1. ohplease says

    It’s a good thing Obama waited until now to support the repeal of DOMA — instead of vigorously defending it as he did for two years, despite his campaign promises of three years ago to repeal it — otherwise he wouldn’t have enough Republicans in place to make sure nothing is ever going to happen with it.

    All politics is theatre. Barack Obama is not your friend.

  2. Dave says

    I think the gay community has become a little myopic, judging supporters and detractors in the most simplistic black and white terms. Obama may not be the “fierce advocate” he once claimed, but he’s still an advocate for the LGBT community, and BY FAR the most pro-gay equality president in the history of the nation.

  3. rafi says

    Agreed, Dave. Too many people think that to hold a criticism for Obama requires opposing him entirely; or to defend him on something requires supporting him unconditionally.

  4. says

    Better yes. But contrast finding out this…through the mealy mouth of his shill….with, for instance, JFK going on live national television—in times far more racist than they are homophobic now—to announce that HE, as President, was helping members of Congress CREATE the bill that would become the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and why it was important to the nation. And, after he was killed, Lyndon Johnson accelerated his hands-on involvement that he’d already started when he was VP, as a former member of Congress, to get that bill and the ’65 Act passed…even as “race riots” were still going on.

    YES, this is progress from his seeming to have abandoned his campaign promises to personally fight for repeal, and worse still his defending DOMA in court…and recent backsliding further to the insulting argument that marriage equality SHOULD be left up to the states.

    If it’s kosher to regurgitate the ahistorical hypebole that he’s the “most pro gay President in history” [AS IF our rights were even on the table for all 42 previous Presidents and they simply rejected them] then it’s fair to weigh everything he does/doesn’t do not just against History but against what he explicitly promised to DO himself. He “endorsed” repeal of DADT, too, then abandoned his promise to “work with Congress” and instead sided with the military in their demand that repeal be both delayed and come only WITH protection of their “right” to discriminate however they wish against gays IN the military post implementation. All this versus: “Americans are yearning for leadership that can empower us to reach for what we know is possible. I believe that we can achieve the goal of full equality for the millions of LGBT people in this country. To do that, we need leadership that can appeal to the best parts of the human spirit. Join with me, and I will provide that leadership.” – Barack Obama, Job Application, February 28, 2008.

    When he starts publicly speaking HIMSELF in support of the bill, starts personally lobbying Congress for passage—call us.

  5. Anthony-S says

    @ Rafi,

    There is a small group of vocal crackpots, with John Aravosis in the lead, who insist on the very same logical error that you describe: “to defend him on something requires supporting him unconditionally.” Obama’s DOJ brief of July 1, which used heightened scrutiny of ant-gay prejudice to fight DOMA, was a legal watershed. Yet the pathological Obama haters like Aravosis use robotic thinking and are incapable of making any conclusion that doesn’t make Obama an evil homophobe. If anyone has a robot-like mentality, it’s Aravosis and company. The only result that will satisfy them is for Mitt Romney (or someone of that ilk) to win in 2012. Hence the term Mittbot? I mean if we’re going to play games with portmanteaus, anyone can play. Obamabot? No, actually Mittbot, I think.

    Hint: OHPLEASE is not your friend.

  6. says

    Well Leahy thinks it’s a good thing:

    “I applaud the President’s decision to endorse the Respect for Marriage Act, and I join with many Vermont families in celebrating his decision,” Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) said in a statement Tuesday afternoon.

  7. Scott says

    Obama has had an obvious plan from DAY ONE, if you cared to pay attention. Take care of almost everything on gay agenda in first term. Adopt a federalist approach to marriage equality, personally wishy washy/”evolving”, but anti-DOMA. This prevents the issue from becoming front and center — because in swing states, GOP turnout from social conservatives could decide the election. Cut to 2013/2014, when Obama has finally “evolved,” doesn’t have to worry about reelection, and does real work on DOMA repeal (hopefully with Democratic majorities in Congress).

    Obama has always been a pragmatist and strategist — not a savior. Moreover, he is not a martyr — and spending political capital (of which he has little) on a Boehner Congress to repeal DOMA would be quixotic. The Senate is likely going to Republicans in 2012. If Obama loses, we are looking at a FULL 100% OWNERSHIP of government by Republicans. In this Tea Party world, I promise you, this will be INFINITELY worse than the Bush years.

    For marriage equality, work on the state and local level, come out to family and friends, and spend a few years watching poll numbers come our way. In the meantime, stop being such little prisses. Believe me when I say Barack Obama, as imperfect as he is, is all that stands in the way of a complete Fox News/corporate-overlord/Bachmann-theocracy.

  8. Anthony-S says

    Oh, and come to think of it, Dan Savage is one of the only people who has the balls to call the Bachmanns the scum that they are. And this is what OHPLEASE has to say about Dan’s efforts:

    “Dan Savage is a foul-mouthed clown. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. As he himself constantly points out, he has no qualifications for anything he does. Good for him that his famewhoredom turned out so well.”

