Gay Couple Attacked in Newburgh, NY

David Ludwig and John Delk, a newly-relocated gay couple in Newburgh, NY, were attacked on their first night out in the town by a group of people at the Terrace Tavern on Liberty Street, the Times Herald-Record reports:

Terracetavern They spent much of the night at the Terrace Tavern, a Liberty Street bar. The music was terrific, and Ludwig and Delk danced and relaxed. It was after 1 a.m. when another patron noticed Ludwig's hand on Delk's wrist.

Ludwig said the man told them it wasn't a gay bar and they should leave. They refused, but finished their drinks and decided to go. Newburgh had seemed so much friendlier than their old neighborhood in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Ludwig thinks he probably touched Delk's wrist as they walked from the Terrace, and maybe that's what drew the attention of a group of young women.

"You're gay," the women called, according to Ludwig.

The women closed in. The first punch slammed into Ludwig's cheekbone. He remembers a whirlwind of fists. He swung wildly. Delk covered his head, and the women pinned him against a car until Ludwig could fight them off.

Delk fled in shock and was found later, according to the paper:

He found Delk hiding behind bushes. Delk's knees and elbows were skinned and swollen. His glasses were broken. Blood dripped from a cut above one eye and a dark circle formed around the other. They did not seek medical attention.

Ludwig called police that night and filed a report later Saturday. He spoke with police again on Monday. Campbell said they were investigating the attack as a hate crime. 

Here's another report on the attack, with an interview with the bar owner.

If I find any further details on this, I'll update.


  1. says

    I believe that our current political environment is helping facilitate hatred towards the LGBT community evolve to physical attacks like these. In spite of these attacks we must not retreat back into the closet. Unfortunately, it probably means enduring more intolerance in all its injurious ways.

  2. cmh says

    If you have never been in a fight or trained to fight it doesn’t take much to knock the sense out of you. 4 against 2 regardless of gender is still an uneven fight. Many guys are lulled into a sense of safety when a woman attacks which is flat out stupid. I’ve taken down men 30-40% larger than me.

    That said I’m really sorry the one guy fled, he panicked and bailed, he could have run into the bar for help instead of hiding in the bushes. And without knowing more I’d probably dump him too or make him take martial arts as prerequisite to our continued relationship.

    Bottom line Gay people should get training in how to fight and defend themselves. I mean it. Take some Krav Maga or something.

    I’m really sorry one of these women didn’t get their faces smashed in.

  3. Francis says

    Well based on statistics, hate crimes go up when gay rights legislation and the LGBT community and movement are more in the media forefront. Basically, the more advancements and awareness that is brought to us, the more general acceptance we gain, the more emboldened homophobes are becoming and the more they are attacking us, either politically, verbally or physically. And that’s sadly something that is going to continue. Now that we’re starting to peek in the door, hateful forces are going to do everything in their power to shut us out.

    Also, these 2 men must have gotten bad information, because this isn’t a good area at all, it’s crime ridden and drug addled. Unfortunately, these roaming packs of thugs and ghetto kids have been programmed into homophobia and see gay people as weak. The urban culture is homophobia and largely ignorant and uneducated, and that is something that needs to be changed. My thoughts go out to the 2 men, hopefully they move out of Newburgh, and they heal physically and emotionally from their injuries.

  4. johnny says

    How many black people had to be hung from a rope, had their houses burned down, got beat up, raped, murdered, denied work and more before basic civil rights were afforded to them? And are they all being treated equal yet?

    No, our cause is a long, long way from being won. And the closer we get to it, the worse the backlash will become. In 20 years or so, we MIGHT get there. It’s going to take a very long time.

    The saddest, ironic twist from the other article: “Police says the men were white, the women African American. ”

    Of all people to oppress someone else. Sad.

  5. Gay American says

    ..and a point to ponder…no doubt these 4 women, NEVER EVER had to FIGHT for THEIR RIGHTS….they LIVE OFF THE BACKS of those who Fought and Died for thier rights…so they,have NO life experience of actual fighting for rights.

  6. ohplease says

    “In spite of these attacks we must not retreat back into the closet.”

    What closet? Do you really think a couple of gay guys from Brooklyn could possibly not look like a couple everywhere they go?

    People know gay people exist. People can identify gay people. There is no closet.

    Don’t believe me? Ask Marcus Bachmann. The closet was what society created to keep us in a long time ago, but we burst out of it decades ago and now nobody can go back.

