News: Rick Perry, American Airlines, Brian Wilson, DADT, Madonna

Road American Airlines submits letter to Congress endorsing ENDA.

RoadAdam Moss and Frank Rich discuss what Rupert Murdoch might be guilty of

Brian_wilson RoadBrian Wilson wears spandex tuxedo onesie to the ESPYs.

RoadMilitary officials submit DADT repeal assessments to the Pentagon: “Today [the Defense Department] confirmed that the service secretaries, service chiefs and combatant commanders have submitted their assessments,” Pentagon spokeswoman Eileen Lainez said in a statement provided to The Advocate. “These assessments represent their best judgment, providing their recommendations, insight, concerns (if any) and advice regarding the status of their service's preparation for repeal.”

RoadAndrew Garfield gets spandexed up on the cover of EW.

RoadNYC City Council Speaker Christine Quinn leads mayoral fundraising race: "Monday was the latest fundraising deadline for possible 2013 candidates, and according to early figures, the speaker is setting the pace. In the last six months, Quinn raised about $1.32 million, according to a campaign official, far ahead of other confirmed and likely mayoral candidates. Public Advocate Bill de Blasio came in second with $675,000, and Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer in third."

RoadCheck it out: Simon Cowell says he's turning over a new leaf in a preview for the upcoming U.S. X-Factor.

Dinosaur RoadNew fossil lends credence to theory that dinosaurs were wiped out by asteroid.

RoadWired publishes full Bradley Manning chat logs: "The most significant of the unpublished details have now been publicly established with sufficient authority that we no longer believe any purpose is served by withholding the logs."

RoadGawker launches urgent investigation into Zac Efron's four nipples.

RoadLollapalooza has no concerns about Eminem booking: "The man born Marshall Mathers is infamous for his particularly nimble flow of invective about gays and women, especially the mother who done him wrong and the ex-wife he is forever fantasizing murdering. He also is, no surprise, one of the few influences and musical heroes that the devoted button-pushers in Odd Future happily acknowledge and celebrate."

RoadTotal Recall: Colin Farrell is looking good.

RoadFamily Research Council: Pray for Marcus Bachmann's "ex-gay" clinic.

RoadI don't remember Joe LoCicero from The Apprentice but don't think I'll forget him now.

Perry RoadAtheists and agnostics file suit to stop Rick Perry evangelical Prayer event 'The Response': "The complaint alleges Perry violated the First Amendment's establishment clause by organizing, promoting and participating in the event."

RoadMinnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, and former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman refuse to sign conservative Iowa group The Family Leader's 'Marriage Vow'.

RoadWATCH: Madonna's first on-air performance.

RoadPittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison reportedly calls NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell an anti-gay slur in new Men's Journal: "The 2008 AP Defensive Player of the Year hasn’t been shy about ripping the league after he was docked $100,000 for illegal hits last season. In the August issue of Men’s Journal, his rants against Goodell reach another level of wrath. 'If that man was on fire and I had to piss to put him out, I wouldn’t do it,' Harrison told the magazine. 'I hate him and will never respect him.' His other descriptions of the commissioner include an anti-gay slur, 'stupid,' 'puppet' and 'dictator.'"


  1. jim morrissey says

    when are you going to rename this blog YESTERDAY’S TOWLEROAD or something like Towleroad: News for those of you who were literally born yesterday and need to catch up!. Everything on it is old boring news. Sigh.

  2. Eddie in OKC says

    Hey Jim, here’s another thought … “TOWLEROAD: Not for Jim Morrissey”

  3. hugo says

    Brian Wilson is quickly becoming the Gaga of the Sports world. I love that. Mix it all up a bit, it ain’t that freakin’ serious.

  4. jim morrissey says

    Eddie in OKC: you’re in Oklahoma City! Everything’s news to you! Bless!!!

  5. RONTEX says

    Love Brian Wilson, trailblazer for sure. As a Texan who is embarrassed by Perry to no end, I hope this lawsuit gets some traction. The Christian Right is getting a bit out of control in this country, HIEL!

  6. FernLaPlante says

    A lot of this was new to me. Not all of us are dbags from the future, Jim Morrissey.

  7. MrJ says

    Funny, all those repubs refusing to sighn that marriage vow. Ten years ago they all would have. Things are really changing.

  8. bravo says

    Love Brian Wilson – either he is gay or he is perpetually hight. In any case, I love him. Damn guy can pitch, although I hope he catches on occasion.