1. Paul R says

    I’d say the details, as presented, are so hazy that it’s impossible to draw definitive conclusions on anything. But since this story involves Israel and Palestine, I’m sure that plenty of people will.

  2. Scott Rose says

    The term “pinkwashing” is used by Israel-bashing propagandists and nobody with a sincere concern about enhancing LGBT rights in the Middle East should be fooled by it. The plight of gay people in the Middle East is very real, and deligetimizing Israel does nothing to improve those gay people’s situation. Hamas in Gaza is made up of and supported in great measure by nihilistic psychopaths who routinely say that all homosexuality in the Middle East is Israel’s “fault.” Neither Hamas nor the P.A. give the populations for which they are responsible freedom of speech even to say that gay human beings should be treated decently and fairly. It is very easy for a brainwashed zombie to carry on with attempts to delegitimize Israel while the zombie would not be in any position of losing anything were Hamas for instance to succeed in eliminating Israel. Hamas’s leader in Gaza praised Osama bin-Laden as a great Holy warrior. Anybody who doesn’t understand what that means is an idiot. And anybody who constantly seeks to delegitimizing Israel looking only at what Israeli Jews are doing, while giving everybody else in the region a free pass to do whatever, including to “honor kill” gay people, has something going on in their psychology that should perhaps be examined.

  3. Sarina says

    Gay rights in muslim countries are, for the most part, non-existent. We can accuse Israel of everything, but in a region where homophobia is rife, Israel is the exception. It may not be perfect, but you are not in danger of being persecuted and there aren’t laws criminalizing homosexuality with the death penalty.

  4. says

    I think Scott’s post is a good example of how pinkwashing works. Hamas is evil and in Gaza LGBT people can be persecuted and silenced. Israel is very good on gay rights. [so pay no attention to the fact that Israel is an occupier that regularly denies the rights of other people who happen to be Palestinian]

    Within Israel there are gay rights activists with a more complex approach than the one you just read. I find it annoying when people try to use LGBT equality in an effort to deny other people’s rights. So do many Israelis.

  5. Nick says

    The funny thing is that Israel doesn’t really need to do any propaganda action regarding the Palestinians’ attitude towards Gay people. Gaza and the West Bank abound with stories of “honor killings” of homosexuals. The Koran’s Sharia laws rule these places.

  6. says

    Regardless of how you feel about Israel/Palestine, this video hoax is not a plus for gay rights. In the future, any activists who agitate for gay rights in Gaza will automatically be suspected of being Israeli plants. Real concerns and problems will be more easily swept aside and ignored. The same thing happened with the American grad student who pretended to be an Iranian lesbian blogger. They only cast doubt on, and thus help silence actual gay activists in those areas.

  7. E says

    Scott couldn’t have said it better and that doesn’t make him “pinkwashed”, it makes him smart. We’re talking about a religion that would see you killed by your own family. I challenge all of you who are gay and supportive of Hamas or Fatah to put your lives where your mouths are. Move to the West Bank or Gaza and live “Out and Proud”. You’ll be dead in weeks. Keep tearing down Israel as an occupier and illegitimate state and you further aid those who would see you dead as soon as they don’t need your activism any longer.

  8. The Iron Orchard says

    Pink washing, despite Scott’s hypocritical use of the word propaganda, means when Israel points out that many Muslim Organizations, such as Hamas, do not support equal rights for LGBT people, in order to try to minimize and distract from their own human rights abuses of Palestians in the West Bank, Gaza, and Palestians living in Israel.

  9. Attmay says

    This is true. It plays into the hands of anti-Israel propagandists and is unnecessary. There is no need to make stuff up concerning the sorry state of human rights in the Middle East.

    And I will shed no tears for alleged human rights violations against proven human rights violators. I also believe the Nazis got off too easy.

  10. Andalusian Dog says

    Those who illegally occupy a nation for 60 years, brutally subjugate a people, and commit human-rights atrocities (incidentally because they claim a right to that land based on a 5,000 year old text deemed holy) are just as good as those who systematically oppress LGBT people for religious reasons. Israel and Hamas are two faces of the same hate-filled coin.

    Imagine no religion.