    In other words, leave those nice fundie Xtians alone and let them spew their anti-venom in peace. And, of course, the only result that would be acceptable to OHPLEASE in 2012 would be Obama’s Republican opponent defeating him and taking the White House. Every opinion offered by OHPLEASE is based on the wish for an anti-gay result. Why is that I wonder. Any thoughts, commenters?

  9. says

    I suppose naysayers would rather he didn’t support a bill repealing DOMA?

    Politics 101, people: When a leader does the right thing you say, Thank you, Mr. President, and then you continue to urge that leader to do more, and you apply all the constructive pressure you can. Or, we can elect someone who shares none of our values and allow our good friends the Republicans to not only defend DOMA but push for a Federal Marriage Amendment that would attempt to write discrimination permanently into the constitution. You don’t have to love everything Obama does to recognize when he is doing something right.

  10. Brian from Tucson says

    @ OHPLEASE. Oh Please, get off your high horse. Obama is the best friend that the gay community has ever had in the White House. DADT is on the way out and marriage equality is gaining state by state. Obama has appointed the first openly gay federal judge and is working the DOMA case in a way that makes it difficult for outside right wing groups to enter the fray since the feds are defending the law. If Focus on the Family and other groups come into the court room because there is no defending voice for the DOMA law, the case could drag on for years.

    No politician is ever perfect, but in these times it is important to recognize who is your friend and who is your enemy. Obama is our friend.

  11. will says

    This is actually not new news. For the past half year Obama has said publicly that DOMA is unconstitutional and that the Dept. of Justice would stop defending it in court (this is what caused Boehner and other GOP congresspersons to demand that the president fulfill his obligation to defend this law — kind of like here in California when then governor Schwarzenegger and AG Jerry Brown refused to defend Prop 8, when those 2 WERE the state of Calif. mentioned in the court case).

    I’m actually sick and tired of gay activists DEMANDING that the president move at OUR speed when he clearly feels he has to move at the speed of the agenda he’s setting up here. This has been the most gay-friendly president ever in US history. I resent activists dissing the president and name-calling and all the rest. This country is more than just us — and our agenda may have to wait until the country itself slowly catches up to our pace (and it’s getting there… support for marriage nationally is at about 50%).

  12. PLAINTOM says

    I have one simple question for all Obama naysayers. Would President McCain have signed a bill repealing DADT? If that is not current enough, would any of the Republican front runners endorse The Respect for Marriage Act? That is a really great name!

  13. philly says

    i support obama 100% even though he doesnt support us 100% yet… (^_^) for every person who you say is an obama basher who omly sees the bad there is an obama lover who only sees the good. they both pick what they like to prove a point. each opinion is valuable. he has done incredible things for the lgbtqi community. i dont think anyone doubts that honestly. my beef about the marriage equality thing is that for the first two years of his presidency he fought against doma repeal in court, compared our marriages to pedophiles and incestuous relationships.he fought for two years to defend dadt in court and claimed both dadt and doma are nondiscriminatory and constitutional. we had a democrat president, senate and house and noo republican veto.why wasnt any action taken then? maybe he was evolving to his currentposition. thats fine. i dont believe those were the actions of a fierce gay advocate. no one questions his support for our community but on the issues he isnt 100% supportive some people give him a pass and others want a quicker evolution. some people believe he has a mastermind plan to get all these things accomplished hes super intelligent so i give him the bnefit of the doubt. but when several courts have found dadt and doma unconstitutional his doj continues to fight their rulings and to continue the discharges. lets not forget he could have used a presidential order to halt the discharges at any time in the past three years but theres politics behind that decision. i love obama, i will support him and i will do as he asked and hold him accountable…just as he asked us to do in his run for presidency. letting states decide might be the way to get as many states to support marriage equality…but it was wrong when states were allowed to decide integration and jim crow laws. i dont understand how a child of an interracial couple, especially an african american, could support this…maybe its the best he can do but it still feels bad to a lot of people. do you think if his parents werent allowed to get married but ge civil union would he understand that its not really equal? would he have been outraged if kennedy was evolving on these issues for years? i ask you? i see both sided and maybe we wont know the plan until he writes his autobiography and explains it. so i give him the benefit of the doubt.

  14. philly says

    sorry for the run on post. (^_^) we’re all in this together we may not always agree but we all want basically the same things and so does he. so some people will sing his praises and other people will point out where he may have fallen short. thats the way it should be. thank you

  15. says

    Obama is better than, let me see:

    Georgie Bush? Hmmm, that wasn’t hard.

    Ronald Reagan? Reagan GIFT-WRAPPED the claim for him!

    Richard Nixon? Of course, in 1974, he WOULD have endorsed the first federal gay rights legislation ever introduced, but something about Watergate, impeachment, potential jail….Yep, Obama scores again!

