1. Ian says

    Hot! Until he pulled the gun out…WTF is up with that? These guys been marching in the desert too long if they thing that’s sexy to most people.

  2. hugo says

    good lord, these boys need to get laid. The hormone load charge in that room was WAY above what is considered medically safe. Those balls were not just blue, they were deep purple.

  3. CARIBTONY says

    The crotch grabber has OBVIOUSLY done stripping before joining the army. We’ve all seen those moves before in gay clubs and the like…

    He’s hot too….*sigh*……

  4. Bryan says

    I was waiting for a train in Manhattan in 1992, when a boy’s high school hockey team arrived on the other side of the platform. They’d been to a game, were all wearing their jerseys, and were typical teenage testosterone maniacs.

    Then the started singing Ru Paul’s supermodel. Well. Really wekk, And cat walking along the platform. I watched a dozen or so crazed high school boys walking in unison… “Sashay! Chanté! You better work!” They’d practiced.

    It was great, but later I realized that I’d just watched the death knell of traditional, oppressive, two-faces and half a heart American masculinity. Like a leaking oil tanker, it’s taking a long time to finally come to a halt and sink, but it’s a staggering corpse and its only a matter of time before it falls and is buried.

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