    If you’re gay you have to be ready for the worst and that means being ready to fight back. These guys were absolutely right to be themselves but they should have been prepared for the possible consequences of being themselves, especially in a brand new town. It’s too bad, but that’s the way it’s going to be for the rest of the lives of everyone reading these words.

  7. Anonymous says

    Pathetic. And one of them is a complete coward.

    Having said that, I hope they find and punish the women to the fullest extent possible. Nothing is uglier to me than when women act evilly.

  8. DC says

    Thank you, CMH – I agree on all of your points. My reaction to Delk’s fleeing the fight came from my gut – I couldn’t fathom leaving my partner in any sort of attack. Let’s hope that these men have a strong relationship. I did take martial arts classes as a teen, and very much agree that such training is vital. Not only were the health benefits amazing, my reaction response in crises greatly improved – and it has stuck with me. I don’t believe I was ever dismissive towards women in regards to strength or fighting skills, but was still quite surprised the first time a fellow female classmate (95 lb. cheerleader / 3rd degree black belt) kicked me in the ribs while sparring! I had 2 perfect footprint shaped bruises for days. This notion that a man should never hit a woman is insane; underestimating a person’s potential threat because of their size or gender is a very stupid mistake. Another thing I learned from female classmates is that their is no such thing as a dirty fight! Not only were ‘the jewels’ anything but sacred, they were the first weakness to try to exploit. This may seem like a very crude joke, but in this instance I would have gone straight for a weave… quite seriously!

  9. Swine says

    I’da been rippin’ out weaves right & left, leavin’ bloody scalps everywhere. Why are so many black women so homophobic? Defense tip of the day. If ur attacked by a black woman and/or a tranny — go for the weave — rip out the weave! Anyhoo, gay PDA’s in small towns are never a good idea for ur safety. Ya kinda have to be smart about these things . . .

  10. kodiak says

    I don’t care if Delk was a wuss or not, those people need to get a major ass whooping! Let’s get trained in self defense and do some major damage next time we are attacked. Leave a trail of dead. That might start changing some minds, I don’t give a fugg about their hearts. I had a friend who was gay bashed. Friend slaughtered his attacker, and yelled at him when he was moaning on the ground “You just got your ass kicked by a FAGGOT!!
    Now that’s sweet. That’s what I want more of.

  11. ratbastard says

    The gentleman who fled and hid while his partner got jumped is being punished enough with the now very public publicity. Look, some people, no matter what, just aren’t fighters, and no amount of training will get them to be aggressive. That said, he shouldn’t have abandoned his partner, but I’m sure they both know each other better than anyone reading and posting here.

    Newburgh? It’s a dump. Sad, but much of [mostly rural] upstate NY is an economic basketcase and the small ‘historic’ cities are, what’s the polite word? Ghetto. You see the same thing in southern New England [Massachusetts, Conn., R.I.]. Many of the small historic cities are crime, drug ridden with poor economies. Hartford [uber ghetto], Springfield [MA], Holyoke, Bridgeport, many others, are ‘multicultural’ sec. 8 ghettos. And the rural areas are dead and dying.

    The only economically viable areas in America now, for most people, are large vibrant cities and their metro areas. And in 2011, America has really only a handful of truly top tier big metro areas that disproportionately prop up our decrepit economy and society.

  12. gby says

    Something similar happened to me long ago. I learned two lessons that night. Women can be as violent as men AND most gay men are cowards that flee at the first sign of trouble rather than fight for what’s right. Sometimes it’s better to run, sure, but gay men are just too quick to go IMHO.

  13. Jeff says

    Stop passing judgement on the victims. Lets focus on the criminals. It does say the guy was pretty badly beaten. I don’t think he was a coward at all. A similar thing happened to me once on a date. I met a nice guy we were out and I got jumped in Manhattan. My date kept walking. The whole event was a shock to us both, I have always thought how would things have been different if he had been jumped and I was not? They sadly would not have been different. I hope they find the criminals and charge them with hate crimes. Good luck in your new home guys. Newburgh is tough but it isn’t completely heartless.

  14. David Ludwig says

    The article is a little silly and no one will no how it happened unless you are us. Also if you understand the state of things in Newburgh, NY you would think differently. It is a very depressed and dangerous place. There are groups of girls attacking people with cups of bleach and razor blades. The police are scared of them too. John ran to hide after the girls were already gone. do you know what shock is? don’t be as dumb as they.

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