProud The Boot

CPACSticker Conservative group GOProud spends much of its time cozying up to other right wingers, trying to get some ideological love.

Unfortunately for the organization, though, the rest of the right wing movement wants nothing to do with them: the American Conservative Union announced yesterday that GOProud will no longer be welcome at their annual Conservative Political Action Conference.

Well, that's what right wing website WorldNetDaily reports, claiming to have seen a letter from the ACU to GOProud explaining that other organizations balked at that group's inclusion.

According to GOProud, though, they haven't heard a peep from their would-be conservative allies.

Via Joe.My.God:

We have received no notification from ACU. An ACU Board member told me this afternoon that they were unaware of such a decision and that to the best of his knowledge no decision had been made. I certainly hope that is true. The last thing the conservative movement needs right now is a unnecessary, ugly and divisive fight. The stakes in 2012 are too great. GOProud’s number one goal is defeating Barack Obama. That should be the goal of every conservative organization.

Those familiar with CPAC and its culture -- these "real men marry women" stickers are from last year's event -- won't be surprised by this news. And, honestly, GOProud shouldn't be, either.

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  1. Will GOProud finally get a clue after this?

    Posted by: kyle | Jul 30, 2011 2:51:23 PM

  2. poor GOProud - what took CPAC so long? Fred Karger(sp?) will be next...

    Posted by: ACe | Jul 30, 2011 4:12:39 PM

  3. Awwwww... everybody hates them.

    Poor babies.

    Posted by: BobN | Jul 30, 2011 11:45:42 PM

  4. Republican slogan: "Real men marry women."

    Umm, pyscho-paranoid much? How is paranoia about masculinity manly???

    If you use or associate with that slogan, you are by definition a F'd up individual, insecure in either your own manhood, or your man's manhood---(or somehow both their own AND their man's manhood for the GOProuders, hahaha).

    Umm,, yay, you claim dignity because of your (hetero)sexuality. woohoo. how manly of you, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

    but, uh, we've seen this sort of thing in history before:

    "The Jim Crow laws gave poor whites a pseudo-Marxist false consciousness of being better off than African-Americans and other minority groups and being next to last is not as bad as, to use a hickism from Whitetrashistan, Missouri, "sucking hind tit."

    Posted by: just_a_guy | Jul 31, 2011 12:26:41 AM

  5. And the stickers/slogan "real men marry women" seems implicitly to put even the balls of straight men in a vice: as if they are only MEN because of their wives.

    kinda F'd up.

    And distinctly these psycho abused/abusive women effectively cuckolding their husbands with their fantasy (but not real) anti-gay fascist "strong-man."

    And so then the cuckolded men respond to so having their balls put in a vice that they try to BE the sadist anti-gay idiots that their abused-as-children wives say they want.

    Of course, the joke is AGAIN on these supposed "real men" who through the whole process just sink deeper and deeper into lack of personal integrity, etc. And all for the sake of enacting the abuse fantasy their cuckolding wives developed a longing for when their fathers used to abuse them.

    And what kind of LIFE is it to live like that?!?! Wouldn't it be beter to REALLY love each other??

    Yeah, folks, it'll take generations for a lot of people to REALLY get over some of this batsh** crazy stuff.

    As for GOProud, I don't think like GOProud does (IF they think). BUt in a certain way, being a GOProuder is arguably a little like being gay in a red state: u're there, and u do what u can to keep it under control there in an oppressive environment.

    BUt I do thing any GOProuder who gives a DIME to the Repugs (aside from to the rare pro-gay repulican candidate) right now is a MAJOR sell-out.

    Have some DIGNITY, Republican men (whether gay, straight, or bi).

    Posted by: just_a_guy | Jul 31, 2011 1:00:52 AM

  6. thank you sir, may I have another?

    Posted by: r | Jul 31, 2011 4:45:19 AM

  7. I take it PayPal cofounder/Facebook board director/GOProud homocon sponsor Peter Thiel is another self-loather?

    Posted by: r | Jul 31, 2011 4:56:58 AM

  8. I do not think that goproud is....get a grip girls, no one but us likes US!

    Posted by: billmiller | Jul 31, 2011 10:12:19 AM

  9. "Real men marry women" ... (on reverse) "Then cheat on them with men in public toilets."

    Posted by: Bear | Jul 31, 2011 11:12:55 AM

  10. Real men don't give a f**k as to which gender their fellow men are doing

    Posted by: ravewulf | Jul 31, 2011 2:43:17 PM

  11. Westboro Baptist Chruch wouldn't be excluded from CPAC! Alas, Phelps, Bachman, and all the "Gay haters" are IN ... GOProud is out.

    Posted by: Steven Leong | Jul 31, 2011 2:45:31 PM

  12. "Real Men Marry Women" ... obviously this didn't stop Marcus Bachmann ...

    Posted by: ThomTT | Jul 31, 2011 3:59:06 PM

  13. Celebration from the GOProud-haters is premature; this was reported by WorldNetDaily, which is notorious for publishing blatant lies, and moreover has no evidence to support their story.

    Posted by: voice of reason | Jul 31, 2011 4:13:22 PM

  14. GOProud deserves whomever they (try to) get in bed with.

    Posted by: Danny | Aug 1, 2011 2:14:36 PM

  15. Shame on all you gays for generalizing conservatives in that manner. You don't like it when people throw around stereotypes about you do you? Not all conservatives hate gays. Obviously, otherwise you wouldn't have the GOProud and Log Cabin groups. And there is one candidate that doesn't care to restrict the rights of gays. His name is Ron Paul. Try not to be bigots towards other groups. You don't like it when it happens to you.

    Posted by: Larry Sullivan | Aug 4, 2011 12:29:01 AM

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