    Eisenhower? NO! He issued an Executive Order banning hiring gay federal employees [reversed by another Executive Order 50+ year later by, shhhh, B-I-L-L C-L-I-N-T-O-N.]

    Warren G. Harding? Oh, yeah, Obama’s waaaay better on gay rights than he was!

    Grover Cleveland? Ditto.

    Ulysses S. Grant? Well, his close friend, coauthor, and personal military aide during the Civil War, Adam Badeau, was a Big Old Queen, but that’s as far as USG would go.

    Millard Fillmore? Millard? Really? I always confuse him with Mildre Pierce, but, no, he produced not a single piece of gay rights legislation.

    Martin Van Buren? Maybe if it was Dear Abby Van Buren, but, Martin, no.

    George Washington? Hell, no! He ordered a soldier convicted of “attempted sodomy” literally drummed out of his Revolutionary Army.

    SO BARACK OBAMA WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Anthony-S says

    @ Michael Bedwell,

    I have nothing against Bill Clinton. He tried to be progressive on LGBT rights in a much more hostile era, and that’s not his fault. Obama is working in an environment of much higher public acceptance of LGBT equality. I will not disagree with you on these two different set of circumstances.

  17. Derek Washington says

    Jeezuz Christ Bedwell do you ever say anything other than the obviously expected?

    Obama won. For whatever reason that drives you insane. You have become the ultimate one note samba. Droning on and on and on about nothing but your pessimistic view of everything that Obama does. What EXACTLY have YOU done lately other than sit with your laptop angrily perched between your knees?

    Is Obama GOD? NO! Has he done more for the LGBT community than ALL Presidents combined? YES! Do I support him 100%? Everyone has room for improvement including him. Until someone comes along better (highly doubtful)I am behind the President and will push for his reelection then push him on our agenda even more after the election in 2012.

  18. Ken says

    Once again these comments miss the point. The issue is not whether Obama is better than the Republicans on gay issues, of course he is. The issue is whether he has kept his promises to us and the answer is that he has not delivered on many of them and he SHOULD be critized for it. Many of us did not support the Democrats in the 2010 mid terms and they seem to have gotten the message. Obama has been much better the last eight months. I give him credit for the DADT repeal and the stand he’s taken against DOMA. It’s not everything I want him to do but it’s enough that I will vote for him in 2012.

  19. Mitch says

    I can’t help but believe that this is a setup for the 2012 election and debates. This support, albeit falling short of our timing expectations, will make tea-party bigotry a campaign issue – and certainly an issue the the tea-party cannot win on.

    Another four years of Obama? I hope so – even as I hope for more and faster progress, less partisan politics, no theocracy in the democracy, and a country where gay people are the equals that our constitution promises.

  20. Bill Perdue says

    When Obama starts patting us, or anyone, on the back that’s when it’s time to worry about getting stabbed in the back.

    Obama promised to fight for the end of DOMA and for ENDA in 2009.
    At that point the Democrats had commanding leads in Congress. Obama and Congressional Democrats ignored their pledges and instead passed a tepid Hate Crimes bill which has never been used in the many cases of murder – about 50 anti-LGBT murders since it passed (if I’m counting right). They also passed a bill that does nothing to end violence and bigotry in the military. Democrats intentionally quashed ENDA and refused to repeal Bill Clintons DOMA, to the delight of Republicans and christer bigots.

    Obama promised to fight for unions in 2007; Then, pausing for a minute while giving the banksters their daily tongue bath, he busted the UAW, ignored the fight in Madison and froze the wages of federal workers. Now, to show us how much he likes working people he’s put Social Security and Medicare on the table.

    Obama, an employee of the military industrial complex promised to end the war in Iraq as soon as he took office. The war is still going on there with 50,000 regular US troops and 50,000 mercenary troops and a proconsular embassy the size of Vatican City administering Iraq as an a barely disguised US colony. Obama escalated the war, involving Bahrain, Yemen, Libya, Somalia and Sudan.

    On dozens of occasions, in spite of the fact that he was the principal reason we lost same sex marriage to bigots in 2008 in California, Arizona and Florida, Obama said he was for equal rights for LGBT partners. But when real battles against bigots took place in Maine, New York and elsewhere we heard nothing from him. He publically refused to comment.

    His word is worth its weight in merde.

  21. Derrick from Philly says

    “… for instance, JFK going on live national television—in times far more racist than they are homophobic now—to announce that HE, as President, was helping members of Congress CREATE the bill that would become the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and why it was important to the nation.”

    And Mr Bedwell (mon petit chou) at what point in President Kennedy’s term did he give this strong undeniable message that he was in full support of civil rights for Black Americans? It was the early summer of his third year in office– when he was sure that a clear majority (of voters) in the country was in support of this “change” on the issue of race and justice. Does that remind you of someone else in the third year of his term as President?

    Bill Perdue,

    you might as well take all those millions of Socialist pamplets taking up space in your home and put them out in the trash. They do have recycling where you live, don’t they?

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