  11. Robert says

    Andalusian Dog – your mention of ‘occupy a nation for 60 years’ suggests that Israel has been occupying Palestinian territory for that long. That’s 1951. Your implication is that ALL of Israel – up to the beach at Tel Aviv – is occupied territory, and Israel as a country has no right to exist.

    If this is your position, please state it clearly.

  12. Max says

    Middle East flame war bait.

    Fact: There is only ONE country in the entire Middle East that has LGBT pride parades and recognizes same-sex marriages performed abroad.

    That country is Israel.

  13. Evil European says

    The Israeli government paid someone to lie about an event….does this strik anyone as odd behaviour for a democratic nation? This sort of thing is known as propaganda and its had a bad name for around 70 years.

  14. PLAINTOM says

    I don’t know if the Israeli Government was attempting to paint the Palestinians as anti-gay with a bogus story. I do know Israel has an excellent record supporting gay rights. Bogus or not, Israel is attempting to show their moral superiority by their pro-gay stance and the target audience is obviously Europe and US. Damn, we are making progress when countries start promoting themselves by using equal treatment of gay citizens as a benchmark.

  15. Rowan says

    We have more objective information about Israel here in the UK.

    This doesn’t surprise and it doesn’t matter that Israel has decent gay rights legalities.

    What is WRONG is that still with their strong record, the Israeli government still felt the need to be bitchy.

    They want it THEIR way and no other way but that isn’t to say that Hamas is using the palestinan people for their own good.

    It’s so depressing. Had a friend who world in the gaza strip with palestinans and it makes your blood boil what they do to them.

    It’s too complex, depressing and very one sided as reported in the news to be able to have an adult discussion on a blog.

  16. TommyOC says

    The hoax video could easily have been made by an activist as by the government themselves. I’ll give them a pass on coordinating the hoax and only hold them accountable for being ignorant in their opportunism when they spread it around without fact-checking.

    Seems fair, right?

    @Plaintom: Israel is pointing to their treatment of gays as a benchmark of their “civil rights” because, really, they don’t want you to look the other way… you know, toward Gaza and the West Bank and their treatment of the Palestinians.

    I’m not saying the Palestinians and the radical factions in their community isn’t at fault, and I’m definitely not saying the rhetoric from the rest of the Arab world is helping, but Israel – the supposed “big boy” in the region – has done very little to resolve the conflict when they have had the lion’s share of power to do so.

    Instead, Israel continues to build settlements on disputed lands (with the hope that presence will add legitimacy to their claims). This is contrary to previous treaty agreements.

    Israel has balked at giving the Palestinians any measure of arable land, leaving the new state (whenever it’s allowed to exist) crippled and reliant on neighboring aid for food and water – no doubt Israel’s plan. Israel claims this land is also defensively important, but really, Israel is only offering the worst pieces of a miserable scrap of land and conceding absolutely nothing in return. Is that how diplomacy works?

    Why the United States, my country, continues to give them a free pass, I’ll never understand.

  17. brenda says

    This post was genuine comment bait.

    Post ANYTHING on Israel and it brings out the factions!

    Truth is: a lie doesn’t make truth.

    If you lie to push your activist agenda, however worthy it is, then you undermine your cause.

    Somebody in Israel made a false, misleading video just like that lying American posing as a Syrian lesbian.

    Again: 2 wrong don’t make a right and a lie doesn’t make truth.

  18. Beaudry says

    This is such vile propaganda by a sadist regime that continually acts with the most complete disregard for everyone and everything that is not part of their group.

    As with most war propaganda, the message is not polished in an artistic fashion (to put it mildly); what I mean by this is that this video does not look real as in real life real:

    –The character supposedly had lots of fun with his coming out, and now he is scurring the internet for a new cause to get involved in, and so he settles for risking his life on the high seas in a weeks long mission that will at minimum get him beaten and detained by a foreign military for a cause that he has just learned of in his past week of internet-hunting for a cause. Then he gets rejected because he is gay. Being the “smart” guy that he is, it doesn’t take long for our hero to find out that the “cause” is actually a facade for a nest of extremist and terrorists. (authors note: such as Alice Walker and Henning Mankell) And what is worse is that these are people who are extremist precisely against homosexuals. And then he skips to very standard stereotypical propaganda against hamas; which doesn’t have any connection to the objectives of the flotilla; as the flotilla is a humanitarian mission that is a grassroots project to connect the people … no flotilla activists ever praised hamas.

    But the point about ‘war propaganda’ is that they do not even attempt to make it look like this was a real video made by a guy who really lived this alleged story, in war propaganda they only try to elicit strong immediate emotions by any means available; usually emotionally loaded images and phrases to which people cannot remain indifferent, but it is all constructed to convey every element of the political agenda that they wish to convey in an orderly fashion.

    It is true that israel does not discriminate against homosexuals in general, tho they recently passed a law allowing communities to decide who can or cannot live there, permitting them to reject people based on their lifestyles; nevertheless it is true that the jewish culture is more tolerant about all sexuality than both islam and christianity, and the hasbara uses that fact as a diversion tactic to elicit extra support by misrepresenting themselves as caring for minorities (What they call “pinkwashing”). But that is just circumstantial, because jewish religion is very elitist and exclusionary as they see themselves as “the chosen people” and that because of this fact their lives are objectively worth more, and both the state of israel’s legislation and the majority of israeli citizens are extremely racist.

    BTW there are openly gay activists on board the flotilla.

  19. Max says

    So many anti-Semites, so little time to read it all. Just say “Israel” and out they come frothing at the mouth. Try it with your “liberal” friends and observe the reaction.

  20. Grover Underwood says

    I hope that Hamas doesn’t get a hold of any gay activists on the flotilla because being gay can get someone killed in Gaza. Hamas is a fundamentalist Islamist group. They’re funded by our friends in Iran and we all know how the Iranians treat gay people.

  21. Shannon says


  22. says

    @MAX : FYI: criticizing the actions of the Israeli gov’t does not make one an anti-Semite, just as criticizing the Americna gov’t does’t make one anti-American. Stop with the bigoted broad brushstrokes already.

  23. says

    As a Jew,I am proud of the many contributions the State of Israel has made to mankind since becoming a State. It’s Gay Rights record in that region of the world stands tall and alone. However, I am also aware that propaganda has always been used by all countries, including the United States. The facts are in all Democracies, you have to consider the source. This episode reminds me of President George W. Bush standing on an aircraft carrier with the sign behind him MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. And 10 years later the war was still on! I am sure that debacle will not go down as a bright spot in Israel’s history. As a Gay Jew, I am proud of their history concerning Gay Rights, compared to its neighbors in the region. Flying a Rainbow Flag in Arab countries is like flying a flag with a Star of David on it… Disinformation, when used properly, is part of propaganda. Getting caught, does not help. For all you anti- Israel haters… just compare the facts when it comes to Freedom of religion, sexual preferences, and other rights of their citizens compared to all other Arab States and Israel, the choice is clear, Israel is not perfect but still the best country in the mid-east for all of their citizens, bar none.

  24. billmiller says

    Some of us gay liberal church going bible readers do not agree with Israel and its’ treatment of the Palestinian/Arab people they are oppressing, displacing and discriminating against. It does not make us anti-Semitic!

  25. Bill Perdue says

    Goebbels would have loved it.

    The zionist colonists in occupied Palestine learned all the wrong lessons from the Nazis. In fact, as their apartheid and ethnic cleansing policies clearly show, they learned to be Nazi-like.

  26. Charlie says

    @BRENDA “comment bait”

    Exactly why I stopped reading Queerty when Andrew Belonsky was the editor.

    Now as to Israelis v. Palestinians: all I know is that neither group is leaving the area. So if they cannot find a way to live together peacefully there will continue to be war. I see no sign that this will be happening anytime soon. They had war in Northern Ireland for hundreds of years.

  27. Bill Perdue Is A Nazi says

    If you want more evidence of Bill Perdue’s nazism, google is your friend. He got driven off of Queerty for his psychotic anti-semitic tirades:

    Anti-zionism is racism. Palestinian nationalism is racism. Islam is a racist, anti-semitic, homophobic, misogynistic death cult just like Christianity. Any gay who supports statehood for gay-bashing death cultists is a traitor. Should we also bring back Nazi Germany as well?

    Notice that NO ONE has defended the fake video and the neo-Nazis calling for Israel’s destruction are out in full force.

  28. says

    stop your anti-Israel crap, homosexuality is outlawed in the Gaza Strip, and why did the Palesinians reject the UN partition in 1947, I will tell you why they don’t want Jews there, I have no sympathy for them at all,and you lefties should stop codelling them, they don’t want two states, they prefer one with Muslims in control, goood luck to Jews, Christians, and LGBTQ people if they take over!

  29. Bill Perdue says

    The comment above by “Bill Perdue Nazi’ was written by a racist styling himself “Queer Supremacist”, an anti-Palestinian racist.

    At Queerty anyone can sign in on anyone’s name and he did using mine on a dozen or so occasions because I kept repringting his ugly racist views. Here’s a sample (have a barf bag handy): “There are no “Palestinians”. Just Arab land robbers.

    You’re nothing but an Arabist pig defending filthy genocidal homophobic Muslim camel fuckers, while perseverating discredited Stalinist tropes like a severely autistic parrot.

    There is no ethnic cleansing in “Palestine” because there is no “Palestine”, and they keep breeding like rabbits. It’s the worst attempt at ethnic cleansing I’ve ever seen. But because of their genocidal anti-semitism and homophobia, they would deserve it if there were.

    Take your pro-Muslim blood libel elsewhere or I will report your IP address to the FBI for treasonous activity. The land of Israel belongs to the Jews, including the parts illegally occupied by goyische breeder terrorists. They have more of a right to exist than the United States, which is built on land stolen from Indians. This whole continent’s history is one sordid hate crime after another including its settling by slimy limey goyim who killed all the so-called “Native American” ancestors who crossed the Bering Land Bridge millennia ago (and probably killed the real indigenous peoples). This country may have been founded on the concept of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but the majority of the presidents have tried to impede that in some way, especially the smarmy prick currently occupying the Oval Office. George Washington was a slave owning cracker. Thomas Jefferson struggled with the slave question while committing heterosexual hate crimes against Sally Hemmings (I consider all heterosexual sex acts rape). Abe Lincoln (my favorite President) justifiably killed racist white crackers and destroyed an economy based on the violation of individual rights in order to preserve the Union, but he wanted to send all ex-slaves to Liberia; very few in either the North or the South wanted to associate with blacks as equals. Both Roosevelts and both Bushes had trouble with the concept of individual rights, as did that racist pig Woodrow Wilson. LBJ, Nixon, Ford and Carter are basically responsible for the economic and social malaise of the late 1960s and all of the 1970s. Reagan preached the gospel of limited government but supported a misguided War on Drugs that made criminals out of people for choosing to inhale a freaking plant, apparently having learned nothing from Prohibition. Clinton suckered us into supporting him and what did we get in return? DOMA and DADT, which he could have vetoed at any time. The only thing keeping Obama from becoming a dictator are the constitutional separation of powers.

    On the other hand, Israel’s founding, in a location where there was a Jewish state before the convicted thief Jesus and the child rapist Muhammad were even born, was to protect Jews from further hate crimes from heretic goyim (all gentile religions are heretic), and Arabist-terrorist sympathizing slime like you are reasons why Israel needs to exist as a Jewish state, and needs to do whatever it takes to protect innocent people from being brutally murdered by terrorist scum who worship convicted felons like Jesus and child molesters like Muhammad. It is against their better judgement that they allow Christian and Muslim heretics to practice their religion there.

    And the first equivocation of Zionism (that’s with a capital Z, for the rest of you Pan-Arabist scum) with racism by the United Nazis, I mean the United Nations, was when unapologetic ex-Nazi kraut Kurt Waldheim was its secretary general. Zionism is not racism. Anti-zionism is anti-semitism because it means denying the Jewish people our hard-earned right to sovereignty. Enemies of gays have no right to sovereignty and deserve no consideration for their irrational feelings or their invalid point of view. The so-called “Palestinians” are enemies of gays. Therefore they have no right to a state and even less right to complain about false accusations of violation of their human rights which they forfeit by attacking gays. Forgive me if I don’t shed any tears for the plight of people who consider me target practice and not a human being. I recently attended a play where they were selling goods for a charity called “Embrace Uganda,” and I refused to even entertain the notion of supporting a country that even had to ask whether to make homosexuality a capital crime. Plus the crafts they were selling were just plain gauche. Uganda has no right to sovereignty. Iran has no right to sovereignty. Iraq has no right to sovereignty. Afghanistan has no right to sovereignty. Jamaica has no right to sovereignty. Saudi Arabia has no right to sovereignty. Zimbabwe has no right to sovereignty. The Vatican has no right to sovereignty because of their centuries of anti-semitic and homophobic genocide and their Jihad against altar boys’ right to be protected from sexual abuse. China has no right to sovereignty because despite rudimentary free markets they still pay more than just lip service to a murderous ideology. Most of the western and central European nations have a right to sovereignty (but they are not nearly as sophisticated as they claim to be; giving up liberty for security is not sophistication). The United States, for all its shortcomings, does because it is still freer than most nations on Earth. And Israel does, too.

    If the majority of Jews turn against gays I will become an atheist. If the majority of the gays turn against Jews I will become celibate and actively homophobic. But because I was fortunate enough to be raised in the least homophobic of the three Abrahamic faiths by non-Orthodox Jews who accepted me being gay more than they accepted me turning against Democrats, I do not have to choose my loyalties.

    Meanwhile, how can you condemn Islamists while supporting a cause that is part and parcel of Islamism? That’s cognitive dissonance. Or maybe you’re just another vulgar anti-semite to whom “the enemy of the enemy is my friend.”

    Take your Jihad to Stormfront where it belongs, Eva. I, for one, will continue to support the state of Israel, the people of Israel, and fight homophobia in Israel as strongly as in the United States and in every country on Earth. I will not even entertain the basic notion of a “Palestinian” state while it stands for the principles of anti-semitism, homophobia, terrorism, land robbing and genocide.

    Lest you think I find it admirable, or even logistically feasible, to go around killing innocent people, let me clarify my position. Christian and Muslim apostates I have no problem with. Gays who have the misfortune of being raised under the Islamic hate cult need our help most of all. I support a universal standard of human rights based on the principles of liberty, both economic and social, to which all nations need to adhere.”

    QS is one sick puppy.

  30. Tom in Lazybrook says

    Just got back from Israel and the PA yesterday.

    My two cents. Much of Israel is much better than the rest of the Middle East on Gay Rights. However, I still feel uncomfortable with people who don’t appear to support Gay rights (e.g., much of Bibi’s government, Shas, certain settler organizations, many Ultra-Orthodoxers, hardcore Conservative American supporters of Israeli settlements on the West Bank, etc.) trying to use something they dont support (Gay Rights) in order to attempt to influence public opinion on other, non-related, issues such as the blockade of Gaza (which is very complicated).

    BTW, there are exactly two Arab nations where being Gay is not illegal. The Palestinian Authority (West Bank) and Jordan. That doens’t mean those nations are pro-gay rights but just sayin’.

  31. Susan says

    Amazing how people will shriek at a supposed lie by an Israeli (the facts are still true – gays are killed under Hamas & safe in Israel), but still swallow all the myriad lies ABOUT Israel “occupying…land-stealing…apartheid…brutal…” None of these are true, & not one of those shrieking them will ever listen to the facts which disprove their hysteria.

  32. Robert says

    Nothing he said about Hamas is untrue… It bugs me so much when my supposedly ¨progressive¨friends talk about ¨freeing¨¨palestine.¨ If Hamas is in power–and it would be–the Palestinian state will join the rest of the middle east and ´freely´torture and murder LGBT people. I guess that is what they mean by ¨free palestine.¨

  33. says

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  34. Dan says

    I’m amazed at the number of comments here that seem to be along the lines of “The Palestinians are Muslims, and Muslims are homophobes, so let them rot.” I guess most of you are more interested in retribution than social change. How exactly are you benefiting persecuted gays in Muslim countries by defending the policies of Israel? Israeli atrocities against the Palestinians are what keep people like Ahmadinejad in power. West Bank settlements are bad for gay rights everywhere, because they are bad for human rights everywhere.